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16 Best Suitcases for Air Travel

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Whatever may be the journey vehicle or trip type, suitcases and backpacks are always travelers’ close friends. Certainly, the headline of this article specifies the “Air-travel”. So, the very first question that may strike your mind, what’s special about the best suitcases for air travel !!

In one sentence, “all suitcases are for travel, but not all of them are perfect for air travel”. Nowadays, airlines’ authorities are very strict about the dimensions and weights of the carry-on and checked-in luggage. After scanning your luggage, they dump your checked-in suitcase into the flight’s luggage cabin, where the suitcase has to tolerate high impact; also, nobody cares if it gets wet or scratched. So, for finding the best suitcases for air travel, you have to be aware of several factors, such as dimension, capacity, durability, water-resistance capacity, scratch-proof capability, and of course aristocracy.

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For road trips or train journeys, limited precautions would be enough, but for air travel, some special attention should be taken of about suitcase specifications. The 15 suitcases listed below can be used for all journey purposes as they satisfy the requirements of air travel.

Mode of Selection of the Best Suitcases for Air Travel

In this review, I introduced a refined list of the 16 best travel suitcases based on my personal research and experience. For your information, my last suitcase was broken a few months back in the middle of a trip (I was in great trouble then). I was inexperienced when bought my previous suitcase (got it from a local showroom), but this time I did extended research before buying the new one. I went offline stores, requested hands-on demos, check a lot of reviews in online stores, studied a great number of articles… I did almost everything that is possible because I don’t want to face the same hassle another time.

Mode of selection: The parameters I followed for listing the best travel suitcases

The extensive research eventually offered me complete data of top-class suitcases. Later on, I thought anyone may be benefitted from this data when planning to buy a suitcase; hence, I get some extra motivation to share this information with you.

Below, I’m sharing my final list of the best suitcases. I personally don’t prefer the very expensive ones, rather I focus on “value for money” deals. I listed the best travel suitcases that are around my affordable price. So, here you’ll not find highly expensive brands, but it’s a compact and most refined list of top-class travel suitcases at a moderate budget (below $299).

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The Best Suitcases for Air travel: Hardshell

In this section, I introduced the 10 best hardshell suitcases that are perfect for use as checked-in luggage. After scanning the luggage, airlines’ authorities load those in the luggage-specific cabin of the same flight or a different flight. They often handle the luggage roughly, which often causes break down, scratching, or tearing of the suitcases. So, high-quality and durable hardshell suitcases are always recommended for checked-in purposes.

More details: Best Hardside Luggage Materials

Nevertheless, the following suitcases can be considered for any type of journey including flight, train, cruise, or road trip (as I already mention above).

Samsonite Freeform Hardside Spinner

Besides a thoughtful design, this model offers you a scratch-resistant texture. This suitcase is constructed of lightweight and very durable polycarbonate material. It is super smooth to move owing to the 360-degrees movable spinner wheels. The dragging handle provides you a comfortable grip and multi-step expansion.

The large size can be used as check-in luggage; besides, this model is also available in carry-on size (21.25″ x 15.25″ x 10″, 6.5 lbs) size.

Samsonite offers an extended 10 years warranty, so this is definitely an extra advantage. Overall, this is a nice choice for your long-term use.

Best Suitcases for Air Travel - 1
Shell typeHard
Shell materialHard and lightweight polycarbonate shell
Wheel type4 wheelers, spinner
Handle typeMulti-step aluminum-made, push-button included
Lock typeTSA recognized 3 dial combination
Dimension31.1″ x 20.95″ x 13.78″ (Checked-in);  21.25″ x 15.25″ x 10″ (Carry-on)
Weight9.5 lbs (Checked-in); 6.5 lbs (Carry-on)
27.6″ x 20.0″ x 13.0″ (Checked-in); 19.5″ X 14.5″ X 10.0″ (Carry-on)
multi-use pockets available
Warranty10 years
Available ColorsBlack, White, Sage Green, Navy, Tangerine
Price$ 190.99 (L), $179.99 (S)
Our Rating4.8/5

Samsonite Omni Pc

Another Samsonite model comes into limelight due to its high-end specifications and elegant appearance. The macro diamond texture on the hard shell of this model offers an extreme scratch-resistant property that keeps your suitcase-exterior exactly like new after your trip.

Mobile spinner wheels offer you an effortless 360-degree movement. There is a smooth push-button multi-step handle. Similar to other hardshell models of Samsonite, the presence of TSA recognized 3 dial combination lock offers better security to your stuff inside.

Besides the large size, this model also comes in other sizes. If you are interested in any other size, you can check for Samsonite Omni medium (24″ x 17.5″ x 11.5″, 8.34 lbs) and carry on (22″ x 15″ x 9.5″, 6.81 lbs) size suitcases.

Shell typeHard
Shell materialHard and lightweight polycarbonate shell, Micro-diamond texture, scratch-resistant
Wheel type4 wheelers, 360-degree spinner
Handle typeMulti-step aluminum-made, push-button included
Lock typeTSA recognized 3 dial combination
Dimension30.5″ x 21.5″ x 13.5″ (Checked-in);  22″ x 15″ x 9.5″ (Carry-on)
Weight10.35 lbs (Checked-in); 6.81 lbs (Carry-on)
27.6″ x 20.0″ x 13.0″ (Checked-in); 19.5″ X 14.5″ X 10.0″ (Carry-on)
Multi-pocket, full zip, cross-straps for organizing well
Warranty10 years
Available ColorsRadiant Pink, Black, Burnt Orange, Caribbean Blue, Teal, Silver
Our Rating4.7/5

Titan Xenon Deluxe

Hiding behind the giants in this sector, Titan Xenon Deluxe offers a suitcase with all your requirements within a reasonable price range. Its elegant matt finished outlook elevates the style demands, while a great scratch- and impact-resistant feature and lightweight hardshell exterior tell all about its durability.

TSA lock and water repellent zipper provide extra security to your stuff inside. You can experience super mobility due to the presence of Japanese double wheel spinner.

Overall, the term “deluxe” at the end of the model name is a true addition to letting you feel really like deluxe in all aspects; indeed, a great choice for travelers.

Shell typeHard
Shell material100% Grade A Virgin Polycarbonate, scratch-resistant
Wheel type4 wheelers, double wheel spinner
Handle typepush-button easy move handle
Lock typeTSA lock
Dimension21″ x 12″ x 29″
Weight9.46 lbs
InteriorCross straps in the main compartment, several zipped pockets.
Warranty10 years
Available ColorsBrown, Champagne
Our Rating4.5/5

COOLIFE Expandable Suitcase

Coolife offers a very stylish suitcase with durable features; the building material is ABS + PC hard shell, which can fairly tolerate rough handling The model comes in four different attractive colors. Built-in TSA lock offers you great security as usual. 3 level sturdier aluminum-made telescoping handle is an ergonomic addition, offering the option to settle at different heights.

The model comes in three different sizes. The smallest one is perfect for carry-on/cabin luggage, while the largest one is much spacious and considerable as checked-in luggage. In a few airlines, the medium size may also be considered for cabin luggage. The largest size is expandable to include some extra stuff.

If you buy both the smallest and biggest one, you can save some space at your home as the small one can be inserted within the biggest one.

Shell typeHard
Shell materialABS+PC hard plastic shell
Wheel type4 wheelers, spinner
Handle type3-step telescopic, pure aluminum material, 12 inches when fully expanded
Lock typeTSA recognized 3 dial combination
Dimension29″ x 20.5″ x 11″ (checked-in); 21″ x 15″ x 8.5″ (Carry on)
Weight10.88 lbs (Checked-in); 6.38 lbs (Carry-on)
Volume93 Lit (Checked-in; 110 Lit when expanded), 60 Lit (Medium), 38 Lit (Carry-on)
ExpansionOnly for the largest size (29″ x 20.5″ x 11 “), Width is 13.5” when expanded
Interiormulti-use pockets available
Warranty2 years
Available ColorsCaribbean Blue, Charcoal, Radiant Pink, Teal
Price$139.99 (Checked-in); $89.99 (Carry-on)
Our Rating4.6/5

Samsonite Winfield

Similar to other Samsonite models, Winfield also offers a tasteful design at an affordable price. Having a polycarbonate-made exterior provides enough durability and potential to resist scratches upon rough handling, while affords the lightweight feature that any traveler expects. TSA compatible lock provides extra security for the stuff inside.

Push-button telescopic handle and 360-degree spinner wheels offer you smooth movement. The interior is designed for the best organization of your stuff.

Besides the large size, this model comes in other sizes also. If you are interested in any other size you can check for Samsonite Winfield medium (27.0″ x 17.5″ x 11.75″, 9.3 lbs) and carry on (23.0″ x 14.5″ x 9.5″, 6.7 lbs) size suitcases.

Shell typeHard
Shell materialLightweight Polycarbonate
Wheel type4 wheelers, single spinner wheels
Handle typeEasy push-button telescopic handle
Lock typeSide-mounted TSA compatible combination lock
Dimension31.0″ x 20.0″ x 12.75″ (checked-in); 23.0″ x 14.5″ x 9.5″ (Carry on)
Weight11.5 lbs (Checked-in); 6.7 lbs (Carry-on)
ExpansionYes. 1.5″ expansion
Space inside: 28.0″ X 19.75″ X 12.5″ (Checked-in); 20.0″ x 13.5″ x 9.5″ (Carry-on)
10 oversize zippers, cross straps, and interior divider with organization pockets
Warranty10 years
Available ColorsCharcoal, Deep Blue, Orange, Purple, Brushed Anthracite, and more
$201.99 (Checked-in); $149.99 (Carry-on)
(Price varies with color)
Our Rating4.7/5

Delsey Helium Aero

This model is presenting by Delsey Paris, a years-old company with a great reputation (founded in 1946). The ultimate built quality and premium outlook results in a massively growing attention to this model.

The interior is equipped with 2 zipped pockets to keep accessories, toiletries, and frequently required stuff. The main compartment is also split in a 50/50 ratio with multiple pockets and a zippered divider. This setup helps you to organize your stuffs properly.

Due to the presence of a double-wheeled spinner, it is super easy to move; almost zero effort is required to move on the plain surface.

The main compartment may be expanded up to 2″, but be careful about the airline luggage rules.

Besides the Large and medium checked-in suitcase, this model is also available in carry-on sizes. You can check for 21″ carry-on spinner and 19″ international carry-on size suitcases.

Shell typeHard
Shell materialLightweight Polycarbonate
Wheel type4 wheelers, double spinner wheels
Handle typeEasy push-button telescopic handle
Lock typeTSA compatible lock
Dimension32″ x 20.5″ x 12.75″ (checked-in); 21″ x 14.5″ x 10″ (21″ Carry on); 19″ x 13.5″ x 9″ (19″ Carry on)
Weight15.12 lbs (Checked-in); 8.4 lbs (21″ Carry-on); 8.2 lbs (19″ Carry-on)
ExpansionYes. 2″ expansion

Front Compartment with an integrated padded sleeve for a 15.6 inches laptop and 2 zippered mesh pockets for other accessories, toiletries, the hard side split in 50/50 ratio 2 fully-lined compartments, multiple pockets, zippered divider.
Warranty10 years
Available ColorsEmerald Green, Cobalt Blue, Titanium and Brushed Charcoal, Deep Blue, Purple, and more.
Price$120-249 (Price varies with color & size)
Our Rating4.4/5

Samsonite S’Cure

This is another hardy model by Samsonite, made of the lightest polypropylene. The scratch-resistant textured molds offer maximum protection and features, including great impact strength, flexibility, stability, and thermal resistance. The model is a combination of style and durability, together.

360-degree spinner wheels offer almost effortless mobility, while the side-mounted TSA lock ensures complete safety to the stuff inside. The interior is well furnished with zippered compartment and cross-straps to organize the stuff well.

Featured with an extremely lightweight and visually impactful design, this specific model offers a travel experience of next-level, representing as one of the best suitcases for air travel.

Best Suitcases for Air Travel - 1
Shell typeHard
Shell materialLightweight Polypropylene
Wheel type4 wheelers, 360-degree spinner wheels
Handle typeMulti-stage aluminum-made easy pull handle, Extra comfortable grip
Lock typeSide-mounted TSA lock with a 3-point locking system
Dimension28″ x 18″ x 11.5″
Weight10.2 lbs
InteriorElastic straps, fabric divider with a zipper in it
Warranty10 years
Available ColorsBlack, Aqua Blue
Price$259.99 (Price varies with color & size)
Our Rating4.6/5

Coolife – 3 Piece Sets

If you are looking for a budget-friendly combined offer, this 3-piece set by Coolife is a perfect pick. Not made of pure polycarbonate, but the built material is a combination of ABS and polycarbonate, which reduces the cost while affords decent durability.

The sets include one large and one medium checked-in suitcase, and a smaller carry-on suitcase. When all are vacant, you can keep the smaller ones in the larger suitcases, thus can save space at home. You can use the suitcases based on your requirement; for instance, the carry-on suitcase may be fine for short business trips, while the medium one can be used for a week-full trip; for a longer family trip, you may need to consider all the 3 suitcases.

The suitcase is well-equipped with all the common specifications including smooth 360-degree spinner wheels, comfortable and retractable handle, TSA lock, etc. The decent look of the model is an added feature that intensely attracts the travelers.

Best Suitcases for Air Travel - Coolife - 3 Piece Sets
Shell typeHard
Shell materialDurable and Lightweight Polycarbonate + ABS
Wheel typeSilent 4 wheels spinner; 360° double wheels
Handle typeAdjustable 3-step telescoping handle with push-button & comfortable grip
Lock typeTSA-Accepted combination Lock
31″ x 20.5″ x 11.5″ (Large) & 27″ x 19″ x 10″ (medium) & 23.5″ x 16″ x 8.5″ (small)
The smaller ones can be stored into larger ones.
Weight10.2 lbs (large checked-in); 8.1lbs (medium checked-in); 6.3lbs (small carry-on)
Capacity93 L (large checked-in); 60 L (medium checked-in); 38 L (small carry-on)
InteriorTop-notch fully-lined interior with separate mesh pocket, elastic cross ribbons
Warranty2 years
Available ColorsBlack, Ice Blue, Wine Red
Our Rating4.7/5

American Tourister Moonlight

This is a relatively inexpensive model from American Tourister and appears to be a very stylish look. The vibrant colors and colorful prints may confuse you in selecting the best combination!! The lightweight ABS/PC construction, push-button handle, and mobile spinner wheels of this model offer you a very convenient travel experience.

The honest drawback: this model doesn’t have the ultimate scratch resistance capability. However, this may be compromised of its lower price. Using an external suitcase cover while check-in to flight may be a good solution.

Besides the largest one, this model comes also in other sizes, but are available for some selective colors/prints only. You can check for American Tourister Moonlight medium checked-in (27″ x 17.5″ x 11.8″, 9.3 lbs) and carry-on (22″ x 15″ x 9.5″, 7.5 lbs) size suitcases. To grab the money-saving deal, you may also choose the combined Set of 3 or Set of 2.

Shell typeHard
Shell materialLightweight Polycarbonate + ABS
Wheel type4 wheels single spinner
Handle typeAdjustable easy move handle with push-button
Lock typeTSA-Accepted combination Lock
 29.25 x 19.5 x 12.5 (Large); 24 x 16 x 11 (medium); 20 x 14 x 9 (small)
The smaller ones can be stored into larger ones.
Weight11 lbs (large checked-in); 9.3 lbs (medium checked-in); 7.5 lbs (small carry-on)
ExpansionYes. 1.5″ expansion
InteriorCross straps in the main compartment and a zipped pocket for better organization
Warranty10 years
Available ColorsRose Gold, Marble, Anthracite, Silver, Palm Trees, Ascending Garden Rose Gold, Iridescent Black, Iridescent White, multi-color.
Price$82-192 (Prices vary with sizes)
Our Rating4.8/5

LONDON FOG Cambridge

LONDON FOG is a relatively expensive brand compare to the others listed here, but the quality is ultimate, undoubtfully. This particular model is made of premium polycarbonate composite, offering life-long durability to the suitcase. Unlike other brands, London Fogs produced classical models implying stylish looks, while mostly focuses on the built quality; so If you prefer traditional patterns with high durability, you may be fond of this one.

This model comes with all the general features, including 360-degree spinner wheels, easy-grip retractable handle, TSA lock, etc.; the added special features are self-repairing nylon zippers on the main compartment and side feet for extra protection.

Best Suitcases for Air Travel - LONDON FOG Cambridge
Shell typeHard
Shell materialDurable polycarbonate composite
Wheel type4-pairs of recessed spinner wheels
Handle typeAluminum channels tubes; Ergonomic comfort-grip
Lock typeTSA flush-mounted lock
Dimension 28″ x 20″ x 12″ (Check-in); 19.5″ x 14.5″ x 9.5″ (Carry-on)
Weight10.3 lbs (checked-in); 7.9 lbs (carry-on)
ExpansionYes. 2″ expansion
Fully lined interior equipped with zippered partition, shoe pockets, mesh pocket, and tie-down straps.
Warranty10 years
Available ColorsOlive Houndstooth
Price$340.00 (Checked-in); $119.99 (Carry-on)
Our Rating4.8/5

The Best Suitcases for Travel – Soft Shell

So far, we have explored hardshell-based 10 best suitcases for air travel. Highly durable hardshell suitcases are much recommended for using as checked-in luggage because your suitcase has to tolerate high impact when they are shifted to the luggage cabin. In addition, for checked-in luggage, you should avoid a suitcase having external pockets (for security reasons).

Below, I’m introducing the 6 best softshell suitcases that you can preferably use as carry-on/cabin luggage. You can keep your carry-on luggage on the banker above your seat or even under the seat, where they don’t face high impact. So, you can easily choose softshell ones as carry-on luggage.

U.S. Traveler Rio Softside

Let’s start with the most budget-friendly one! U.S. Traveler Rio offers a set of tote and rolling bags together at a very affordable price. Due to its modern appearance, carrying-together option, and affordable price this set becomes very popular in the travelers’ community.

The polyester-made rolling suitcase is equipped with a retractable self-locking handle with push-button, inline skate wheels, an elegant fully lined interior, and meshed zipper pockets. On the other hand, the tote bag is featured with a piggy-bag-strap to attach with the suitcase handle, multiple external pockets, and an adjustable padded shoulder strap.

For short trips, conference trips, or business trips, this set is pretty convenient.

Best Suitcases for Air Travel - US traveler
Shell typeSoft
Shell materialPolyester
Wheel type2 wheelers, roller (Inline skate wheels)
Handle typeRetractable push-button, self-locking handle
Lock typeNeed to use small lock & key
Dimension21″ x 13.5″ x 7.5″ (Suitcase); 14″ x 10″ x 6″ (Tote bag)
Interior Fully lined interior, tie-down straps, meshed zipper pocket.
Warranty2 years
Available ColorsBlack, Camouflage, green, purple, red, teal
Price$48.25-59.99 (varies with color)
Our Rating4.4/5

Travelpro Maxlite 5

Travelpro maxlite 4 offers the quality of a much expensive suitcase within an affordable price range. This one is made of lightweight and durable fabric. A bottom tray is included that aligns and stabilizes the wheels, enhancing the durability of the wheels, while provides effortless movements of the suitcase. Patented contour gripped telescopic handle featured with 2 steps extra tall expansion is very convenient to use.

Zippered lid compartment, water repellent coating inside and outside are some extra added features in this model. External ticket pocket and Low-profile carry handles are included herewith.

Travelpro maxlite 4 model is also available in larger carry-on (23″ x 14.5″ x 9″) and Big Checked-in (28″ x 19″ x 11″) sizes.

Shell typeSoft
Shell materialPolyester
Wheel type2 wheelers, roller (Inline skate wheels)
Handle typeTelescopic handle with Contour Grip, expansion -38″, extra expansion – 42.5″
Lock typeTSA recognized lock
Dimension21.75″ x 15.75″ x 7.75″ (Carry-on); 23″ x 14.5″ x 9″ (22″ Carry-on); 28″ x 19″ x 11″ (Checked-in)
Volume45 L (20″ Carry-on) 52 L (22″ Carry-on), 100L (Check-in)
Interior Zippered lid compartment, water repellent coating inside and outside
Warranty10 years (conditions applied)
Available ColorsBlack, Dusty Rose, Azure Blue, Green
Price$110.49-154.15 (varies with color & size)
Our Rating4.8/5

Samsonite Underseat Spinner with USB Port

This one is a smaller-sized bag by Samsonite with some unique features, and fits well under most airlines’ seats; hence, you have the opportunity of easy access to your stuff inside. 360-degree spinner wheels are included to minimize the lifting effort. A number of zipped padded pockets in the front and side have been added for your convenience.

The emerging addition to this model is an integrated charging port for easy access to portable chargers anywhere. On a long flight or train journey, this feature comes to be very handy.

Overall, for a short trip, this one may be considered as a perfect carry-on bag.

Shell typeSoft
Shell materialPolyester & mesh lining
Wheel type4 wheelers, spinner
Handle typeretractable, aluminum made, with push button
Lock typeNeed to use small lock & key
Dimension16.5″ x 13.5″ x 9″
Weight5.6 lbs
Interior Zipper pocket in front and side, Charging port included
Warranty10 years (conditions applied)
Available ColorsBlack, Ocean, Purple
Price$79.99-145.00 (varies with color)
Our Rating4.8/5

Travelpro Platinum Magna 2

Travelpro Platinum Magma 2 comes in several sizes and is one of the best softshell suitcases in the market. The suitcase is made of high-density durable ballistic nylon fabric with a guard coating. For easy lift, there is leather-made top and side handles and also a bottom handle cup. Supra zipper heads are included to resist any types of damages upon regular usage.

The spinner wheels are made of revolutionary Magna Trac technology (magnetic wheels), which help to roll straightway without any drift or pull on either side. Thus, it is super easy to move the suitcase.

The handle top is made of contour grip cushioned touchpoints, and thus offers a comfortable control. The handle can be extended by multi-steps.

The interior is well-equipped with a deluxe look, multiple pockets, mesh and wet side pocket, and deluxe suiter (for wrinkle-free packing). The suitcase can be extended up to 2″.

Shell typeSoft
Shell materialHigh-density ballistic nylon fabric with guard coating
Wheel type4 wheelers, self-aligning magnetic double wheel spinners
Handle typeRetractable, aluminum made, three-step, height – 38″, 40″ and 42.5″
Lock typeNeed to use small lock & key
23.75″ x 14.75″ x 9.5″ (22″ Carry-on); 21″ x 14.5″ x 9″ (19″ Carry-on)
27.5″ x 18″ x 11.25″ (25″ checked in); 32.5″ x 21.5″ x 12.75″ (29″ Checked in)
Weight8.6 lbs (Carry-on); 9.9 lbs (25″ checked-in); 11.3 lbs (29″ checked in)
ExpansionYes, 2″
Interior Full-length lid pocket, mesh and wet side pockets, accessory pockets
Warranty10 years (conditions applied)
Available ColorsBlack, Olive
Price$200-399 (varies with color & size)
Our Rating4.6/5

American Tourister 4 Kix

American Tourister 4 Kix offers small-size baggage with all basic functions required for carry-on luggage. Also, the cost is very affordable. You are getting 4 wheeler spinners for easy movement, retractable handle, perfect size, expansion up to 1.5″, the interior is designed with cross straps and large pockets for better organization.

If you are searching for a budget suitcase with all the basic requirements, this one is a perfect choice for you.

Shell typeSoft
Shell materialPolyester
Wheel type2 wheelers, roller
Handle typePush-button locking retractable handle
Lock typeNeed to use small lock & key
Dimension8″ x 14″ x 18″
Weight6.07 lbs
ExpansionYes, 1.5″
Interior Cross straps, large pocket with zipper
Warranty10 years (conditions applied)
Available ColorsTeal/Gray, Purple/Pink, Black/Grey, Pink/Black
Our Rating4.7/5

Eagle Creek ORV Trunk

This is a relatively expensive model by Eagle Creek, but it is very handy for travelers, especially for trekkers. The model has been equipped with all required facilities, including durable wheels and exterior, seam-taped wet/dry compartment, multiple grip retractable handle, etc.

The wheel area is equipped with a protective wheel housing and a durable kick plate which offers high smoothness and durability, even on bumpy surfaces.

As mentioned earlier, this is a great choice for the people who travel frequently and love trekking.

Best Suitcases for Air Travel - Eagle creek
Shell typeSoft
Shell materialBi-Tech Armor materials with abrasion and weather resistance
Wheel type2 wheelers, roller
Handle typePush-button locking retractable handle
Lock typeNeed to use small lock & key
Dimension14″ x 21.5″ x 8.25″
Weight6.45 lbs
Interior Compression straps, Padded laptop sleeve, multiple pockets
WarrantyLifetime Warranty + the added insurance of repair
Available ColorsNatural Stone, Asphalt Black, Earth Red
Our Rating4.6/5

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Conclusive Remarks

Suitcases are one of the most important stuff in a travelers’ life. With a poor selection of this important equipment, a dream trip can be ruined. A hardshell suitcase made by low-quality material can be broken down; low-quality plastic materials often cannot resist the impact of high pressure.

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Additionally, cheap quality suitcases are equipped with low-quality spinner or roller wheels, which may be broken down on road. So, to enjoy a hassle-free trip you must have to select the best suitcase within your affordable range. You also need to focus on the durability of a suitcase, as you must not buy a new one after each tour. It is always recommended to select the general sizes that are allowed in most airlines.

Read more: How to Choose A Travel Suitcase

I introduced here a list of 16 best suitcases for air travel; that doesn’t mean you can’t use it elsewhere, rather you can travel anywhere seamlessly with any of these (including hassle-free flight journey). Based on your budget and general requirements, you may pick any of the above-mentioned suitcases.

Hope this review will help you well to select a great suitcase for your upcoming journey.

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If you like the information and find it helpful Social Sharing the article would be highly appreciated. If you have some questions, please feel free to post your query in the comment box. I shall be more than happy to help you further.

Happy Journey!

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      In this article, there are a total of 16 examples which are the best suitcases for travel, in terms of material, durability, and cost. If you are searching for a soft case you can check the last 6. Samsonite and travelpro are good choices at a reasonable price.

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    As a frequent traveler in the USA, I have several soft sided suitcases. They are different sizes for long or short trips. All are soft sided for the ability to expand and carry things purchased while away from home.
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    Your information here will be very helpful for those looking for a new suitcase for their travels. If I was going out of the states, I would get a hard sided one for the extra security that you have stated.
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    1. Dr. SD

      We are happy to receive a comment from such an experienced travel personality. You already owned different suitcases, so you must have a better idea than a new buyer. And your suggestive comment must help them to decide.

      I prefer hard shell suitcases for check-in luggage because they have to tolerate too much impact in the belly of the flight. However, for cabin luggage, soft cases are good choice. Among all the best suitcases for travel as introduced in this article, you can see, highlighted soft shell suitcases are smaller in size and suitable for the cabin. The reason is the very same as you explained.

      Thank you for your visit here in MTA. We shall be happy to meet you again.

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    Wow, this was a crazy comprehensible post about suitcases. I didn’t realize there were so many things to consider before purchasing a suitcase. Mine was ruined when I moved last summer so I need to buy a new one before my trip to Colorado this summer. I’ve bookmarked your page so I can come back and look over all your information before I make my purchase.

    I have always been attracted to the aesthetics of hard shell suitcases; but since 99% of my travel is by car and I always have to play tetris when packing and cram everything in, soft suitcases always seemed like a better bet.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your visit here in MTA and your interest. We introduced here the best suitcases for travel. If you need to buy one, you obviously can choose any among those. Features and materials for all the mentioned suitcases are tested very well before introducing in this review.

      If you are traveling by road more, soft case suitcases are a good choice. But you know, hard cases are more impact resistance and durable, and much useful as check-in luggage. However, for a car trip, you can choose anything you wish.

      Best wishes.

  4. Ola

    This is a lovely review and I must tell you this is the most comprehensive review I have ever read on Best suit cases for travel. I  am a great fan of Samsonite Freeform Hardside Spinner

    I have been using this product for months and I can attest to the fact that it is not too expensive and highly durable. 

    I have heard of the creators and they do have a good reputation according to many people that left comments in different places on the internet.

    Samsonite Freeform Hardside Spinner

    1. Dr. SD

      This is great to know that, you are a great fan of Samsonite freeform. This is really one of the best suitcases for travel. In fact, Samsonite is a very reputed company and most of their product are very good at an affordable price.

      Thank you for your visit here and share your insight.


  5. Olalekan Taliat

    Hello Dr SD, thanks for the very comprehensive post on suitcases, there pros and cons, as well have which fits what occasion. I am not much of a regular traveller yet I have come to gain so much from the time worthwhile I spent reading your post. With this very detail post, I don’t think I need further research on getting the best suitcase for my journey. Am planning to visits Australia, specifically to watch the northern light, a fantasy I had nurtured since childhood.

    1. Dr. SD

      thank you for your visit to My Travel Accessories (MTA), and your complimentary voice. It is really satisfactory to know you received sufficient knowledge about suitcase from this review. I hope you can select one of the best suitcases for your travel right from this article.

      Best wishes for your trip to Australia.

  6. Michel

    Thank you for a most informative article. I haven’t tried a hard case yet and after reading this I am thinking that this may be the way to go. At least your belongings are more protected especially when packed at high pressures. 

    I have gone through quite a few soft cases over recent years and even though I don’t travel overly much, they just don’t last. 

    I think I will also choose an unusual looking bag the next time as they are easier to spot when waiting for your bag at the airport. 

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your visit here and leave a comment.

      Hard case is always a preferred option for checked in luggage in airlines or on a cruise. They always provide you some extra guard to your stuff because they can tolerate high impact. If you chose a cheap material, this may not be true, but we introduced here the best suitcases for travel. These are impact and scratch resistance. So you can choose from here without any confusion.

      However, soft shell suitcases may be chosen for cabin luggage.

      It is a nice idea to choose an unusual looking suitcase for air travel. The facts are true that often this becomes difficult to locate a common type suitcase during check out. American Tourister Moonlight comes in multiple colors, or Samsonite suitcases come in several designs and colors. You can check them above within the article.

  7. LearnToEarn Admin

    I have to agree with you on your points that you point out about the pros and cons of hard shell versus soft material.  Having travelled the world extensively in the past, I know the value of having a suitcase you know can take the knocks of the handlers who mishandle luggage in the airlines in the cargo holds.
    Samsonite is one of the favourites and they come at a fair price, one would have to save up seriously to ensure investing in a quality suitcase for peace of mind.
    Personally, wrapping suitcases is a must nowadays to ensure less tampering with luggage.  This is what I do when I travel overseas and it gives me peace of mind too.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thanks for your visit here and share your insight.

      Yes, Samsonite is a great company for suitcases and one of the most popular due to their fair price and very good specifications. Besides, Samsonite some other suitcases also introduced here which are very good too. We introduced the best suitcases in the market right now at a reasonable price.

  8. Topazdude

    Excellent read, Positive site! Really find this post helpful. Choosing the best suitcase for travel really a serious work even testing various ones before choosing the best. I have been looking for the one that suits my style and requirements. Although, I don’t usually bring too many luggage on my travel that is why I always use back packs, but whenever I go out on a tour with my family I always have problem of my mom accusing me of been lazy, saying that’s why I carry little of my own luggage in back pack, not considering helping my sisters. The fact is, I hate carring suitcase, as she like using suitcase but with the new one that run beside you on their own wheels, that I just need to push almost effortlessly. I will start using one and recommend it to my mom also. I love the Samsonite Aspire xLite with Polyester fabric material, I will to go for it then.

    1. Dr. SD

      It is good to select Samsonite soft shell suitcases. Many people like soft cases because of lighter weight. Nowadays, You have to rarely carry a suitcase (especially 4 wheelers), because with a little effort they’ll just run beside you.

      When you go alone backpack is fine, but I think if you are with your family it is better to have a suitcase. You can choose any suitcase from the list because all included here after testing and deep research. All are the best suitcases within the affortable price. If you like soft case then it’s fine, we are very selective about soft cases here in this review.

  9. Adamu2

    I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.this article explains the type of suitcase for travelling. Airline suitcase acceptability should be considered. This article shows the review of different suitcase and things to look for like size, colour, weight, warranty and external compartment. I really gained some ideas in preparing for travelling in this article. Thanks for the insight, best regards

    1. Dr. SD

      Thanks for visiting the page and sharing your insights. It’s a great pleasure that you gained some idea about suitcases for travel from this article.

  10. Peace

    Once when I was traveling, the zipper of my huge traveling bag, suddenly bust open, due to the hassle and bustle of travelling.

    I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable through out the journey. Even after the journey, when I was making my way home, the shame I was feeling was palpable. So, I’d make it a point of duty to adhere to your advice on choosing the best suit case for travel, to save me any future surprises from any suit case I might get.

    I prefer a soft case suit case to a hard case suit case. Because of the following reasons: 1. Hard cases a breakable and fragile, while soft cases are not. 2. I’m always prone to having a need to squeeze in too many things into my suit case. So, the hard case would not work for me. 3. There’s a higher possibility of hard cases being heavier than soft cases.

    1. Dr. SD

      The situation you faced is really unfortunate and embarrassing. Busting of suitcase zipper is a very very rare case, if it is from a reputed brand. But if it is from local brand, nobody is going to offer you guarantee.

      There is little error in your comparison between hard shell and soft shell suitcases. Your second and third points may be true, but first one is not. Nowadays top brands are preparing very durable hard shell suitcases, and lightweight too. We introduced here the best suitcases for Tavel. You can choose any hardcase suitcase from the list in market, you will get long term guarantee.

      For better idea about hard-shell you can see this article:

      Best Material for Hardside Luggage


  11. phranell86

    I am usually wary of incurring an extra cost due to the weight of my travel kit. I prefer a suitcase that is both durable and easy to carry at the same time. 

    For me, having wheels is a must, next it must be lightweight (easy to carry and saves extra cost). I also consider the size and also the type of handle it comes with.

    Personally, the price is usually the last thing on my mind. So long as it is the best suitcase that meets my requirement, cost doesn’t normally come in the way. I really love the Delsey Helium Aero for its durability and lightweight property. I am considering getting one of these for my vacation planned for coming June.

    1. Dr. SD

      Happy to know you have chosen a suitcase from this review. Delsey Helium Aero is one of the best suitcases for travel, and you can own this one without any confusion.

      You are doing absolutely right by considering the cost as the last criterion. Everybody should avoid cheap products to enjoy hassle-free travel.

      Best wishes for vacation in June.

  12. Raquel

    Great article to read, this is very informative and very helpful for a frequent traveler or anyone who are planning to travel. A lot of great choices to consider and you’ve given us pretty much detailed reviews of the products.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your visit here in MTA and sharing your insight about the article “Best Suitcases for Travel”.

  13. Badhan Biswas

    Hello Dr. SD,

    I am a little traveller. I am 21 now and in my short life I already have travelled each and every inches of my country. Now I’m thinking about going to abroad. Well the earlier travels durations of mine was around 1-3 days. For that I haven’t feel the necessity to carry a big suitcase with me. I had my favourite backpack which my grandfather gave me on My 15th Birthday. This backpack is like lucky to me and has inspired me to go out for travelling and exploring my land. As my grandfather was a great traveller the restrictions of my father can’t stop me from traveling. My father thought that I was not ready to travel on my own but my grandfather gave me that freedom to travel on my own.

    I love this. Travelling is my passion and I surely am addicted to it. I love to travel All By Myself this helps to know me from various different angle. 

    So as I am planning for 1 to 3 weeks of tour I’m gonna need a suitcase that I can rely on and what would be the best value for my money. In your article you have review many suitcases among those -“The Delsey Helium Aero” attracted me very much and  that even fits in my budget and suits my personality. So as I live in Bangladesh —

    🔸Would Amazon will able to be deliver my purchased product here? 

    If they can do that—

    🔸 How long it would take to do that?

    Please let me know that. 

    Thanks for your informative article.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Bandhan,

      It is very nice to hear from you and about your travel experience. Travel is a real addiction really because I feel it myself, I travel a lot too. 

      Bangladesh is a nice place (One of my friends lives there at Rajshahi), and you probably traveled through your country at weekends. For such shorter trips backpack is a nice option. But you must need a suitcase for a long trip.

      “Delsey Helium Aero” is one of best suitcases within affordable price. Amazon must deliver to Bangladesh, I don’t know whether it’ll deliver to your actual location or not. Please check put your ZIP code or PIN code the Amazon to know whether it will be delivered or not.

      The product you have chosen is available in Amazon international and also in Amazon India. Please see the discussion section, there is an Amazon India button. If is not delivering there to your home, check in Amazon India. India is your neighbor country, so they’ll deliver to you easily from their stock.

      Best wishes

  14. Sue

    This is a great all-encompassing review for frequent travellers. I used to travel throughout the U.S. for work and it’s true that the right suitcase can make the trip pleasant, or unpleasant. I wasn’t aware that there were different luggage requirements for travelling to different countries.

    Thank you pointing out the pros and cons of hard and soft shell suitcases, and for letting us know which one you think is the best. I don’t travel for work anymore, and sometimes I’m glad about that (I’m kind of a homebody) but at times I miss it.

    This is extremely helpful information for the many people who do travel frequently, for business or for pleasure. Thank you for sharing your expertise, experience, and opinion.


    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for sharing your insight about the article.

      We introduced here the best suitcases for travel, and it is great to know that you find this one as a helpful article.

  15. Subhra

    This article is really helpful, a suitcase is an essential need for every traveler. Durability is preferred than a fashionable one. I liked the suitcase of American Twister, extra long. Its color is awesome.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your visit here in MTA.
      I think very similarly to you, durability first, then fashion. However, the American Tourister suitcase you have chosen is both, durable and stylish, and one of the best suitcases for travel that launched very recently.

  16. Tuawhenua Downes

    Hello Dr.SD
    Thank you for your very in-depth informative post on suitcases. Personally, I have traveled to a few countries but since I am young I hope to travel a lot more when I’m older. I was just wandering through the internet when I came across this post but I will definitely use it as a guide if I need a suitcase in the future.

    1. Dr. SD

      This is great to know that, you find this article helpful. We introduced here the best suitcases for travel based on the discussed criteria. Anytime you are welcome to our website and check for the guides.

  17. Jill du Preez

    Hi Dr. S
    Thank you for this valuable information.
    I am actually on a visit to Durban, having flown here from Cape Town and my daughter loaned me her hard suitcase which she has used for many years of traveling. It might not have been the best looking suitcase around but it certainly is tough. No one is going to break into it.

    1. Dr. SD

      Glad to know you got a tough suitcase. What I said in the article, durability fast, then it’s time to think about style.
      In the recent past, many attractive suitcases came in the market. We picked up a few among those which are durable, good looking and come at affordable price. We think these are the best suitcases in the market if you consider all these three criteria.

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    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for about travel suitcases and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for best suitcases for travel.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


    1. Dr. SD

      It is great to know that, you enjoyed the post and you received all the information about best suitcases here in MTA (My Travel Accessories). That is what we are looking for.

      Not only the best suitcases for travel, but we are also helping people with perfect information about other travel accessories and fabulous travel idea. You can visit here anytime for you need some information in these fields.


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