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Unexplored Kakolem Beach in Goa: The Virgin Beauty at the Coast of South Goa

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Hidden behind the wild hills and enormous rocks, Kakolem is an absolutely virgin beach in south Goa, presenting a mind-blowing atmosphere for passionate backpackers and nature lovers. The mutual convergence of undefined natural beauty and ultimate serenity creates an enchanting ambiance around this heavenly place. If you love tapping into the wild or are passionate to witness the unexplored beauty, Kakolem beach in Goa is a must-visit place for you.

On my last Goa trip, I personally enjoyed an ever-remembering day trip on Kakolem beach with my family and friends; we’re regretful that we couldn’t experience the overnight glory of Kakolem (we didn’t have the knowledge of Kakolem beach huts prior to our visit). Nevertheless, the incredible memories we brought in from the peaceful day trip, are simply everlasting!

Where is Kakolem Beach in Goa?

Situating in between Cola Beach (3.5 km) and Cabo de Rama viewpoint (6.5 km), Kakolem beach hides behind the green hills and wild forest of South Goa. According to the local myth, these hills are occupied by wild tigers, and hence the beach is also known as Tiger’s Beach. But this is just a myth; no one has ever seen a tiger since Kakolem beach was uncovered; rather you’ll experience here unknown birds and seagulls, an evergreen deep forest, a wonderful sea beach, and heavenly peace.

Unexplored Kakolem Beach in Goa: The Virgin Beauty at the Coast of South Goa

How to Reach Kakolem Beach?

Finding the route of Kakolem is not easy. According to Google Maps, the landmark is just beside the high-road. However, finding to the exact turn is a bit puzzling. So don’t follow the worn turn, rather follow the route guide that I provided below.

MDR49 highway connects several beaches of Goa, including Cabo de Rama, Cola, Agonda, Palolem, and so on. None of these beaches are situated exactly beside the main road but to reach any of these points you have to follow the corresponding beach roads.

The nearest landmark to reach Kakolem is Vagon junction (a junction of 3 roads). If you are traveling from the southern part of Goa (Agonda or Cola or Palolem), be alert once the Vagon junction crosses. Within 100 meters there is a mud road at left; follow this and enters the forest.

Note: The road is extremely narrow and slippery, not suitable for 4 wheelers, ride your bike carefully.

Ahead, the jungle road divides into two parts, follow the right and halt at the edge of the hill. Now you have to hike far below for reaching Kakolem beach.

Unexplored Kakolem Beach in Goa: At the edge of the hill
At the edge of the hill; now start hiking downwards

A Magnificent day-trip at Kakolem Beach

Reaching the viewpoint through the deep forest is enough adventurous. Now, more excitement is waiting for you. Let’s hike downwards.

You have to cover around 500 stair steps to reach the golden sand far below. The hiking path passes through an evergreen Goanese forest; it’s calm and silent, enchanted with the sounds of crickets and unexpected waterfalls that jingle around.

After hiking a few steps downwards, you can experience the breathtaking bird’s eye view of Kakolem beach; from the top, it looks like a half-circled pretty landscape, colored with golden, green, and black! In every turn of the spiral staircase, the view becomes more pretty, handcuffing you for a closer meet.

Unexplored Kakolem Beach in Goa: View from the stair steps
View from the stair steps

After 15 minutes of lazy hike, we put our first steps on Kakolem Beach. It was almost empty; only a Russian family was enjoying the wonderful beach atmosphere with their child. The backend of the beach is shadowed by the giant hills, occupied with a few newly constructed beach huts, surrounded by plenty of coconut trees.

Crazy Waterfalls

The beachfront waterfall is the most exciting part of Kakolem! The crazy waterfall hides behind the beach hut at the leftmost part of the beach and meets the sea through a narrow stream. On a hotter afternoon, you may not be ready for a sea bath to burn yourself under the hot sun; but you must be happy to take a shower under the waterfall that is fairly shaded by rocks and plants.

Unexplored Kakolem Beach in Goa: Waterfalls on the beach
Waterfall on Kakolem beach!

Sea-side waterfalls are common in north European countries or East Asian tourist destinations, but in India, beachside waterfalls are very rare! Kakolem beach in Goa is really unique in this regard! Not only the beachfront waterfall, but in Kakolem you can see several other waterfalls travel downwards from seaside high hills and land directly land on the sea, offering a unique scenic beauty around the beach.

Rock-top view

Unlike most of the Goa beaches, the sand area of Kakolem beach is not widely stretched, rather it’s a diversely decorated compact beach, representing breathtaking beauty and undefined peace. A rocky landscape enters the sea from the left-most part of the beach, while the right-side is occupied by steep hills; the sandy beach resides in between!

A short hike through the rocky part at the left takes you inside the sea area, offering an exciting front view of waves thudding the rocks. Upon turning back, you can visualize the fantastic panoramic view of the Kakolem beach with giant hills at the backdrop.

Beach and bath

Without water activities, beach trips are incomplete! Let’s have a look at how you can explore the opportunity at Kakolem.

Similar to Cola Beach in the south and Kalacha in north Goa, Kakolem also offers both saltwater and freshwater bathing options. Sweetwater beach lagoons are present in the former two, while Kakolem beach is equipped with a beautiful freshwater waterfall.

Taking a sea bath at Kakolem beach is exciting but not absolutely risk-free. Unlike Kalacha Beach, waves are a bit rude at Kakolem; also the beach is a bit sloppy like Cola Beach. The abundance of rocky boulders in the sea generates the added risk. Kakolem is not a widely stretched beach; the sea waves enter the beach area through a relatively narrow entrance by passing over the underwater rocks, and thuds on the beach with a greater force. It is always adventurous to face the big waves, but at the same time, you need to be very careful when taking a sea bath.

Unexplored Kakolem Beach in Goa: Bath time
Waves are rude: Stay close to the shore while taking sea bath

Caution notes for taking a sea bath at Kakolem Beach in Goa:

  • Stay away from the rocky boulders.
  • Take bath only on the flatter surface where waves thud in a comparatively smooth and polite motion.
  • Never get deeper into the sea. The beach is sloppy and rocky; you may lose your control any time. So enjoy your bath staying very close to the beach.

The third bathing option is of course, “sunbath” that you may be fond of. Serene and crowdless atmosphere of Kakolem Beach is perfect for Sunbath, you can tan yourself for hours staying disturbance-free.

Sunset view from Kakolem

The exciting day trip at Kakolem Beach ends with a Beautiful sunset view! You can enjoy the fascinating sight right from the beach or from the hilltop. If you are not staying at Kakolem beach huts, start your return journey immediately after the sunset; darkness comes very fast into the forest.

Where to stay near Kakolem Beach in Goa

Kakolem Beach huts are the best option to enjoy a peaceful 1-2 days trip at Kakolem Beach; don’t expect AC accommodations or facilities of a 5-star resort there.

However, most people don’t know about Kakolem beach huts, while some prefer to visit Kakolem for a day trip staying at nearby spots. Cola is the closest destination to Kakolem. You can get full details of Cola beach including the accommodation options in this article.

Alternatively, you can stay at high-class resorts at Cabo-de-Rama.

Palolem and Agonda are the two most popular south Goan destinations where you’ll get all types of stay options, beach huts, comfortable resorts, or even low-cost homestays, everything. These places are a bit away from Kakolem but you can easily visit there hiring a bike or Scooty.

Kakolem Beach in Goa: The Final Remarks

To date, most tourists don’t know about beautiful Kakolem Beach, which kept the serenity of Kakolem alive. Undoubtfully, this is one of the best Goa beaches for peaceful holidays, where you can experience diverse nature. If you love to explore offbeat destinations and absolute nature, I suggest don’t skip Kakolem Beach on your next Goa trip.

If you have any further queries about Kakolem, don’t hesitate, post your question in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

If you find the article helpful, social sharing would be highly appreciating.

Happy trip.

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