You are currently viewing Ostrich Pillow Go Review – One of The Best Travel Pillows I ever used!

Ostrich Pillow Go Review – One of The Best Travel Pillows I ever used!

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Welcome to the Ostrich Pillow Go review!

I have used, altered, and reviewed several travel pillows in the past few years, and I admire Ostrich Pillow Go is one of the best and most stylish travel pillows that I came across so far! I personally believe, any passionate traveler expecting comfortable sitting-sleep during a long journey will fall in love with this one, experiencing the ultimate comfort of high-density memory foam.

Let’s take a look at the brief overview before we get inside.

Product Ostrich Pillow Go
MaterialHigh-density memory foam, Rayon
Color Inner wall – Midnight Grey, Blue Reef; Outer wall – Light Grey
Specialty360º ergonomic neck support, elegant design, high comfort
Our Rating9/10
Buying ;

Emergence of Travel Pillow

Whenever we head for a long journey by chair cars or flight, we always miss our loving bed set and soft pillow. Still, we travel, either for work or for the passion of exploring the blue planet!

Sometimes a long journey becomes boring, we fell asleep in a sitting position; sometimes unending journey makes us tired and forces snoozing while sitting. During our sitting-sleep, we often fall on others in search of a headrest, and almost regularly we wake up with a painful neck. Tell me who never experiences such situations?

Undoubtfully, travel pillows are the best invention, offering a great rescue from this awful situation. Since I started using travel pillow, I have been amazed by the magic of this little tool! For experiencing better comfort, I altered my neck pillows several times, and I had mixed feelings.

For the first-times, it’s never easy the choose a top-class travel pillow from the huge pillow market across the world. Based on my personal experience and research, I disclosed the top 12 travel pillows in the market; Ostrich Pillow Go is a very special member of my list!

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Why ‘Ostrich Pillow Go’ is One of My Favorites?

After using a few mix-quality travel pillows, I aimed to try something different, preferably real memory foam-based as I listened about the comfort of memory foam. I always do in-depth research before buying something special, and the trend didn’t alter this time also. Certainly, after a quick research, I found the lighter and upgraded version of ‘Ostrich Pillow Light‘, namely “Ostrich Pillow GO“. I started doing more research and feature comparisons, and finally, one fine evening I ordered it online.

The price was relatively high compared to common products, so I had to spend a couple of nights with a bit of anxiety until I received and unboxed it.

The box was pretty compact. There was a small round pouch and the cute Ostrich Pillow was sleeping inside❤️. The pouch was so handy (size of the neck pillow reduced within the pouch) that I never needed to think of space in my backpack.

I felt excited when brought it out from the pouch, it spread over its stander size, exploring the elegant look! It’s far more softer, comfortable, and stylish compared to others. Studio Banana (as well as Ostrich pillow) team have been outstanding once again for this unique and great invention!

Update After 3 Months of Use

It’s awesome! I never travel without this little sweetheart ❤️ I don’t enjoy my older pillows anymore. People wearing banana pillows (U-shaped) stare at me, I just enjoy the style; but more importantly, I enjoy the comfort! Style is for show-off, but the comfort is the only mine! The softest memory foam just blow me out!

I’m not planning to try a new neck pillow for at least the next 3 months.

Update after 6 months

Ostrich Pillow Go is still rocking! I still love to use it. I washed it once last month; the comfort is still unaltered! Meanwhile, I bought two new models from different bands for testing purposes; these models are also pretty unconventional and very comfortable too. Still, Ostrich Pillow is serving me by her own style.

1 year later

A number of innovative models of travel pillow launched in the market, offering great comfort in their own way. I summarized the top ones.

Pros and Cons of Ostrich Pillow Go

It is so soft (the memory foam is compressed up to 60% of its size), but not softest where your head joins the neck, and thus made it an ideal travel companion.
It is very stable, though it is very soft. The travel pillow offers 360-degree neck support, and ultimate comfort as well.
Undoubtedly, Ostrich Pillow Go represents an elegant look, a perfect match for modern nomads.
The velcro strap and the soft viscoelastic sleeve in Ostrich Pillow Go offer you the perfect fit and luxury feeling. It fits any neck structure, no matter if you are fat or thin, or your neck is a bit longer or shorter.
There are magnets in the strap, which can search proper place to set the neck pillow.
Ostrich pillow Go offers you ultimate comfort away from bed; it closes the gap between your neck and the seat perfectly, and comfortably lets you sleep on a soft pillow when you are traveling.
This is washable; you can remove the shell from its cotton cover. To remove the foam you’ll get a zipper just beside the ‘Ostrich Pillow’ logo.
It is travel-friendly; takes minimum space in your backpack.
It is expensive than the others.
This may be a bit tight for people with remarkably shorter necks.
Sleeping in a bent-down position is not supported.

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Its expensive, Still Worthy

Ostrich pillow Go is expensive compare to many other travel pillows, but also offers better comfort than many others, especially in terms of softness and neck support. The elegant look is an added feature that isolates Ostrich Pillow Go from many other competitors. Recently a few companies are copying the model of Ostrich Pillow Go and marketing a much lower price, but can’t meet the comfort of Ostrich Pillow; ZENOPHON travel pillow is one of those.

For me, ultimate comfort is the first priority, even though I have to spend some extra penny. As I mentioned, tried several other neck pillows in past, but this one is totally different by quality. You’ll realize the value of money only after you get closer to this amazing travel friend.

Ostrich Pillow Go

Conclusive Remarks

Ostrich Pillow Go rocks. The quality of this wonderful product offers a homely comfort when you are away from home and simply drifts you to the dreamland when you a tired during your long journey. To be honest, I become a big fan of this particular neck pillow!

If you are looking for more options, you may check the list of 12 best travel pillows in the present market.

If you have any further queries, feel free to drop your question in the comment box below. I’ll be glad to help you out.

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