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Arambol Beach in Goa: Nearby Attractions and Accommodations

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At the northernmost part of Goa, calm and serene Arambol Beach is one of the topmost tourist attractions for foreign delegates on their India trip. Evergreen hilly forest at the backdrop, deep blue ocean with stony sculptures, colorful beach huts, breezy beach sidebars, the overall atmosphere offers you a Bohemian feeling at Arambol Beach in Goa, which makes this destination so unique compared to the rest of Goa beaches.

Specialty of Arambol Beach in Goa

Unlike central Goan beaches, North Goa is comparatively free from the maddening crowd of local tourists. Only tasteful nature lovers, who love to stay away from night parties and shopping nights, generally prefer visiting North Goa.

For the same reasons, foreign tourists from all over the world, especially from UK, Russia, Israel, Australia, USA, Canada, and several other European countries visit and stay at Arambol for longer vacations. They specifically select Arambol for 5 prime reasons:

  1. Arambol Beach and the surroundings are featured with unlimited Natural beauty.
  2. This beach remains less crowded compared to central Goan beaches.
  3. North Goan beaches are serene and beautiful; all are easily accessible from Arambol.
  4. Overall atmosphere of Arambol Beach offers a bohemian feeling that most foreign delegates love on their beach trip.
  5. Cheap and aristocratic, both types of accommodations are available in and around Arambol.

Best Beaches to Visit around Arambol Beach in Goa

You can spend a complete day relaxing at Arambol beach, but don’t forget, there are many other things to do in and around Arambol. Exploring the nearby beaches is definitely the most attractive option because all the north Goan beaches singificantly unique and different from each other.

You can rent a bike/scooty and hover around; so, let’s explore the best beaches that you shouldn’t miss on your Arambol trip.

Kalacha Beach/ Paliem Beach & Sweetwater Lake

The nearest attraction to Arambol is Kalacha Beach (also known as Paliem Beach), which is hardly known by the majority of tourists. Eventually, this heavenly place remains much less crowded and serene compared to Arambol.

If you love to spend a relaxing day at the bay of North Goa, there is no better option than Kalacha Beach. It resides just beside Arambol Beach, but hidden behind the hills and sea rocks. So, in real eyes where you see the end of Arambol Beach, that is actually the beginning of Kalacha Beach.

Apart from the beach beauty, a beachside sweetwater lake is a very special attraction at Kalacha, which enhances the magnificence of Paliem Beach to some extent. The sweetwater lake is completely surrounded by green hills and hundreds of palm trees, presenting a picturesque backdrop; there you can enjoy a cool swim into real nature.

If you visit South Goa, you may have similar experiences at Cola Beach and Kakolem Beach; but in the north, Kalacha Beach is the only option to enjoy both seawater and sweetwater together. So, on your North Goa trip never miss this beautiful Destination.

Morjim beach

After passing Vagator beach and Chapora fort, the region of typical North Goa beaches initiates that is widespread from Morjim to Querim. If you plan a complete day trip from the southernmost North Goan beaches, Morjim comes first. However, Morjim is also a great place to stay at. There are many beachside resorts and cottages around Morjim, where you can choose to stay overnight for enjoying silent beach holidays.

Arambol Beach in Goav - Visit Morjim

This beach is relatively calm and empty, and hence you can experience diverse marine lives here. The southern part is mainly undertaken by the fishermen, you can see lots of fishing boats and nets in this part.

The northern part of Morjim is featured with beautiful rocky landscapes, temporarily staged water lands, and a stone-made seaside statue at the edge, creating a perfect ambiance for sightful photographs. A lazy walk along Morjim Beach during morning or evening time offers you immense happiness, refreshing your complete soul and mind.

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Ashvem beach

Ashvem beach comes next to Morjim, the most aristocratic beach in the Northern region. If you are willing to spend luxury holidays in North Goa, Ashvem is a perfect place as you’ll get plenty of luxury resorts there; La Cabana, Mama Resort, Anhata Resort, etc., are some of the top listed among the hundreds of staying options in Ashvem.

Arambol Beach in Goa -Nearby attraction - Ashvem beach

Ashvem (or Aswem) beach is widespread, neat, and clean with reddish rock structures scattering around. Small hillocks covers the backdrop of the southern part of Ashvem beach. It’s a better place to take sea bath as the ocean is gentle and flatter here, but be aware, the water level increases fast when high tide arises. Watching the sunset from the beachside restaurant with a glass of beer is something amazing that you can enjoy freely at Ashvem.

Mandrem beach

If you move far north you’ll reach Mandrem beach; this situates just before Arambol beach. Mandrem is another luxury beach, less congested and peaceful. The beauty of Mandrem is recognized by a permanent backwater residing just beside the golden sand beach. During high tide, the seawater swallows part of the backwater and directly thuds of the bank. Upon low tide, the delta appears again dividing the ocean from the backwater.

Arambol Beach in Goa - Visit Mandrem

Most of the beachside resorts in Mandrem are equipped with wooden bridges, which connect the sea beach to the resorts. It’s great to watch the vast ocean in the front stopping on one of those wooden bridges; in evening time when the wooden bridges glow with chains of twinkling lights, presenting a unique beauty to the whole beach area!

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Keri and Querim Beach

Two sister beaches, Keri and Querim are the northernmost beach of Goa, reside at the border of Goa and Maharashtra. The summation of these two beaches covers a very wide length from north to south; extreme serenity and pureness around Keri and Querim Beach make this destination a perfect gateway for peace lovers.

Keri and Querim are very less explored by common tourists, which kept this place absolutely peaceful and unharmed. You’ll get very few beach sacks at the entrance of Keri beach, serving delicious seafoods and chilled beer. You must try kingfish and tuna fry there; if available, don’t miss kingfish egg fry also. We enjoyed the best dishes of kingfish egg fry here compared to any restaurant in Goa.

The northern part of Keri beach is known as Querim. You have to drive along the seaside mud road to reach Querim Beach; the whole path is covered by rows of eucalyptus trees. The middle part of the beach is protected with a low-height rocky dam, mainly to save the mainland from thuds of big waves during high tide.

Enjoying the sunset sitting on the dam-top is definitely a worthy experience, but you should back to Arambol before full evening because the Arambol-to-Keri road becomes very dark after sunset, it’s very curvy, and mostly passes through hilly forests.

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Other things to do in Arambol

Apart from exploring nearby beaches, Arambol offers more things to do on your sweet vacation. Let’s see what’s more you can enjoy at Arambol.

Arambol Beach in Goa - Nearby Attractions and Accommodations and More 2

Surfing lesson

Ocean in Arambol is perfect for surfing. Surfwala, a surf learning center in Arambol, is operated by a group of international surfers (from UK and Russia) who lives in Goa. They teach the lessons of surfing in a highly dedicated way. If you are interested, don’t miss the chance to have the lessons and enjoy surfing with the team on your Arambol trip; it’s pretty exciting.

Paragliding: From cliff to beach

This is one of the best things to do in Arambol, especially for those who love adventure. Option to paraglide is not frequently available in Goa. So, if you are visiting Arambol, this is one of the most worthy activities that you can try. Paragliders jump from the backside mountain cliffs towards Arambol beach, which offers the ultimate excitement to experience a complete bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

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Calm and serene seaside atmosphere produces a perfect ambiance for practicing Yoga. Most Arambol tourists generally don’t skip this chance, especially the foreign delegates who spend a longer vacation in Goa. For that reason, several beach huts and resorts in Arambol are equipped with Yoga facilities and specialty Yoga trainers. You can fairly spend your morning sessions practicing ever-refreshing Yoga.

Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center is one of the most renowned places where you can book your schedule on your long-term Arambol trip. I mentioned “long term” because the courses on Yoga, Ayurveda, and back-pain-relief last up to 5-10 days. So, you can try those courses only if you are on a longer vacation.

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing is part of adventure activities in Arambol. The backdrop of Arambol and Paliem beach is covered with evergreen steep hills, You can enjoy mountain climbing there; for your note, guided climbing activity remains open for specific seasons in the year (November to March).

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Paliem Sweetwater Lake

Above I already mentioned this very special activity at Kalacha Beach / Paliem Beach (one of the best places around Arambol Beach in Goa). A complete day trip to Kalacha beach and Sweetwater Lake offers you the ultimate refreshment. Do not miss this activity on your Arambol trip.

Visit Lady of Mount Carmel Church

Built-in 1780, Our Lady of Mount Carmel is one of the oldest churches in this region, locally known as Arambol Church. It’s worth spending some time there, experiencing the years-old architecture and peaceful atmosphere of this oldest monument.

Enjoy the sunset at the End of Day

Watching sunset sitting on the golden sand is always romantic. However, Arambol offers you two ways sunset view, either from the top of the mountain or standing right on the beach-belt; the mind-blowing sights of the colorful sky reflecting on the wet, flat, and widespread Arambol beach attracts anyone with an irresistible call every afternoon.

Arambol Beach in Goa - Nearby Attractions and Accommodations and More 3

Best dishes you should try at Arambol

There are a lot of restaurants in and around Arambol offering yummy dishes, both veg and non-veg! You just need to choose the right one. Being a non-veg taster I rarely try vegetarian dishes, unless those are very special in any destination. In fact, Arambol or the whole of Goa is famous for its versatile seafood dishes. So, I prefer to highlight here a list of the best nonveg dishes that are special in Arambol.

  • Black Pomfret tandoor
  • Black Promfret fry
  • KingFish fry
  • Tuna fry
  • Kingfish egg fry/ pakoda
  • Nonveg thali with Pomfret curry
  • Nonveg thali with prawn Mashala
  • Prawn Mashala

How to reach Arambol

Nearest Airport:

Dabolim airport at Panaji is the closest international airport to Arambol (59 km). You have to rent a car right from the airport exit, and enjoy 2.5 hours of road-trip (including traffic jams on-road).

Nearest Railway station:

Pernem is the closest railway station (13.6 km); It takes only 30 minutes to reach Arambol from Pernem. But not all the trains stop at Pernem. Alternatively, you can reach Thivim railway station, which is 36 km away from Arambol; it takes approximately 1 hour to reach Arambol from Tivim Railway station.

Where to stay at Arambol

Arambol is rich with all types of stay accommodations, both cheap and luxurious. Based on my personal experience, I have introduced a list of the best stay options in Arambol. You can check the list from the following link (click on the button below).

Also, you may choose to stay at Ashvem, Morjim, or Mandrem on your North Goa trip. Ashvem is a special place offering luxury resorts while Morjim and Mandrem offer mid-range to high-range accommodations. You can choose as per your preference.

Other Places to Visit from Arambol

Goa is one of the most popular international destinations in India, hosting millions of foreign delegates every year. With the beauty of hundreds of beaches, green hills, waterfalls, disco-bar, exciting nightlife, delicious seafood, Goa is the real queen of the Arabian sea.

Places to visit within Goa

Apart from Arambol, Goa hosts several other beaches with a similar atmosphere, where tasteful delegates put their feet to enjoy the real charm of Goa; Cola Beach, Palolem, Agonda, Kakolem Beach, and Cabo de Rama are some of the most scenic and peaceful sites, and all are situating in South Goa.

Nearby Places to Visit Outside Goa

After covering the full/part of Goa, if you are willing to explore Indian destinations further, Kerala would be the nearest state where you may find similar charm but different atmosphere. Munnar, Alleppey, Poovar Island, etc. are some of the best destinations in Kerala. You can also visit the far south to experience the edge of India, Kanyakumari, where Swami Vivekananda discovered his destiny.

Pondicherry is another popular International destination in India where thousands of foreign visitors visit every year, especially to experience the great Auroville Matri Mandir. Paradise Beach, French Colony, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Rock Beach, Serenity Beach, several statues and memorials, famous churches, Pondicherry is packed with plenty of attractions.

If you are on a long trip to India…

If you are on a months’ long trip to India, you are very likely to explore the rest of India. In the southern part Coonoor, Ooty, Kodaikanal and are worthy places to visit. Himachal and Kashmir are king and queen of north, offering the most exciting sights of Himalayan beauty. In the Northeast, you can explore Sikkim, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh for some unforgettable sweet memories.

In case, you are puzzled, don’t hesitate to tell me; I’ll help you plan a complete trip to India that you’ll remember forever. You can post your query in the comment box below.

Arambol beach in Goa: the Final Remarks

Let’s get back to Arambol Beach in Goa!

If you are planning to explore North Goa, Arambol is a perfect place to stay at; it’s serene, beautiful, and versatile. You can easily hop around the nearby beaches by renting a car or bike. Also, you can enjoy lots of activities staying at Arambol that you may not get elsewhere.

We have vastly and gladly shared our complete experience in Arambol as well as North goa. Hope, this will help you to plan a perfect trip to Arambol as well as North Goa. If you have any further queries, don’t hesitate. Just post your question in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you accordingly.

Also, If you find this article helpful, social sharing will be highly appreciated.

Best wishes for your upcoming trip!

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