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Peshok Tea Garden: A Serene Delight in the Darjeeling Hills

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Descending a few turns downwards from the renowned Gumbadara Viewpoint, you will discover the captivating Peshok Tea Garden. This picturesque valley is adorned with cascading tea plants that grace the hillside, where a gentle breeze caresses the surroundings, creating an atmosphere of perpetual tranquility. While one side of the tea garden offers an unobstructed view of the majestic Mt. Kanchanjungha, the remaining expanse presents a breathtaking vista of a verdant green valley filled with tea plants.

Traversing the tea garden, the serpentine hill road weaves its way, presenting an idyllic frame that beckons photographers to capture its perfect essence. Even if you choose not to pause for a moment, the roadside view of the Peshok Tea Garden instills a sense of awe that nourishes your innermost emotions as you pass by.

Arriving at this enchanting location during the morning hours, you will witness the diligent work of local tea-plant workers, predominantly women, engrossed in their tasks. Some pluck the tea leaves with utmost precision, others meticulously remove weeds, and a few diligently plant new tea saplings. Observing the art of tea farming in Peshok Tea Garden is a captivating experience, offering an opportunity to witness and learn from their expertise.

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Food Options at Peshok Tea Garden

As you immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery and embrace the invigorating breeze, it’s only natural to crave a comforting cup of tea or a steaming plate of noodles.

Adjacent to the Tea Garden, a couple of tea stalls are conveniently situated, offering not only an assortment of tea but also light snacks, such as noodles, momo, potato chips, etc. Standing amidst the windy atmosphere, indulging in a cup of tea or relishing a plate of hot noodles becomes an irresistible delight.

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Nearby Attractions to Explore

Peshok Tea Garden is an integral part of the sightseeing itinerary for tourists visiting Tinchuley, Lamahatta, or Peshok. A comprehensive day trip encompasses several consecutive attractions, including:

To make the most of your visit, it is advisable to plan accordingly and arrange a car from your homestay to embark on a complete day trip, exploring these charming destinations.

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How to Visit Peshok Tea Garden

Majority of tourists visit Peshok Tea Garden from Tinchuley, Takdah, Peshok, and Lamahatta, although a few visitors come from Darjeeling and Kalimpong.

In fact, you can access this spot from anywhere in Darjeeling and Kalimpong hills; just make sure to include this spot in your sightseeing and talk to your car driver or homestay owner accordingly. If your homestay is located in Tinchuley, Takdah, or Peshok, you may expect to pay approximately 2500-3000/- for a full-day sightseeing excursion covering 4-5 spots (this rate applies during the peak season).

Glory of Peshok Tea Garden

Accommodation Options near Peshok Tea Garden

Peshok village is the closest settlement to this tea estate, where you can find comfortable lodging options.

As Peshok is a newly developed offbeat location, only a limited number of tourists are familiar with it. Gorkhali Homestay, Sovakiran, Lamendo Villa, and Tamang Homestay are some delightful homestays in Peshok.

Among these, Sovakiran Homestay stands out as an excellent choice, considering its location and scenic views.

However, Takdah, Tinchuley, Chota Mangwa, and Bara Mangwa are popular offbeat destinations in the vicinity, and the majority of tourists prefer to stay overnight in any of these locations.

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Wrapping up

Overall, Peshok Tea Garden provides a captivating and serene experience, showcasing its picturesque tea plantations and awe-inspiring valley views. Undoubtedly, this offbeat destination in the Darjeeling hills ensures a memorable visit, thanks to its tranquil ambiance and the opportunity to witness the art of tea farming. Make sure to include Peshok Tea Garden in your itinerary for a truly enchanting sightseeing experience during your trip to North Bengal Offbeats.

Enjoy an unforgettable journey.

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