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Agonda Beach in Goa, India: A Complete Travel Guide

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Enveloped in the pristine blue of the Arabian Sea, Agonda beach is beautifully decorated by Mother Nature comprising sparkling soft-sanded wide-spread shore, green cliffs at the extreme edges, and lush green natural garden of coconut trees at the backdrop. The manmade unique incorporation of colourful beach huts, premium boutique resorts, groovy bars, and Vivian restaurants offer the passionate South-Goan vibes at the coast of Agonda. And of course, the remarkably less crowded ambience of Agonda Beach makes it a perfect gateway for peace lovers, beach lovers, and nature lovers!

On my last Goa trip, I spent a couple of days in Agonda with my family and friends, accumulating lots of unforgettable memories; as a part of my interest, I managed some precious hours in surveying the place in detail, including the beauty, lodging options, fooding preferences, and nearby attractions.

Here, I’m gladly sharing my personal experience in Agonda that hopefully help you to draw a perfect tour plan in this ever-peaceful destination.

Things to do in Agonda Beach

Little village Agonda owns a very wide and beautiful beach, hosting thousands of guests every year, mostly foreigners. Based on foreigners’ interests, local people have arranged several activity options; some of them made partnerships with foreigners to grow up their business smoothly.

Let me introduce the list of things in Agonda.

Enjoy the morning glow of Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach in Goa - the morning glow

If you get up early in the morning, the pleasant atmosphere of Agonda Beach energizes you for the full day. The morning sun appears through the rows of palms at the backdrop, creating an auspicious ambience along the beach. You can jog along the beach, practice yoga, or simply sit on the sand and enjoy the excellence of good morning in Agonda.

Practice Yoga

The serene atmosphere of Agonda beach is perfect for practising Yoga. Several Yoga centres rose in Agonda and its surroundings, offering top-class coaching and facilities. Also, I have seen many guests prefer jogging along the beach early in the morning to keep themselves fit, especially the foreigners.

If you are interested and on a weeks-long trip to Agonda, you may plan to join a Yoga centre to learn the tricks to keep yourself free from critical diseases.

Enjoy Water sports

Watersports in Agonda Beach in Goa

Agonda offers a limited variety of watersports options compared to its neighbour beach Palolem; Kayaking, Surfing, Parasailing, Motorboat ride, etc are some of the favorite water sport options in Agonda. You can try any of these to spend a fun day in Agonda. As I mentioned, Palolem Beach (just beside Agonda) is more popular for Watersports and boating activities; you may get greater varieties there.

If you want to experience more variety of watersports, you may include Baga Beach and Panaji in your tour plan. These are two places where you’ll get the maximum variety of watersports options in Goa. Panaji is especially famous for cruising.

Go for dolphin trip

Dolphin viewpoint is very close to Agonda beach. You can hire a boatman to take you to the dolphin point. Dolphins are most frequently visible early in the morning and in the late afternoon. As the daylight increases, they hide under the deep sea. So, you should plan this trip accordingly.

Once again I must mention, Palolem is more professional in this matter. In Palolem, you’ll get lots of boatmen offering a boat trip, and they do their job very sincerely; in fact, they never return back until they show you a bunch of dolphins!

Plan a boat trip and explore virgin Islands

Dolphin trip fromPalolem Beach in Goa
Dolphin trip from Palolem Beach in Goa

Boatmen in Agonda Beach offer short trips or full-day trips to some nearby islands and beaches. First, they take you to the middle of the sea, near the dolphin point; after then the boatmen sail the boats along the shoreline to let you experience breathtaking seaside landscapes. They stop at Butterfly Beach, Honeymoon Island, Monkey islands; you can land there and enjoy the serenity for 10-15 minutes. Finally, they take you to Palolem Beach, depending upon the contract terms.

If you are willing to spend a full day privately at honeymoon beach, do the contract accordingly. The boatman leaves you to the beach in morning and takes you back in the afternoon before the appearance of high tide.

Notably, the reverse trip is more popular, which initiates from Palolem, and this is very usual. So, if you stay at Palolem instead of Agonda, you can plan the same trip as well.

Enjoy Sunbath and seabath freely at Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach is much less crowded compared to nearby hotspot Palolem; beach huts remain mostly occupied by the foreign tourists. You can take sunbathe securely at Agonda, you’ll not face any disturbance.

Also, Agonda beach is very comfortable for taking a sea bath. Waves are rhythmic, coast guards keep watch all the time. Because of the presence of scattered rocks, all the portions of Agonda Beach are not equally suitable for taking bath, some parts are even sloppy; so, you are suggested to enjoy sea bath at specific areas only, avoiding the red flags.

Watch sunset

Agonda Beach in Goa - the sunset

Almost all the Goa Beaches offer excellent sunset views at the Arabian Sea, Agonda Beach is also not an exception. The speciality of watching sunset from Agonda is its serene atmosphere and widespread view.

The beach is neither overcrowded, nor completely empty; mostly foreign tourists relax here and there, enjoying the colourful evening sky of Agonda; few tourists sit on the sand, some prefer jogging and skipping, and few love to enjoy the beauty sitting at beachside bars.

Scattered rocks on the shore increase the beauty to some extent, offering perfect photogenic angles of the dazzling sunset.

Enjoy Your fabulous evening

Undoubtfully, Agonda is a joyful place to enjoy the evening as you like. There are several high-class bars and restaurants along the beach, you may preferably hang out there enjoying an unforgettable dinner party. If you are staying at any of the beach-front huts, no need to move here and there; rather spend your lazy evenings on the cottage balcony with the favour of imported wine, enjoying the chilled breeze of Arabian Sea.

Unlike Palolem, Agonda Beach remains dark in evening due to the lack of sufficient beach lanterns. So, you should preferably avoid the visiting the beach at night, especially if you are travelling with your family.

My suggestion, you may spend your evening on a seaside restaurant (if you don’t book a beach resort); this will provide you the ecstasy of Agoda evening as well as an unforgettable dining experience.

Visit nearby places

South Goa is overwhelmed with several unique beaches. Considering Agonda as your South Goan base point, you can plan some complete day trips for exploring those beaches; you need at least 2-4 days to fully enjoy the excellence of South Goa.

Below, I introduced the complete list of places where you can easily visit from Agonda.

Other places to visit near Agonda Beach

Centring Agonda, you can cover a vast area of South Goa. Bike trip is undoubtfully the best option to travel freely across South Goa. Also, you can travel by rented can for a comfortable journey.

Here I’m introducing the list of the most beautiful places that you shouldn’t miss during your Agonda or Palolem trip. Just take a look at the list below:

I specially created separate articles describing each of these beautiful places; You can read more about those tapping on the links to plan a better trip to South Goa.

How to Visit Agonda Beach

Dabolim is the only international airport in Goa. If you are travelling by air, you have to land there first. Alternatively, you can travel by train. Although Canacona, Balli, and Loiem are the nearest Railway station to Agonda, most express trains don’t stop (or reach up to) there. Madgaon is the most common and nearest station to Agonda where all trains stop. Vasco da Gama is another nearby station, though specific trains run in this route.

Visiting Agonda is not a big deal if you reach any part of Goa. Simply rent a cab from anywhere in Goa and ask the driver to drive towards your Agonda stay. From the airport or railway station, you can avail Ola and Uber services. Alternatively, request your Agonda accommodating authority to send a car for you at your starting location.

Where to stay in Agonda

Agonda is like an advanced village, rich with plenty of homestay options at very affordable costs. Although nearby destination Palolem is more dynamic compared to Agonda, I have seen many foreign delegates prefer to choose the homestay options in Agonda. I met two such guests; Anna and josh from UK, they were on a 3 weeks trip to Goa and they said they didn’t want to waste money on costly resorts, rather they preferred investing the same amount in travelling. So they chose a low-cost homestay at Agonda. In fact, most foreign tourists generally prefer exploring any place very in-depth, but they don’t believe in the luxurious accommodations.

However, the same idealogy is not true always; I also sea several foreigners booked the beach huts probably to taste the breezy atmosphere of Agonda Beach.

By the way, my point is different; you can avail all types of accommodation in Agonda, homestays, Beach Huts, and high-end resorts, all are available there. It all depends on your tour type and tour length. If you are on a short trip, you should prefer to grab the best option based on your budget. If you are planning to stay there for a longer break, choose cost-effective options.

It’s really puzzling to find out the best one! Based on my personal experience, I created a separate article describing the best hotels in Agonda. You can check it by tapping on the link below.

(Article is upcoming shortly)

Foods and drinks in Agonda

Yes, there are plenty of bars and restaurants in Agonda; you’ll find 1 almost every 10 steps. So, where should you eat and drink?

The first thing, you should check your beach hut’s/ resort’s/ homestay’s in-house bar and restaurant’s facilities; both food quality and drink’s collection. If it’s delicious and you get your favourite drinks, then you may stick there, especially in the evening time. Alternatively, you may attend some quality restaurants in Agonda.

Check the list below for the best restaurants and bars in Agonda.

Fatima’s CornerSimrose
Agonda White Sand RestaurantThe Cape Goa
Snoopy Bar & RestaurantBlue Planet
Agonda Cottages RestaurantDunhill
Fatima Bar & RestaurantZest Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant
Little Plantain Leaf South Indian RestaurantH2O
List of best restaurants in Agonda

What are the dishes you should try in Agonda?

Unless you are a complete vegetarian, must try fresh fish items in Agonda, especially pomfret tandoor, kingfish fry, king prawn, and crab masala. Seaside restaurants offer an excellent atmosphere when taking your dinner, but all of those are a bit expensive. If you are looking for pocket-friendly options, visit Fatima bar & restaurant; they offer very delicious dishes at reasonable prices. 

Best time to visit Agonda Beach

November to March is the ideal time to visit Agonda. You can visit there in October also, though Goa remains a bit hot during the daytime in the month of October.

In the months of December and January, Goa remains overcrowded by foreign tourists. Also, the accommodation cost reaches the peak during this season (almost double). So, you may plan your trip accordingly, based on your pocket and budget.

Wrapping Up

So that’s all about my personal touring experience in Agonda. Palolem and Agonda are two neighbour beaches, offering different atmospheres. Palolem is a bit more crowded, dynamic, and definitely more beautiful than Agonda. On the other hand, Agonda is relatively serene and peaceful. I visited multiple times in these two beautiful beaches of south Goa, and fell in love with both.

You must plan where to stay according to your passion and preferences.

If you have any further queries, don’t hesitate to post your question in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you (within 24 hours).

Wish you a very happy trip to Goa.

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