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Pykara Lake in Ooty: Know before planning your trip!

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Nestled in lush green pine forest and red-soiled shore, Pykara Lake is a blessed destination for happy outings. Reflective pristine blue lake water, tranquil atmosphere, and vibrant green lakeshore create a mindful ambiance across this serene lake, offering you an unforgettable day trip experience. So let’s explore how can you spend happy moments at Pykara Lake in Ooty before planning your upcoming Ooty trip.

Pykara Lake in Ooty: A brief overview

Pykara Lake in Ooty

Originating from Mukurthi Peak, beautiful Mukurti River flows across the lush green shola forests of Nilgiri Hills, ending its initial journey at Mukurthi Dam. The Pykara River is known to be sourced after the dam which later transforms into Pykara Lake followed by beautiful Pykara Falls.

The Lake situates 22 km away from Ooty center, while the waterfall comes 1 km before; the Pykara Dam & Power House situate in between. Both the lake and waterfall become very popular spots to Ooty tourists due to their splendid scenic beauty and serene atmosphere.

Things to do at Pykara Lake in Ooty

Away from the city center, Pykara Lake is a perfect place to spend peaceful hours admiring the auspicious natural beauty of the surroundings. Absolutely clean lake water shaded with lakeside green magically blends with the dense pine forest at the backdrop. The lonesome end of the lake is overwhelmed with the silence of the forest and sweet songs of chirping birds, offering the perfect remedy for refreshing your soul and mind.

Let’s explore the best ways to enjoy a day trip to Pykara Lake in Ooty!

Enjoy Boating at Pykara lake

Boating at Pykara Lake in Ooty

Apart from the scenic beauty, the lake is well-popular for boating around; in fact, most tourists visit there to enjoy exciting boat trips across the lake. (the boatmen take you to the next turn towards the Pykara Waterfalls, though the waterfall remains invisible during the boat trip).

Upon passing the entrance point of Pykara Lake, the little wooden jetty appears first, far below; you have to hike downwards along the staircase. This area is known as Boat Club which remains open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 AM, daily. For experiencing the boat ride in Ooty Lake, you have to book your ticket for your preferable boat type.


  • 8 seater Motor Boat INR 770 for (20 min)
  • 10 seater Motor Boat INR 890 for (20 min)
  • 15 seater Motor Boat INR 1240 for (20 min)
  • 2 seater Speed Boat INR 800 for (10 min)

If you are capable to book a full boat, you can increase the travel time in exchange for a proportionally hiking rent.

The Boatmen take you deep inside the lake, sometimes sail through the middle, sometimes come closer to the shore, letting you experience the unique landscapes. 30-40 minutes of joyful boat ride gives you immense satisfaction and unforgettable memories.

serene lake shore of Pykara Lake in Ooty

Enjoy refreshing moments at Pykara Boat House

The Boat House is equipped with some sitting areas and a small cafeteria cum restaurant; the whole property is maintained by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation.

Boat club at Pykara Lake in Ooty
The Boating Club at Pykara Lake

You can spend some time there, inside the restaurant; simply sit back and admire the beautiful nature of Pykara Lake while having a cup of coffee. If you look around you can see the wild Nilgiri monkeys playing and jumping around above the trees. Also, many unknown birds are visible in this region, which are Nilgiri-specific species.

Visit Nearby Places

Apart from the boat rides and experiencing the beauty of the surroundings, you don’t have to do many things in Pykara Lake. But there are several other places to visit nearby which you may plan to visit on the same day.

Pykara Waterfalls is the nearest one that I already mentioned above; in the section below, I have introduced some other places nearby; you may plan your day trip accordingly.

Other Places to Visit Near Pykara Lake

Check the following list of places near Pykara Lake or Pykara falls on the way from Ooty to Pykara Lake.

  1. Pykara Waterfalls
  2. Golf Course
  3. Pine Forest Ooty
  4. 9th Mile Ooty
  5. 6th Mile Ooty

Below, some more places in Ooty are listed that you shouldn’t skip during your Ooty trip

  1. Ooty Lake
  2. Ooty Botanical Garden
  3. Tea Estate View Point
  4. Doddabetta Peak
  5. Experience Joyride to Ooty toy train (to/from Coonoor)

Finally, I’m highlighting some more places that are a bit away from Ooty Centre, but each of them represents unique natural beauty. Unfortunately, most Ooty tourists skip these places on their trip. I highly recommend these places to include in your travel list, if you love to explore the hidden gems around Ooty.

  1. Avalanche Reserve Forest and Upper Bhavani Lake
  2. Emerald Lake
  3. Mukurthi Peak
  4. Dolphin Nose, Coonoor
  5. Lamb’s Rock, Coonoor
  6. Needle Rock View Point

How to Reach Pykara Lake from Ooty

Pykara Lake in Ooty

Pykara Lake situates approximately 22 km away from the Ooty center. So, you can reach there easily by a short road trip from your Ooty stay. If you are traveling Ooty by your personal vehicle, you may have a smooth driving experience to reach the lake. The Ooty-Mysore Road is well-maintained by the Tamil Nadu Government, you can reach there within 30-40 minutes.

If you are from an away destination, you can rent a car by yourself or request your hotel authority to arrange a car for you. Also, you can add more spots on your day trip to cover them in a row.

Buses, authorized by the state government, also run on this route; so you may travel by bus to reach Pykara Lake in Ooty.

  • Nearest Airport Ooty: Coimbatore (296 km)
  • Nearest Broad Gauge Rail station: Mettupalyam (40 km)
  • Nearest narrow Gauge Rail station: Ooty

Pykara Lake in Ooty: Summary

Place to reachPykara Lake in Ooty
LocationPykara, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, 643237, India
Nearby Commercial PlacesOoty (22 km), Coonoor (45 km)
Visiting hours08:30 am to 05:00 pm
Entry FeeINR 10 each person
Still CameraINR 20 per unit
Video CameraINR 50 per unit
Time to spend1-2 hours
Attractions & ActivitiesPristine Blue Lake and surrounding
Picturesque landscapes
Boating trip
Nearby Pykara Falls
Other places on the way
Eco-Tourism PackageVan Tour around the Lake – 150 INR per head
Jeep Tour – 1200 INR per round

Wrapping up

So, that’s all about the beautiful Pykara Lake (based on my personal experience). I’d say, make a combined day-trip to cover Pykara Lake, Pykara Waterfalls, and some on-route places together, and experience the rare sides of Ooty peacefully.

Don’t add too much places to travel on the same day, this may be hectic and less enjoyable to you. Avalanche Reserve Forest, Upper Bhavani Lake, Emerald Lake, Mukurthi Peak, Doddabetta peak, Coonoor, etc. are some other interesting places to visit near Ooty, which you may plan to travel on other days.

Also, I suggest visiting Pykara lake in the morning session on a clear day, especially for experiencing the pristine blue lake water.

framing the beauty of Pykara Lake in Ooty

If you have any further queries, don’t hesitate to drop your questions in the comment box below. I’ll be glad to help you out.

Happy traveling…

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