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Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden: A Serene Retreat

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Rangli Rangiot, a charming green village near Takdah (Darjeeling District), is known for its expansive tea garden and tranquil atmosphere. Due to being a less-known place among tourists, this place remains relatively silent, making it an idyllic haven for nature enthusiasts. Worth noting, Rangli Rangliot tea garden is one of the 78 big tea estates in Darjeeling district, renowned for its production of export-quality Darjeeling Tea.

Unveiling the Allure of Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden

If you are traveling to Takdah or Tinchuley, you shouldn’t skip visiting Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden. Its widespread tea garden creates a mesmerizing backdrop that makes it an exceptionally photogenic place around Takdah. Moreover, the tranquil ambiance of the surroundings offers a true taste of an offbeat and unspoiled destination.

Children playing at Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden

The afternoon session is one of the most ideal time to visit Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden, as it allows you to witness the magnificent sunset while sitting amidst the tea plants.

As you venture deeper into the tea garden, towards the west, you will come across a football ground nestled beneath the estate. Hilly people really love football!

How to reach Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden

As you make your way from Siliguri towards Tinchuley, this delightful surprise awaits just before entering Takdah. The prime attraction of the region, Takdah Orchid Center situates only 3 km away from Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden.

Usually, Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden serves as a prominent sightseeing spot for Takdah-Tinchuley tourists. However, many tourists also visit this place from Darjeeling, especially who seek to discover North Bengal offbeat.

In case your travel route starts from NJP to Tinchuey/ Takdah/ Lamahatta, it’s a good idea to stop at Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden. This allows you to rejuvenate and immerse yourself in the refreshing ambiance after a long journey from Siliguri, while also ticking off one of the must-visit attractions in Tinchuley from your sightseeing list.

When to visit

You can visit this Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden any time of the year except during monsoon season. While some nature enthusiasts may still be drawn to exploring the lush greenery of the hills during peak monsoon, it is important to note that the Darjeeling hills are prone to landslides. For safety reasons, it is advisable to avoid visiting the area during the monsoon season.

Accommodation near Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden

Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden and Pine forest

Located adjacent to the Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden, there is a charming homestay, namely Rangliot Homestay. If you love to take an opportunity to immerse yourself in the tea garden experience throughout the day, you can choose to stay there. However, this homestay is a bit expensive.

The majority of tourists consider Rangli Rangliot a sightseeing spot and choose to book their homestays in Tinchuley, Takdah, or Lamahatta. In fact, it’s a good idea to choose any of these places for an overnight stay (especially in Tinchuley), because of two reasons:

  1. These are pocket-friendly options.
  2. Many of these homestays situate amidst picturesque surroundings.

There are plenty of homestays in Tinchuley-Takdah area. You can check the link below to pick among the best ones.

More places to visit nearby

Below is a concise list of places to visit nearby:


Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden is a hidden gem nestled near Takdah, offering a serene and tranquil atmosphere, and a beautiful photogenic backdrop. If you are planning to travel across Takdah-Tinchuley-Lamahatta region, must keep this place in your travel list.

Have a nice trip!

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