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“The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.”  ( – Wallace Stevens)

If you are one of them who realized this truth, you are probably a passionate traveler; and a travel addict lives the most beautiful life than others.

 “Traveling is passion for the travel lovers and adventure lovers. But, the real importance of traveling is best realized by the people who rarely get an opportunity, and choose traveling to get a relief from frustrating city life and 9-5 regular schedule.

The founder of TravelEntice.com, Dr. Suvankar Das realized the fact in his early carrier, when he was a fulltime employee in busy 9-7 sector (9AM-7PM), and never dare to plan a tour for his family, but when he managed his first trip, he realized how real was the quote of Sir Richard Burton…

The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands.”  (– Sir Richard Burton)

Did you feel this thuth?

If you choose a tough journey for the first time, that’s even better choice. Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you.

The founder’s voice

Hi, I am Suvankar Das.

In my early age I got a chance to explore new destinations, rather I had to spend most of my time to the chemical laboratories, sometimes in the university, sometimes in research institute, or sometimes in a private pharma-company.  

By any means I had to spend every day at least 9 AM to 7PM with harsh chemical environment. Finally, a tired weekend made me home seek.

Yes, my busy schedule led me to monotony, which was really killing me. I was eager to get an escape.

Finally, I managed my first vacation after a long long time, since after my childhood.

I this short write up, I can’t explain my feelings about my first escape. But, after the experiencing the first trip, I was always listening the whisper from the amazing world.

I never know when I become a travel addict! But I could realize, it is impossible to ignore the call from the nature. I feel there is nothing more amazing than exploring the world; after all it’s our one life, we have to decide, we should enjoy it or we should miss it.

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” ( – Ibon Battuta)

This is one of my favorite quotes!

And yes, I’ll tell you many travel stories, I’ll share my personal experiences, and my stories will never tell you everything you need to know for traveling to a new destination.

See something once than hear about it a thousand times

If you love traveling, that’s great!

But thousands of people are wasting time by listening story from others. You should gather knowledge about a destination, but don’t just listen what they say, better you should go and experience the beauty of a beautiful place.

It’s thousand times better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

The goal of Travel Entice

If your inner soul is crying for an escape, there is no better place than Travel Entice.

It is a place to explore the beautiful parts of the world; it is a place to enticing your heart and soul for exploring a unknown destination.

More than 90% of people in the world love traveling, but the cruel reality makes a restriction. Rather than enjoying this beautiful earth, thousands of people are suffering with a disease, monotony.

But why too much sacrifice?

You have to work for your family and of course, for yourself, but at the same time you can’t let grow a deadly disease into yourself; monotony is even more dangerous. It’s your ONE LIFE, enjoy it thousands way. Always remember, you got a chance to explore this beautiful earth in the most amazing way.

The goal of Travel Entice – it’s simply to guide you to the amazing travelers’ world by exploring splendid destinations, best travel ideas and unique travel tips.

May be you are a frequent traveler or rare traveler, this website will obviously help you to explore some new destinations, new travel ideas, and we hope you’ll enjoy them all.

We understand your needs

We try to read our visitors and inform accordingly.

As per our case studies, the frequent travelers love to explore nomadic places and some adventures, while a busy citizen search for a silent place to get rid of the corporate crowd.

Travel Entice exactly fulfills the needs for the travelers of all the categories in a systematic way. Within the amazing blog section you’ll mostly discover the descriptions of many the unconventional places as well as selective popular tourist places.

We also made several travel tips and suggestions for you so that you may enjoy a place in a hassle-free way.

Mix up your tour plan with us

Although nomadic destinations are perfect ways to spend peaceful holidays, in your 7 or 10 days’ trip you may not enjoy loneliness all the time. The trip discussions within TravelEntice.com will help you to plan a trip right way so that you can spend your every trip with full satisfactions.

In a particular description, you’ll explore mind-blowing ideas for an off beat destination, while another related blog suggest you the popular tourist attraction nearby; however, several inter-linked articles in this website will help you to figure a most sustainable full tour plan at a particular area.

Stay well in your trip – We’ll help you here

‘Stay’ is a big part of a trip, and many people get puzzled to choose the right lodgings. Unless you stay at the right home, half of your enjoyment will be diminished. 

Travel Entice will suggest you the best lodging options at a specific destination. You can choose these suggestion blindly, because we tested personally before we suggest.

So, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being with us.

Have a nice journey and highest enjoyment.

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