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Travel with Gloves: Wear Gloves for Your Own Safety

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From now and onward, you have to travel with gloves for your own safety; this is a definite truth, you agree or not.

So far masks and gloves were generally used in laboratories or hospitals. Sometimes you also used a set of disposable gloves in the kitchen for washing dishes, or in your garden.

But the scenario has been changed now. During and after this COVID-19 pandemic situation, usage of masks and gloves is not restricted to the hospitals, laboratories, or kitchens anymore. Rather both of them become an essential item for our daily journey. Now anywhere you go, you should preferably cover your face by a mask and wear a pair of gloves on your hand, and that is for your own safety.

Travel with Gloves: Anywhere and Everywhere

Mask, sanitizer, gloves, and travel — Yes, that’s our fate for the next few years.

The government can’t keep everything locked down to experience continuous economic fall, and on the other side we know the cruel reality, the virus is not dead.

So, the only way left for us — boosting our immunity and follow the safety rules.

In this awareness article, I am mainly focused on gloves and travel, because I personally noticed many people are still not wearing gloves for their outdoor activities. Either people are ignoring the real facts or they are not well aware.

Our hands are the touching units; these particular bodyparts come to external contact most frequently via holders, handles, money, vegetables, fruits, meat (in market), ATM, and many others. We can’t lock down our hands, we can’t call them to stop working, but we can restrict our hands from direct contact with external sources.

It is my earnest request to everyone, please travel with gloves, please stop spreading deadly coronavirus, please wear gloves whenever you are traveling … anywhere and everywhere. This is one of the prime ways to keep your family safe from coronavirus.

Where should you travel wearing gloves?

Many countries called off lockdown, while lockdown is still on in many countries.

Those countries where the lockdown period is over, public transports, market, cinema, restaurant, etc. also start rolling there.

You know public transports are mostly crowded with coronavirus because thousands of people are traveling by public transport, and you never know who is affected. So, never travel without gloves in public transport.

However, it’s not only about public transport, but from now and onwards you should wear gloves for all types of outdoor activities, such as the vegetable market, meat market, gym, ATM… anywhere you go, you must wear gloves, at least for next 2 years.

Travel with gloves

Just check the list below to realize the reasons behind the travel with gloves.

  • ATM: Thousand of people are holding ATM door handles, screens, and switches. you never know who is affected.
  • Local Market: You never know who touched the money you just received. Was he/she a COVID patient?
  • Fish/meat/vegetable market: These are open markets; many people are touching those to check the quality.
  • Public transport: These are the highest risk areas. People are holding the holders; did a COVID patient hold it just before you?
  • Lift: Lifts in your office and shopping mall are high-risk areas; switches/ holders may be coronavirus populated.
  • Cinema/shopping mall/ restaurants: I’d suggest avoiding these places now; even if you go, full precaution is needed.
  • Gym: To keep yourself fit you may go to the gym, but you must wear gloves when touching the equipment.
  • Any other outdoor activities: Wear gloves anywhere you go, any outdoor activity you do.

You may get relief from the gloves in your sweet home that you keep sanitized always.

Specific gloves you should use while traveling

There is N95 mask, but N95 gloves are not available in the market. Even if N95 gloves are ever available in the market, you shouldn’t waste money to purchase a pair of N95 gloves to keep your hand safe; because unlike your face, your hands don’t have a breathing option, so no need to use gloves made of expensive N95 filter even if it comes to the market ever. Instead, you should keep your hand in a fully closed door and let them sweat.

Just joking!

My personal suggestion is to keep your hands inside a pair of fully closed rubber gloves so that nothing may get in contact.

Zero Arial contact may provide you discount and rapid sweating experience, but this will give you 100% protection. However, to survive under the present situation this much sacrifice is tolerable, and this will convert to your habit within just a few days.

The cheapest option is disposal latex gloves. These are thin and elastic, and you can use a single pair up to 3-4 times before they break down. You can choose wrist length or elbow length disposable gloves while elbow-length variations are more recommended.

Alternatively, you’ll get reusable elbow hight rubber gloves that are thicker. These are much durable in comparison to the disposable ones, but also a bit more uncomfortable.

lastly, if you want to feel comfortable while wearing gloves, you need to shift towards cotton/ polyester-based outdoor gloves/ travel gloves. Beautifully printed elbow height polyester gloves are mainly recommended for the women, and also pretty fashionable but these can’t offer you 100% protection. The micro-holes on the fabric can’t fully restrict the movement of the virus. So if you use the fashion gloves you need to take extra precaution, in terms of washing hands, avoiding eye and mouth contact, etc.


Mask, sanitizer, gloves are essential accessories now and onwards until coronavirus totally vanishes from the world. This is just an awareness message with a slogan “Travel with Glove, and Stay Safe”.

Don’t take it easy, don’t be careless, use masks and gloves while traveling and Stay safe.

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Dr. Suvankar Das is a scientific advisor by profession, associated with a CRO organization. He pursued his doctoral degree in Chemistry in 2015. Later, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher & scientist in a couple of institutes/companies.

Besides his scientific journey, Dr. Das is also a passionate traveler and travel blogger. He loves to share all his travel experiences with other travelers so that everyone can enjoy hassle-free holidays with their own tour plans.

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