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Unexplored Keri beach in Goa (Querim and Keri Beach near Arambol)

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Only a few people know about Querim and Keri beach in Goa and certainly, most tourists miss their silent beauty; but you shouldn’t.

In the northernmost part of Goa at the bay of the Arabian Sea two sister beaches, Quirem and Keri are residing with their own beauty.

Among hundreds of beaches in Goa, if you love to chill out at a silent sea beach avoiding the unnecessary crowd, I must say Keri beach is a top-notch option for you. 95 out of 100 Goa tourists don’t even know about this place which keeps it serene and thus a perfect gateway for peace lovers.

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Where is Keri Beach?

Widespread Keri-Quirem beach resides at the edge of North Goa, to be more specific it is at the Goa-Maharashtra border. The northern part of the long beach is known as Quirem and the southern part is the Keri beach.

Standing at the end of Keri beach you can hardly see the end part of Quirem unless you are using a zoom camera. In general, tourists prefer to keep staying on Keri beach as the entrance of Keri beach is more accessible from Goa.

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Unexplored Keri Beach in Goa

If you are planning to stay at Calangute or Colva or any other popular tourist destination in central Goa, Keri Beach is hard to access for you because it’s a long driving road from the central. Instead, any tranquil beachside at North Goa, such as Arambol or Morjim would be far closer to Keri and Quirem beach.

After a short bike ride through the curved hilly road of North Goa, you’ll reach the entrance of Keri beach. If you prefer the offbeat locations, you’ll definitely fall in love with the silence of this unexplored place. When we reached there were only five tourists on the beach, an Austrian couple and their 3 sweet children. So, definitely, this is a place to chill out with silent nature and roaring waves!

The beachside is naturally decorated with rows of tamarisk and eucalyptus trees, a small charge resides a little away from the beach entrance, only one beach sacks on the beach offer you delicious fish dishes and of course chill beers if you like.

Don’t expect a concrete-built entrance in Keri beach as you see in Calangute or Palolem, rather the rows of tamarisk trees bowheads to welcome you through the mud road in between them.

However, the golden sands of the beach are separated from the mud land by a solid embankment made of concrete and boulders. The strength and height of the dyke are stronger in the northern direction, towards Quirem Beach. It was made to save the shore from the wild thrust of the waves during high tide.

Now let me say more reasons that I love Keri Beach. Lonely sea beach, clear skies, Blue Ocean, and golden sands are definitely the perfect deals to chill out, but I must include the humble behavior by the beach sack owner. They serve delicious fish dishes at a very reasonable price which you’ll rarely get elsewhere in Goa; I suggest don’t miss pomfret, kingfish, and tuna fry prepared by them and must try kingfish-egg fry.

Last but not the least, you may have a walk through mud road beside the beach, it’s awesome to walk with the long trees beside the blue ocean. (if you find local men are gossiping there, just don’t go, rather stay on the beach.)

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Is taking bath at Keri Beach safe?

If you are willing to take a sea bath at Keri beach, it’s fine but I have a few awareness messages for you.

The sea is a bit rough at Keri and Quirem beach. At the Quirem side, large boulders rise from the sea, which is hidden under the sea at Keri side (though at the deeper side).

Besides, the bank is a bit sloppy. Due to the same reason, only dual waves produce there to hit the beach instead of rows of waves that you see at a flat beach. You may say it single wave also because the second one forms right on the beach.

Dual waves at Keri beach in goa
Watch, only dual waves produced due to the slop, one far away, one on the beach

I’m not sure whether coastal guards are available there or not, but I didn’t see any. In addition, there is literally no crowd on the beach who can shout or save you if you face any trouble.

As per my personal opinion, you can enjoy the wave at a safe bathing spot in Keri beach where the bank is less sloppy, but don’t go deeper into the sea. And yes, hold children tight when they are taking bath even sitting on the sand.

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How to reach Keri Beach?

If you start from any destination in North Goa, it needs only a 20-25 minutes bike-ride to reach Keri Beach. Central Goa is definitely a bit away, but still well accessible.

It’s amazing to drive through the curvy hill roads of North Goa; no congestion, no traffic, just drive at your own pace and enjoy the greenery around you. There are many U-turns and ups & downs on the road, so don’t drive like express to stay safe during your happy trip. If you are riding a scooty/motorbike, wear a helmet for your own safety as well as avoiding traffic fines.

Google map directs well up to a certain point but it doesn’t lead you perfectly to the entrance of Keri Beach. By the way, it’s not a big deal because Google map will take you very close to the beach and you can easily find out the entrance by consulting 1-2 local people.

Reaching North Goa:

You may find the following useful if you are traveling to Goa first time. The following distances are from Arambol.

  • Nearest Airport: Dabolim Airport (58 km)
  • Nearest Railway station: Parnem (15.5 km), Tivim (54 km), Madgaon (67 km)

Simply book a cab/taxi from the airport or railway station to reach your hotel in north Goa or request your hotel manager to send a car to pick up you from the airport or railway station.

Where to Stay near Keri Beach?

Arambol is the nearest popular destination; you’ll get a lot of stay options in Arambol. Among other North Goa destinations, you can stay at Mandrem, Ashvem, Morjim, or Vagator. All these places are full of well-demanding resorts, hotels, and homestays.

Keri beach in Goa: Conclusive Remarks

I’m not saying Keri is the best beach in Goa, but definitely, this is one of the most serene beaches in North Goa. Most of the tourists mainly target the beaches in central Goa and popular ones in South Goa, but the north remains relatively unexplored. However, 95/100 tourists don’t even know about the Keri beach in Goa.

This is the positive side for nature lovers. You can spend quality hours with your loved ones in Keri Beach, on the sea beach, with the waves, under the tamarisk and eucalyptus, and on the beach sack.

Video quality: 1080p full HD; use headphones for a better experience

If you are planning your stay in north or central Goa, don’t miss spending a few hours in Keri and Quirem beach.

If you have any further queries, just post them in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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Have a nice trip!

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  1. Erlene Schwartz

    What a fantastic treasure that has essentially been kept a secret! I love that you are sharing the natural beauty of these beaches. I love that they are not touristy. It would be lovely to vacation here. Thank you so much for providing this information!

    My best to you,

    1. Suvankar Das

      I’m glad. You can definitely plan a trip to explore this part of the world; it’s going to be exciting (and also cost-effective)!

  2. Chas

    Hi Suvankar,
    Such beautiful pictures! Keri beach looks and sounds like one of my favorite beaches to visit. Serene and out of the way, with fewer people! I would enjoy a bike ride or driving on roads in a setting so beautiful. So, if I stay in North Goa, would I be able to rent a bike or a car to ride to Keri and Quirem beaches? Thank you for introducing me to such a tranquil spot. It will be on my vacation list this year for sure!

    1. Suvankar Das

      Sure, you can get a rented bike or car to visit Keri and Quirem Beach. Arambol is the nearest popular beach, you can stay there, or you can stay at other North Goa destinations, like Mandrem or Ashvem. You’ll get a rented bike from anywhere in Goa.

  3. Kedia

    Wow! I love to see the blue sky beaches, I which I could visit these beaches. It looks like Goa is surrounded by gorgeous beaches. Are these beaches a touristic beaches – how can those who’re visiting India can find these beaches?

    1. Suvankar Das

      Finding Keri and Querim Beach is not a big deal if you travel to North Goa, especially at Arambol. Just rent a scooty and follow Google Map. Alternatively, ask your hotel owner or homestay owner to arrange a car for you for a day trip to Keri Beach.

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