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Lodh Waterfalls: A memorable road trip towards the highest cascade of Jharkhand

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Amidst verdant forest of sal and eucalyptus, Lodh Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful travel spots in the state of Jharkhand, India. Cascading from an altitude of 470 ft (143 meters), this one is the highest waterfall in Jharkhand and 21st highest in India.

Despite the outstanding beauty of Lodh waterfalls, the place is visited by only a few inter-state tourists, at least compared to other top waterfalls in India [even Hundru and Dassam Waterfalls (near Ranchi) grab much more visitors compared to this one]. The tourist crowd of Lodh Falls is mainly from nearby locations, mostly tribal people. This happens probably due to the lack of proper information and the distance from nearby hotspots. For the same reason, there is very limited information about Lodh Falls tourism on the internet.

I personally felt, not only the falls’ site but the entire journey towards Lodh Waterfalls is much worthy, especially if you plan a self-drive road trip.

Beauty of the Road trip towards Lodh Falls

Road side beauty on the way to Lodh Waterfalls 5

The endless green of roadside paddy fields meets the range of hillocks far away; sometimes the hills come closer, offering canvas-perfect photogenic views; the addition of clear blue sky and happy clouds on the top gives a perfect blend to the frames. The road is the black beauty in the middle, sometimes serpentine sometimes straight, but never alters its smoothness.

I’d especially mention about the road maintenance by the Jharkhand Government, even at such offbeat and interior locations, which is absent in several states of India; We truly enjoyed the smooth ride while experiencing the splendid scenic beauty of the surroundings!

The roadsides are so clean without the presence of a single plastic; also, the level of pollution tends to 0 (zero). I must say, Jharkhand Government and Latehar tourism section are really doing great to keep everything clean and so well-maintained!

Lodh Waterfalls : The complete picture

Lodh Waterfalls - Closer view

Lodh falls situates inside a deep forest, though the entrance point is well equipped with a parking area and washroom. For the sake of the tourists, a fine path has been built beside the hills that takes you close to the waterfall.

For your note, throwing plastics inside the falls area is strictly prohibited; if you want to get inside with water bottles, the voluntary team paste a sticker on it in exchange for Rs. 10. Upon your return with the same bottle, they give the money back to you. Such a nice system to keep the area clean!

Initiating from Burha River, the cascade of Lodh Waterfalls touches the ground in three steps. At the bottom, it splits into two parts. Standing on the actual viewpoint (A wooden bridge just in front of the falls), you can see the mainstream falling from far top, and at the bottom, you can see two different streams at left and right. Next, all the streams mix together and flow by the bottom of the wooden bridge.

It’s amazing to stand there watching the beauty of Lodh fall in blink-less eyes, while feeling the soothing spray of the waterfalls.

How to visit Lodh Waterfalls

Road trip; this is the only option to reach Lodh Waterfalls. However, it’s more important to select your starting point to keep your journey comfortable.

Some tourists visit Lodh falls right from Ranchi, often hiring travel agents’ services. They have to start very early in the morning to cover a distance of 192 km; after spending a full day in car/bus they reach their Ranchi hotel at night, which is definitely very hectic.

Instead, you should break your journey into parts.

You should stay at Netarhat and start your Lodh falls road trip the next morning. You have to travel only 70 km to reach the spots. It’s best if you travel with your own car/bike or at least a rented car that you have booked for personal travel.

As I mentioned above, this road trip covers several photogenic views on your way. So if you have a personal car, you have the option to stop anywhere and take a snap. Travel agents drive fast without any stoppage.

Road side beauty on the way to Lodh Waterfalls 6
  • Nearest Airport: Birsa Munda Airport
  • Nearest Railway station: Chhipadohar (85 km), Latehar (103 km), Ranchi Jn (194 km)

Foods near Lodh falls

Lodh waterfalls is far away from any other tourist hotspot. Also, there is no lodging facility. The nearest tourist spot is Netarhat, which is 70 km away. So, touring Lodh falls is a full-day program and you have to think about your food on time. Even if you kickstart after your breakfast, still you have to take your lunch outside.

The first option is carrying your lunch in a carrier, maybe from your Netarhat stay.

However, the better option is to take lunch near Lodh falls. Let me say why!

Just before the jungle entrance, there are two country hotels (bamboo-made only) run by the local tribal people. They serve you freshly cooked veg and non-veg meals based on your order.

Preferably you should choose the first one as they cook really delicious dishes, especially chicken curry.

  • Veg meal includes Rice, dal, sabji, chatni, and papad.
  • Additional non-veg dishes: Deshi chicken kari, Broiler chicken curry, egg

They receive orders for the whole chicken only (deshi or broiler); after cooking they’ll serve you the whole of it (24-28 pieces based on the size), and the taste of the curry is fantastic!!

They are truly honest and very well-behaved; I suggest, taking your lunch from them; the tribal people are really good compared to the town-based resort authorities of Netarhat.

Note: Put your food order before visiting the falls, so that you may get your lunch after your return. They takes almost 1’5 hours to cook everything.

Costs for your foods near Lodh Waterfalls:

  • Veg meal: INR 60
  • Whole deshi chicken: INR 800
  • Whole broiler chicken: INR 400

Isn’t this good!!!

For your note, some resorts In Netarhat demand almost double the prices for the same items and give you less than half the amount.

For example, Nature Hat resort; it’s one of those; they promise to give whole desi chicken for Rs. 1500 and broiler for Rs. 800. At this price they serve only 10 pc of chicken on your plate instead of the whole chicken. They are truly dishonest about food. I suggest, avoiding staying there unless you get a better option.

Other places to visit nearby

Netarhat, Betla, and Maromar are 3 other places to visit nearby, but not on the same day. All these places are far away from each other, and each are having its own beauty. So allot different days to enjoy each place completely.

Wrapping up

Although being such a magnificent destination in the middle of pure nature, Lodh Waterfalls grabbed limited attention from away tourists. Lack of information and the distance from the main towns are probably the prime reasons behind this.

However, if you are planning a Netarhat trip, I suggest don’t miss visiting this destination, especially if you are traveling with your own car or bike.

Have a nice trip.

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