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A Baby Beach Tent Can Protect Your Little One PERFECTLY!

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Have you ever counted the benefits of a Baby Beach Tent?

I suspect you are not among them, but sadly most people consider a baby tent just as a playing thing for kids but believe me, it’s not true except for the cheap quality tents that are suitable for playing in house garden only. 

If you are a travel mad, specifically a beach-lover, you’ll not love to stay locked at home, even for the shake of your newborn baby. Blue ocean will call you every time and you just cannot ignore it, mentally.

Unfortunately, she/he is just a few months old, and you can let an infant burn on the beach, it’s deadly UV all around, the wind is harsh, feeding issues, sleeping issues, everything is the top listed facts to restrict your trip until the little one grows up. Definitely a sad story!

In fact, there is no sad story until the science is there! Science fetches the solution to every problem, you just need to grab it the right way.

A high-quality pop-up baby beach tent that is UV protection certified, can provide your little one genuine protection on the beachside.

So, neither you need to be selfish, nor you need to depress your wish, just get a perfect beach tent and head on for your seaside leisure.

Before I discuss the benefits of the baby beach tent,  I just tell you a short tale, a real story I experienced once.

The Tale: Let’s feel the situation

I was in Goa, to be specific at Arambole beach. 

After five days’ long conference session in the early summer, I got relief from science talk here and there. Directly visited the cool beach at North Goa and was enjoying the blue ocean with the rhythmic sound of the wave.

Certainly, I was in a snoozing mode. The silence of my lazy afternoon suddenly broke down with the shout of the woman. Oh know, it’s not my woman, she was practicing photography a bit away while I was stealing a power na.

By the way, the silence was broken, I opened my lazy eyes and blinked twice; it’s time to watch what happened suddenly!

Just a hundred feet away from me, A typical lady with a crying baby on the lap was arguing with her husband… “It’s too hot here… where shall I feed her now… hotel is miles away”… the urgency of the trip was also a topic of their quarrel!

Yes, there are reasons for the anger… Arambol is not a palm beach where people can survive comfortably under shade. So, being careless about a newborn is definitely unjust. After all the UV rays that are intense on the beaches are too deadly for infants. They should have thought of a shade that could protect the little one.

By the way, it was my thought, but maybe the couple didn’t hear about the baby beach tent, which is really unfortunate.

I decided to write an awareness article on the baby beach tent that day; I’m not sure if this article will reach them, but hope tons of new parents will be benefitted from the following information.

Importance of baby beach tent

In the early summer, people often prefer weekend fun beside the ocean. Ladies and gentlemen enjoy sunbath and thus never forget to keep towels, sunscreen lotion, hats in their rucksacks. Unlikely, often parents become careless about simple but very important travel accessories, a baby beach tent.

Often they realize the problem after facing the situation when they are helpless.

The inclusion of baby beach tents in the travel bag is not a big deal, but people often ignore it.

Many organizations, such as American Academy of Dermatology, Skin Cancer Foundation, NHS UK, Babycenter, recommend avoiding exposure to sunlight for infants under 6 months; even up to 12 months overexposure to the sun is not recommended.

The main reason is, the ultraviolet (UV) ray of the sun causes intense damage to skin of infants and may result skin cancer too. However, it is not possible to apply sunscreen to a baby as chemical contact is not recommended for babies’ skin. In terms of babies’ sun safety, a high-quality baby beach tent is the best pick.

More Reasons to keep a Baby Beach Tent

The major reason the get beach tents for babies are:

  • A Baby Beach Tent provides ample shade to babies in the hot summer.
  • It protects infants from dangerous UV rays which causes intense damage to their skin.
  • Baby Beach tent offers a sand-free environment to infants.
  • It can screen the ocean wind and drizzle and thus provide healthy weather inside for the infants.
  • This is a perfect place for babies’ nap and feeding during a beach trip.

However, a baby beach tent is not only useful for travel purposes, but this may be used in a house garden or lawn or in a park nearby in the sunny season.

After crossing the infant age limit these tents are very entertaining playing tools for babies up to 3-4 years of age. As per experience, older babies often use these beach tents as a tool for hide-and-seek games and they really enjoy this.

So, this will remain useful even after a certain time; what’s bad if become a toy after a massive utility!

Now, a few questions may be raised to the audience.

1. How can people carry a baby beach tent, is it so big?

Ans: It is very easy to carry as it is too small when folded. At least for our loving kids, we must carry such an essential travel accessory. More over a beach tent is very easy to assemble.

2. Is it durable?

Ans. Quality is the ultimate answer to this question. Good quality beach tents are definitely durable even after the ocean breeze becomes stronger.

On the sea side, rapid weather change observed often. Keeping this in mind, good companies use light waterproof materials to make beach tents for infants, so that sudden drizzle can’t affect the infant.

There is a huge variety of beach tents in the market. But people need to be selective before buy. Because if it collapses on to baby by the effect of wind, that is nothing but a failure of the selection.

3. Can’t we use an umbrella instead of beach tents for babies?

Ans. I guess the above discussion has already mentioned the answer. Still, let’s discuss in short.

It is very normal that an umbrella can not cover a baby constantly. A baby can not keep quiet for long, as an adult can. An umbrella will be unable to provide shade to a moving baby, and moreover, the shade of an umbrella moves with the moving sun. Fortunately, a beach tent behaves differently to provide constant UV and sun protection. Furthermore, babies like to stay and play inside the tent as they feel fun there.

Adverse weather conditions can not be handled by an umbrella; neither wind nor rain, at least not for a baby. On the other hand, beach tents for infants are designed to protect them, whatever the weather is.

Beach sands can be restricted only by a beach tent to offer a healthy nap for the infants. Umbrella again fails to perform here.

The material of a quality beach tent for infants is proven to restrict the UV ray. We guess it is difficult to find such an umbrella that can restrict the sun in a cubic way.

So, We have discussed the importance and usage of the baby beach tent elaborately. Let’s explore some best baby tents now.

Best baby beach tents

I have worked on this and after a massive survey, we selected a few baby tents as the best among thousands, in terms of specifications and price.

You can visit the following link for the best beach tents for infants.

>> Best Baby Tent for Beach <<

Baby Beach Tents: Conclusive remarks

When a baby is fine, the parents are happy. This is a universal truth in our life. We do everything for our growing children. The above discussion does not alter the rule, as it explains a small part that can bring hassle-free hours for a baby as well as the parents to enjoy a beautiful trip.

A trip is scheduled to explore funny moments, to get relief from the daily 9-5 duty, to spend happy hours with family and friends. To enjoy the sun bath in sea beach if adults can carry the sunscreen lotion etc., then why not a beach tent for the loving baby! An excellent travel accessory that provides decent protection to a baby in the bare sun.

Beach tent for infants offers ample shade, UV protection, wind protection, rain protection, sand protection, happy nap, feeding privacy, and last but not least, fun for the baby.

So let’s add the baby tent to the list of your essential travel accessory.

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