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Dassam Falls: The pride of Jharkhand

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Among many waterfalls in Ranchi region, Dassam falls is one of the most attractive and popular. The busy water stream of the Kanchi river (a tributary of River Subarnarekha) cascades over a picturesque array of rocky terrain, producing a breathtaking view at the site of Dassam Waterfalls.

Falling from a height of 44 meters (144 ft), it produces an echoing environment all around that encourages anybody to dip down for iconic photography. Worth mentioning, the rocky lower cage in front of the falls is overwhelmed with soothing water spray (appears from the falls), offering a mind-blowing ambiance.

You have to hike approx. 300 steps to ream the bottom of the falls.

Can you take bath at Dassam Waterfalls?

The answer is YES, you can take bath at Dassam Falls except during the full monsoon, but you have to be very careful. There is a rocky platform on the right side of the falls; the wide water stream showers down on that platform. Adult people can take bath on that particular site to have some great fun.

Bathing at Dassam Falls

For your note, the edges of the platform are very slippery, so you must be very careful all the time. Also don’t allow children to get into that bathing site.

During full monsoon, Dassam falls becomes wider and more furious, which is absolutely not safe for bathing.

How to Reach Dassam Falls

  • Nearest Airport: Birsa Munda Airport
  • Nearest Railway station: Ranchi Junction
  • Preferable trip type from nearby states (Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, MP, etc.): Roadtrip (self-drive)
  • Preferable trip type from away destinations: Flight followed by Roadtrip (rented cab)
Dassam Falls

Situated near Taimara village of Ranchi District in Jharkhand, Dassam Falls is easily reachable by car. If you are planning to rent a local cab from Ranchi, you don’t have to worry about the route because the local drivers know the route very well. But in case, you are traveling by your own car (many tourists do) you may need the following guidelines.

Dassam Falls is approx. 35 km away from the Ranchi city center; you have to follow the Ranchi-Jamshedpur highway which is a fantastic bi-lane road. If you drive without any stoppage, it takes approx. 45 minutes. But, you may have to stop multiple times on the way, especially if you follow Google Maps or car’s in-built map.

Reach Dassam falls without any hassle

So, if you are planning a self-drive road trip to Dassam Waterfalls, you are suggested to check the following advice. This will help you reach Dassam falls without any hassle; also, you’ll save fuel and time.

After driving 20-25 minutes through Ranchi-Jamshedpur highway, you have to leave the highway and continue through Khunti Taimara Road (Dassam Falls road).

Google Maps does not clearly show the Route Map of Dassam Falls.

You’ll see, Google map shows two different routes to reach Dassam Falls after a certain point. But, in the true sense, these aren’t different routes.

Dassam Falls route map by Googlemap
Google directed route fr reaching Dassam Falls

If you zoom in, you can see a u-turn near Ranchi-Jamshedpur Toll Plaza. And most astonishing thing is, when you reach close to the Toll Plaza, the U-turn indication vanishes from the Google Map indicator. Eventually, you get puzzled.

U-turn near toll plaza - reach Dassam Falls
If you zoom in the map you can find the U-turn near toll plaza

For your note, you don’t need to go that far to access the U-turn; there is a small cut on the road divider near the Dassam Falls Police station (The police station situates just beside the highway). Google Map fails to sense that shortcut.

Follow this route to reach Dassam Falls
Find a gap on the divider near Dassam police station, and follow Khunti-Taimara Rd to reach Dassam Falls

Note: Google Map also shows another route other than Ranchi-Jamshedpur Road. Don’t follow this route because you can’t speed up your car on this narrow road.

After crossing Dassam Family Dhaba at right,  slow down the car speed and keep watching for a gap on the divider. You’ll get a gap nearby and take u-turn to catch the Khunti Taimara Road (Dassam Falls Road). Then follow Google map or car map to reach Dassam Falls parking safely.

Foods near Dassam Falls

You can see several stalls and small restaurants near Dassam Falls car parking. Cold drinks, potato chips, and other dry food are available in the stalls. If you are planning to have your lunch near Dassam Falls, go to a local restaurant; they offer veg thali at INR 60-80. In addition, they serve freshly cooked local chicken (Deshi Murga) or broiler chicken upon receiving orders.

Note: You should order them before going to the falls site, so that you can get your lunch ready after returning from the falls.

For lunch, you can also go to Hotel Panchwati situates beside Ranchi-Jamshedpur highway. They serve tasty foods very quickly.

Where to stay near Dassam Falls

Ranchi is the best place to stay near Dassam Falls and access it easily. I don’t recommend staying at any roadside hotels near Dassam Falls, especially if you are traveling with family or as a couple.

A list of the best Hotels in Ranchi is upcoming shortly.

Other spots to visit near Dassam Falls

You can visit Sun Temple (Suriya Mondir) which is 10 km away from Dassam Falls. In the middle of a village, such beautiful architecture is not only unexpected but also astonishing!

Panchghagh falls is also situated on the same route, but far away from Dassam Falls (54 km). If you want to cover all these spots together, you have to start very early from Ranchi. Alternatively, you have to stay near Panch Ghagh for the night.

Final words

If you are planning a Ranchi trip in the upcoming winter or monsoon, must keep Dassam Falls in your top listed spots to cover. This is one of the best waterfalls around Ranchi. Also, I suggest a self-drive Roadtrip for traveling across Ranchi. This will help you to travel freely.

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