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Exotic Beauty of Poovar Island in Kerala

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Surrounded by the vast Arabian Sea on one side and widespread backwater on the other, golden sanded Poovar Island is hidden heaven in Kerala. A supreme blending of endless water, foamy waves, palm-fringed golden shore, and ever-green vegetation creates a magical ambiance around this part of the world, presenting an ideal offbeat gateway for peaceful holidays. Asides, an exotic boating & floating experience through the emerald backwater is something very special on your trip to Poovar Island; indeed, the journey offers you unforgettable memories of life.

I personally fall in love with Poovar Island not only due to its distinct beauty, but also for the peace and serenity that I find there; when I visited Poovar I noted, only foreign delegates and few local tourists were occupying the place, while nearby commercial destinations like Kanyakumari, Alleppey, Munnar, and Kovalam were flooded with thousands of tourists.

Where is Poovar Island in Kerala?

Situating at the confluence of Neyyar River (to the Arabian Sea), beautiful Poovar Island is a part of Neyyattinkara (Thiruvananthapuram district, Kerala). The nearest commercial tourist spot is Kovalam (20 km) and the closest big city is Trivandrum (35 km). So, if you are on a Kovalam trip, you can easily access Poovar to spend a magnificent day, full of excitement, fun, and peace.

Years of sedimentation at the confluence of Neyyar River is the basic reason behind the formation of Poovar Island. During heavy monsoon, most area of the island sinks under the sea, and rises again with new excellence at the post-monsoon season upon the sedimentation of a fresh course of golden sands.

Exotic beauty of Poovar Island in Kerala

Pure nature and distinct beauty of Poovar Island attract thousands of tasteful visitors every year, including a great number of foreign delegates. If you are on a Kerala trip, undoubtfully Poovar Island is a must-visit place for you.

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Things to do at Poovar Island

Riverside small village Poovar offers a bunch of excitements to the visitors, including the joy of boat ride, excitements of mangrove forest, beauty of green vegetation and palm trees, excellence of Golden sanded Poovar Beach, and more.

Let’s have a look, how you can enjoy an exciting day at Poovar Island.

Book A Boat for an Exciting trip Ahead!

The prime attraction of the Poover trip is the exciting boat ride through the mangroves.

The Backdrop of Poovar Island is surrounded by widespread backwater that is directly connected to small canals and the Neyyar River. For reaching Poovar Beach, you have to cross all these waterlines through the ever-green mangroves and canal-side natural garden of coconut trees; so, there is a great scope to enjoy an exciting boating activity.

Just beside the Kovalam-Kanyakumari main road, you’ll find the riverside booking facilities, offering cruise, shikhara boats, and hand-sailed boats. Just pick your favorite ride from the booking counter; the rate varies based on travel time, boat type, and the number of members.

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Deep into the Mangrove forest

In the beginning, the boat sails over the wide-stretched Neyyar River, but the real fun initiates when it takes a speedy turn towards a canal and enters the Mangrove forest.

The boatman fairly follows the serpentine waterline, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster, offering you the ultimate joy of the adventure ride. Passing through lush green walls of mangroves is definitely an ever-exciting experience that you’ll rarely find elsewhere in India.

Baratang in Andaman and Sundarban in West Bengal are two other places where you can enjoy a boat ride through Mangroves, offering you different tastes; but I felt none of those are more exciting than Poovar’s ride.

Between the Natural Coconut Garden

As the canal comes closer to the sea, rows of coconut trees start replacing the mangrove forest, presenting an alternate beauty to the surroundings. At this point, you can see some floating coconut shops, which are actually coconut-loaded boats owned by local farmers. Not being skeptical, you can taste those sweetest Poovarian coconuts while enjoying the trip towards Poovar Island.

Breathtaking view at the front!

After a little ahead, a certain turn offers a breath-taking view at the front that you probably do not expect so far during your ride!

The canal-end widens suddenly and meets a huge natural reservoir at the front that is surrounded by thousands of coconut and palm trees; the golden sand of Poovar Island appears far away. Your journey through the dark and deep forest suddenly ends and enlightens by the exposure of the open sky, furnishing a completely different ambiance.

The magnificence of the place is unexplainable in written form, but I can still remember the excitements that blasted inside me with this splendid sight.

The widespread backwater of Poovar is a Reliable home for thousands of birds, including sea-gals, egrets, eagles, kites, kingfishers, Indian cormorants (Pankouri), and many more. Now, your camera tends to be mad, providing his restless service; on one hand, there are beautiful landscapes, alongside it gets a new job of capturing precious bird-shots!?

Eagle spotted at the backwater of Poovar Island
Eagle spotted!

Floating Restaurant

Once the boat enters the widest part of the backwater, the boatman accelerates the speed towards Poovar Beach. On the way, you can see several floated huts on one side, while the other part of the backwater is enveloped by lush green; tall palms peeping from the top of all elements.

If you book a lengthy trip, you can spend some time at one of the floating restaurants, having your lunch in the middle of Poovar backwater. Alternatively, you can pre-book one of the floated huts and experience the excellence of Poovar Island for full day and night.

Exotic Poovar Beach

The final pleasure of this exciting boat trip awaits at the bay of Poovar.

After crossing so many waterlines and the vast backwater, when you land on the golden sand of Poovar Beach, you can feel the freshness by heart and soul. Poovar Beach very widely stretched; when we reached there a few foreign delegates and local tourists were hopping around, else it’s an almost virgin beach.

Waves are pretty stable closer to the beach, but they thud heavily on rocky part at the far north.

Calm and serene atmosphere of picturesque Poovar Island is the ultimate place to spend solitary hours in the lap of pure nature; indeed, it’s a perfect destination for honeymoon couples.

If you are on a day trip to Poovar, your time is limited; The boatman allows you to stay at Poovar beach for 30-60 minutes based on your book trip. So, it’s time to get back.?

2 hours of short boat ride definitely provide some excitement and fun, but I felt, the Poovar trip remains incomplete unless you spend there for at least one night to heartily feel the ecstasy of the place.

Other Popular Beaches near Poovar Island

I admire, Poovar Inland is the best tourist spot around Poovar, but the Glory of Poovar trip doesn’t end upon the completion of the Boat trip; You have several other nearby places to attend you you have enough time in your hand. First, let’s explore the nearby beaches where you can visit alongside.

Poovar Beach (North)

The boat trip takes you to Poovar Beach – South. Also, the luxury resorts and floating huts are adjacent to Poovar South. Standing on this beach you can see a very widespread beach at the north, known as Poovar Beach – North. This beach is separated from Poovar-South by the confluence of Neyyar River, and it’s more empty and serene.

By road, it takes around 20 minutes to reach Poovar Beach (North) from Poovar South. If you are on a longer vacation at Poovar Island (1-3 nights halt), you can visit Poovar-North for a day trip.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam is one of the most popular tourist places near Poovar; in fact, most tourists generally halt at Kovalam (or Trivandum) and plan a day trip to Poovar Island.

Unlike Poovar, Kovalam is a highly commercialized destination, hence a little more overcrowded compared to Poovar Island. However, Kovalam beach becomes very famous worldwide due to its finest black sand, spectacular beach view, and low tidal waves.

Lighthouse Beach

This is an adjacent beach to Kovalam, separated from Kovalam Beach by a line of hillocks. The hilltop lighthouse is a special attraction of this beach, offering you a breath-taking bird’s eye view of the surroundings from the top.

Equipped with rows of coconut trees at the backdrop, finest beach sand, and low tidal waves, lighthouse beach is a world famous tourist spot, ranking 18th among all Indian Beaches.

Eve’s Beach/ Hawa Beach

This is a picturesque beach close to the Lighthouse Beach, much less crowded compared to Kovalam or Lighthouse Beach, and the best place for taking sunbath around Kovalam.

Eve’s Beach generally remains occupied by foreign tourists throughout the year, mainly due to the serene and peaceful ambiance, high security, and splendid scenic beauty of the place.

Other Places to Visit near Poovar Island in Kerala

Alongside you can frequently visit some other attractive places during your holidays at Poovar. The following are the top nearby attraction that you can explore without any hassle.

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Built across 12000 hectares of land, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is the home of 170+ birds species and 40+ mammals. Also the sanctuary is rich with the rarest flora and fauna, being a heaven to the botanists. Elephant and deer rehabilitation centers at Neyyar Sancuary are very special attractions for the youngers.

Thirparappu waterfalls

At a distance of 32 km from Poovar, Thirparappu waterfall is a must visit place on your Kerala trip, especially if you are staying at Poovar. Originating from Kothai River, the water flow converts to a magnificent cascade at Thirparappu, widely dropping down from an altitude of 50 m. The natural pool that forms at the base of the casecade always remains filled with crystal clear water, and is ideal for taking a fresh bath.

Agasthyamala, Agasthyarkoodam Peak, and Neyyar dam

Standing at an altitude of 1868m, Agasthyarkoodam peak is mostly popular among the trekkers’ community. The trekking permits need to be taken from the Forest Department of Kerala. It’s a part of Agasthyamala Biosphere Reserve forest that is the safe home for Elephants, wild bulls, Leopard, a variety of Reptiles, Travancore Tortoise, and more.

Neyyar Dam is another charming place situating at a close proximity to Agasthyamala, known to be a popular picnic spot.

Vizhinjam Harbour

Situating 3 km away from Kovalam, it’s a spectacular natural harbor having historical significance. Rock sculptures and cave temples are some nearby attractions that are distributed around Vizhinjam and Tirunandikara.

Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium

Close to Kovalam, this marine research aquarium is a popular destination for children to seniors (especially biologists), where you can explore a wide variety of marine life, including, clownfish, angelfish, seahorses, eels, cowfish, wrasses, colorful corals, and many more. Observing the Image Pearl Technique is a special attraction at Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium.

Where to stay near Poovar Island

Most tourists visit Poovar Island for a day trip, considering Kovalam or Trivundam as the base; There are plenty of hotels and resorts around these places, you can pick the suitable one based on your requirements and budget.

In general, nature lovers and foreign delegates don’t prefer to miss the opportunity to stay at the center of the magnificence of enchanting Poovar. If you are looking to spend your precious holidays right into the pure nature, you should book your stay at any of the luxury resorts around Poovar Island; Poovar Island Resort, Poovar Estuary Island Resort, Isola Di Cocco Beach Resort, and Havelia Island Resort are some of the top choices among tourists in Poovar.

Poovar Island in Kerala: A summery for your easy guidance

Place to reachPoovar Island
Nearby Commercial PlacesKovalam (18 km), Trivandrum (32 km)
Nearest AirportTrivandrum International Airport (30 km)
Nearest Railway StationThiruvananthapuram (27 km) – All trains stop here
Dhanuvachapuram (15 km)
Amaravila (16 km)
Taxi booking

1 km away from the Poovar Island;
You may contact your hotel authorities; alternatively, you can contact Sree tours for a direct booking.
Attractions & Activities

Boat ride
Mangrove forest
Floating restaurants and resorts
Exotic Poovar Beach
Bird photography
Visiting hours
8.30 AM – 5 PM
Special sunrise Cruise: 6.15 AM
Travel time

Rates are hourly basis.
Most popular books: 1.5 hr and 2 hr.
You can also book for a longer time, even for a full day.
Restaurants Floating restaurants:
Around Poovar Island, you’ll get 3-4 floating restaurants offering delicious dishes, especially non-vegs. Prices are relatively high, as happens in offbeat destinations.
ATM counters
It’s always difficult to find an ATM counter near an offbeat location.
Not around Poovar Island, but you’ll get ATM counters of various banks in Poovar town
Wine Shops

Hardly you’ll find one wine shop near Poovar, though it is about 5 km away from the beachfront.
Don’t expect your favorite brands there, and also be ready to stand on a queue behind the local fishermen.

Wrapping Up

Starting from the thrilling boat ride to the magnificence of Poovar Island, it’s a complete package that every traveler should experience. My personal experience with this exotic place was really undefined; Poovar Island provided me with a bunch of unforgettable memories of life! If you are planning a Kerala trip, or even a Kanyakumari trip, must include Poovar Island in your visiting list, at least for a day trip.

If you have any further queries, don’t hesitate; just post your question in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Have a nice trip!

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