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Pykara Falls: A Must Visit Destination in Ooty

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Enveloped in lush green forest of Nilgiri hills, Pykara Falls is one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the outskirt of Ooty.  The majestic sight of the widespread cascading waterfall is not measurable by any camera unless you witness the beauty with your own eye. In fact, Pykara waterfall is a top-listed hotspot for almost every Ooty tourist, and I guess so is yours; in case you are still sceptical, I say, must include Pykara Falls on your travel list, otherwise, your Ooty trip will remain incomplete for this big mistake.

During my Ooty trip, I spent many hours relaxing in the lap of nature with my small touring group; although I profess, the trip to Avalanche Forest and Upper Bhawani Lake was my most favourite, I must admit the beauty of Pykara Falls, where I re-discovered my passion with the unique creation of Mother Nature!

I’m glad to share my personal experience in Pykara falls which must help you to make a perfect plan for a day trip to this beautiful place.

Pykara Falls: A brief Introduction

Originating from Mukurthi peak, Pykara River passes a long distance before converting to its most beautiful form, the Pykara Falls. Mukurthi Lake and Pykara Lake are the two widest forms that appear on the way; finally, after crossing a little distance after Pykara Dam the crystal clear Pykara River converts to the water stairs, producing the most scenic cascade around Ooty.

Pykara river converts Pykara falls
This is the point where Pykara river converts to Pykara falls

The place is 21 km away from Ooty centre; you can rent a car from your Ooty basepoint to visit this majestic place any time in a day.

Trip to Pykara Waterfalls

After spending the first half in Avalanche Reserve Forest, we were overwhelmed with the majestic beauty of Nilgiri Hills. The post-lunch session was much more relaxing; also, our expectation was limited as we spent a wonderful morning in the lap of serene nature.

Although we relished every turn of the roadside beauty around Ooty outskirt, the main entrance of Pykara Waterfalls didn’t attract us immensely; it was a bit crowded outside, many cars were resting on the parking space, it was looking just like another commercial spot around Ooty.

We started walking at a slow pace in very relaxing mood, passing by the roadside hillocks and cavities; watching the silly activities of Nilgiri monkeys was exciting though. A certain turn revealed the real excitement when we saw the part of Pykara River from the far top!

Part of Pykara River visible from the top - converts to Pykara Falls ahead
Part of Pykara River is visible from the top, converting to Pykara Falls ahead

As we hiked down towards the lake water by following the concrete-made semi-spiral stair steps, the breath-taking beauty of Pykara River started blossoming in every turn. The magnificence of Pykara Falls was exposed at the end of the journey; it’s a splendid view where the wide-spread staged lake-water meets the earth’s cavity in a cascading manner.

We blinklessly enjoyed the magnificent sight from either side of the barricade where the waterfall becomes widest and fastest; we snapped endless photos, dare to cross the barricade to capture the lifetime moments at the bank of Pykara Falls; Indeed, the serenity, the crowdless atmosphere, the enchanting sound of the falls, and the majestic beauty of the site, everything simply blew me out! To be honest, we achieved far better experience than we expected before visiting Pykara falls!

Cascading Pykara falls
Cascading beauty of Pykara falls

Pykara Falls is one of my favourite waterfalls; why?

The picture-perfect sight of Pykara Waterfalls is very much unique and completely different from the tall or wide waterfalls that we generally experience across India.

If you measure by the altitude and popularity, Kempty Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, Jog Falls, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Barkana Falls, Seven Sister falls, Barehipani Falls, several names will come among top-listed waterfalls in India. But, I have rarely seen such a flat and scenic cascade in India; Pykara Falls changes the gear slowly but suddenly, letting you completely measure its pace, bight, direction, and beauty. Considering the uniqueness, Pykara waterfall is one of my favourite and top-listed waterfalls, undoubtfully.

How to visit Pykara Falls?

Starting from Ooty, you have to drive approx. 21 km for reaching Pykara Lake by following Ooty-Mysore Road (Coimbatore-Ooty-Gundlupet) Highway. It takes about 40-45 min to reach the destination.

You can start your journey early in the morning or in the after-lunch session, but try not to visit on weekends or national holidays if you prefer to experience a serene ambience. This is a picnic hotspot to the Local tourists, hence weekends remain a bit crowded.

*Nearest Airport: Coimbatore (109 km from Pykara Falls; 88 km from Ooty)

Where to Stay?

Definitely, Ooty is the best stay option for visiting Pykara Falls. You’ll get many budget-friendly hotels and premium resorts around Ooty; based on your budget you can book your favourite one.

For visiting the spot, you should plan an Ooty sight-seeing trip including Pykara Falls. Spending 1-2 hours around Pykara Falls is enough to enjoy the place completely. After covering the falls site you may proceed to your next spot.

Some tourist covers Pykara falls as well as other spots of Ooty from Coonoor; they generally pick Coonoor as the basepoint. But, if you follow the same ideology, you have to travel a longer distance to reach Pykara lake and falls if you stay in Coonoor. Better you should allot separate 1-2 days for enjoying only the excellence of Coonoor and surroundings. But for visiting Pykara falls and other Ooty spots, better you stay in Ooty.

Wrapping up

So, that’s all about my personal experience in Pykara Waterfalls. The serenity, magnificence, uniqueness of the Pykara waterfall really fascinated me, in fact, better than several other waterfalls that I have seen in my life! You also plan an excellent Ooty trip, including Pykara falls & lake, Emerald Reserve forest, and other beautiful Ooty spots in your travel list.

I have listed the best tourist spots in Ooty in one of my articles; you can check this HERE.

If you have any further queries, don’t hesitate to drop your questions in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Social sharing is always highly appreciated.

Have a nice trip ahead!

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