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Morjim Beach in Goa: Enjoy Peaceful Holidays

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Away from the crazy tourist crowd and extreme commercialization, Morjim Beach is a peaceful coastal destination in North Goa. By the bay of Arabian Sea, Morjim village has grown up on its own rhythm, deriving a tranquil environment all around. If you are looking for a peaceful honeymoon trip or family trip, or even a solo trip in Goa, avoiding the unwanted tourist crowd, Morjim Beach in Goa is definitely an ideal place to visit; the serenity of Morjim offers you lots of personal space during your happy holidays.

Below I have shared my own touring experience in Morjim, highlighting the list of things to do in Morjim Beach, nearby places to visit, the best resorts and hotels around, when and how to plan a Morjim trip, and other crucial information. Hope this will help you to plan a unique Goa trip including Morjim Beach on your travel list.

Morjim Beach in Goa: The Special Features

“Little Russia” is another name of Morjim as derived by the local people, which is Due to the settlement of great numbers of Russian inhabitants in and around Morjim. Here, you can see a number of resorts and restaurants that are being monitored by Russian owners. Also, many Russian tourists, who visit Goa for longer holidays, often choose to stay at and around Morjim (maybe for one or a couple of months) to experience the absolute serenity of North Goa.

Morjim Beach in Goa = Little Russia

[Aside from Morjim, some other Goan destinations also become favorite spots for foreign tourists; Arambol, Ashwem, Mandrem, Palolem, Agonda, and Cola Beach are the top listed among those.]

In Morjim, small beach huts, cottages, and eco-resorts are systematically aligned along the widespread sandy beach; most of those are equipped with beachfront sitting and sunbathing areas. Peace lover tourists of Morjim seamlessly spend long hours in this disturbance-free zone.

The ample amount of beachfront restaurants across the beach offer a great opportunity to taste authentic Goan cuisine and fresh seafood with the pleasing touch of seaside fresh air; nevertheless, they also serve delicious Indian, Chinese, Italian, and continental dishes. In the evening time, most of these restaurants remain occupied by calm & cool tourists, mostly foreigners.

Let’s take a detailed look at the list of things to do at Morjim Beach in Goa. This will offer a much clear idea, helping you to plan a perfect trip ahead.

Things to do at Morjim Beach in Goa

Morjim Beach is an ideal place to laze around, enjoying the calmness of the seaside. Also, the opportunity of dining out in the sandy outdoors is very special in this part of Goa. However, the story doesn’t end here only; Morjim has enough spice to entertain you for a couple of days, or even a full week. Better we uncover all these, rather than wasting time.

Early Morning in Morjim Beach

Morning hours offer the most serene atmosphere around Morjim. Often the hot sun appears late in the morning due to cloudy sky, which keeps the surroundings cooler; the sweet morning breeze perfectly blends with such ambiance, offering you an ideal condition for jogging across the beach.

The southern part of Morjim beach is mostly occupied by the local fishermen who remain engaged in work early in the morning. It’s fantastic to watch their live-action, skills, and catches.

Enjoy Breakfast with the Morning Breeze

Most of the beachfront resorts in Morjim are equipped with a beachfront restaurant, providing complimentary breakfast as a part of the booking deal, either buffet or simple continental. So, after having a fine morning walk, you are getting an opportunity to enjoy the seaside breakfast with the touching morning breeze.

Beach restaurant at Morjim Beach in Goa
A casual pose at the restaurant of our Morjim Beach Resort

Get your empty stomach full on this food break, you have a lot of things to do ahead throughout the whole day.

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Explore the northern part of Morjim Beach

A number of beautiful beach resorts are aligned across Morjim beach from north to south; no matter which side you choose to stay but must explore the rocky northern part of Morjim Beach. This part of the beach is very much photogenic, though ignored by most tourists.

It’s even more exciting if you walk across the beach from south to north. The southern part of Morjim is curvy; the rough waves of high tide occupy part of the beach of south Morjim, which turns back partly during low tide. As you move upwards the landscape changes gradually, presenting wider beach space and mid-beach knee-height cavities that are filled with seawater; small fishes play there fearlessly, though unable to return with the high tide. Also, you may find a variety of marine lives (Starfish, jellyfish, oysters, sea snakes, etc.) around Morjim Beach, struggling on the beach; they also fail to return with the returning waves.

Note: You are suggested to direct them towards the sea if you see them alive. They can’t live for long time without having soluble oxygen and salty water.

You’ll find the rocky landscape at the northernmost part of Morjim Beach. Some of the stony paths enter deep into the sea. Little sandy beaches rise in the middle of the rocks, appearing uniquely. Fearless seagulls and cranes wait beside the staged water for their prey. A manmade sculpture of Jesus Christ resides just after the rocks, facing toward the sea.

This particular place is very peaceful and quiet; very limited tourists visit here because it’s a bit away from the beach center. Nevertheless, this part of Morjim is most photogenic; here, you are getting a golden opportunity to snap endless photos with special backgrounds. I’d say, must visit this place on your trip to Morjim Beach in Goa.

Enjoy Seabath

Calm and rhythmic waves of Morjim beach always welcome you for taking bath. Indeed, it’s enjoyable, but must avoid the red-flagged areas of the beach. These areas are either stony or sloppy or rich with specific marine lives which may cause skin irritation. Otherwise, Morjim Beach is a fine place to enjoy the sea bath as well as sunbathe any time of the day.

Coast guards always keep eyes on you, so no need to be fearful.

Watch the sunset

Morjim Beach in Goa

Similar to other Goa Beaches, Morjim also offers a precious sunset, which you can enjoy sitting on the beachfront benches or on the bare sand. The colorful evening sky before and after the sunset produces a romantic ambiance all over Beach at the end of the Day; you have hundred reasons to chill out yourself with a can of cold drink, maybe hard or soft!

Enjoy Dinner in the sandy beach restaurant

As I already mentioned, dining out on the sandy outdoor is special in Morjim. So, after the sunset, no need to check into the hotel room, rather enter the beach restaurant and order your favorite cuisines. The earlier you start, the more time you get to enjoy the precious evening.

In the majority of beach restaurants, you’ll get several types of seafood (pomfret, crabs, kingfish, tuna, prawn, etc.), chicken/meat items, Indian/ Goanese/ continental dishes, and popular wine/whisky/beer brands. You have a high time to taste your buds while chilling out into the sensational sea breeze.

Visit Nearby places from Morjim

Morjim Beach is a place for peace lovers; Tourists, who love to laze around the serene nature and spend quality time with their families/partners, often prefer Morjim as the base point for the North Goa trip. If you are another member of such tourist community, don’t hesitate to book a beachfront resort in Morjim and cover the rest of the north Goa right from there.

North Goa is overwhelmed with several beautiful spots; most of those are less crowded and peaceful. Below I have listed a list of places to visit in North Goa, which you can fairly access from Morjim by comfortable road trips.

You can also access some other spots like Anjuna Beach, Aguada Fort, Baga Beach (especially for water sports), and Calangute Beach and Market, though you have to travel a longer road.

Note: South Goa is equally beautiful as North Goa; Palolem Beach, Cola Beach, Agonda, Kakolem Beach, Cabo de Rama, etc. are some of the exclusive Goan Beaches, that shouldn’t miss during your Goa trip. However, these are not easily accessible from Morjim, rather you should book a Beahhut/ homestay in south Goa to enjoy these beautiful places.

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How to visit Morjim Beach in Goa

Morjim Beach in Goa

Situating in the northern part of Goa, Morjim Beach is well connected to the airport and railway stations in Goa.

Dabolim Airport is the only international airport in Goa, which is 57 km away from Morjim. Although the theoretical travel time is 1.5-2 hours, it often needs more than 2.5 hours to reach Morjim from the airport (due to traffic).

Thivim is the nearest railway station to Morjim Beach (20 km); You can rent a cab from the rail station, or request your resort authority to send a car to the rail station for a hassle-free journey.

Where to Stay at Morjim

Morjim is rich with many resorts, beach huts, and homestays, although all of those are not equally good. Usually, beachfront resorts are a bit expensive, so you may expect quality services there. But this is also not true always. Nearby Morjim Beach, there are several homestays, which are also good for spending longer vacations because those are relatively less expensive; still, you have to choose wisely for hassle-free holiday experiences.

We are presently reviewing the best hotels in Morjim which will be upcoming shortly. This article might be helpful to you.

Meanwhile, you may check out the following reviews to explore the best hotels/resorts at neighboring beaches.

Wrapping up

Away from the maddening crowd, serene and peaceful Morjim Beach becomes the tourism hotspot for the foreign travelers; in fact, the Majority of Morjim tourists are foreigners, although peace lover Indian tourists started visiting this place nowadays.

On our first Goa trip, we enjoyed a crazy and busy trip to Calangute and central Goa region; this was entertaining but somehow we were missing the real taste of Goanese beauty. So, next time we planned to uncover the peaceful and less explored areas of Goa. 2 years later, when we returned Goa for the second time, we kept Morjim in our travel list along with several other spots. Needless to say, Mojim Beach became one of our loving spots that provided us plenty of memorable momets.

I wish, each of my audiance may experience the same pleasure, which is why I introduced my personal experience to this peaceful destination. Hope this article becomes helpful to you in planning a beautiful trip to Morjim and its surroundings.

If you have any further queries, simply drop your question in the comment box below. I’ll be glad to help you out.

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