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Abasar Resort in Tajpur: The only place I’d stay every time

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Tajpur is a fantastic weekend destination (without any doubt), but finding a satisfactory hotel in Tajpur is equally difficult, especially when you are traveling with your family. The beach area of Tajpur is overwhelmed with lots of hotels, resorts, and homestays, but most of those raise a conflict between their location and comfort; either the location is good but the comfort is not up to the mark, or vice versa. Do you agree with me?

Possibly, for your upcoming Tajpur trip you have already invested enough time in finding an ideal stay option, and I hope your search ends here! Below, I’m introducing Abasar Resort in Tajpur, which offers an all-in-one facility, ultimate serenity, and the best satisfaction compared to any other nearby hotels.

Before introducing this property, I’ll highlight some important points. These points give some clarity to this discussion, helping you to realize why Abasar Resort is distinct.

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What are the common expectations from a beach resort?

Unlike hilly adventures or camping ecstasy, beach trips are always ideal for lazing and relaxing. Majority of tourists opt for a beach trip to experience comfortable holidays away from city hassle.

Usually, the expectations from a beach holiday resort are very simple;

  1. The beach should be directly accessible from the property.
  2. Comfortable rooms with attached baths.
  3. Adequate services.
  4. AC accommodation to defeat the hot and humid.
  5. Nice foods.
  6. Reasonable rent.
  7. Beach-facing rooms.

When a hotel or resort fulfills all these criteria, it’s definitely an ideal place to stay on a beach holiday.

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Major difficulties in finding a hotel/ resort in Tajpur

Most people face three major difficulties when they search for hotels in Tajpur:

  • Location is good but the rooms and facilities are not up to the mark.
  • Rooms and facilities are good to average, but far away from the beach.
  • Unexpectedly high rent.
  • Hotel description is overhyped on the internet (you realize it after reaching the spot)

Definitely, the last point is the most pathetic, and unfortunately, most tourists face this particular issue with Tajpur accommodations. I personally understand how awful is this, when traveling with family!

Distinct from any other property in Tajpur, Abasar Resort affords all the demanding features, which make it an ideal stay option at the coast of Tajpur.

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Why Abasar Resort is the best hotel in Tajpur?

Allocating almost 100 bighas of area, Abasar Resort is a nature’s paradise at the bank of the Bay of Bengal.  Wonderfully decorated with tamarisk forest (ঝাউবন), organic farmland, and couple of sweet water ponds, the whole area enchants with a vibe of tranquility.

The Entrance

Entrance of Abasar Resort in Tajpur

Once you enter the main gate, a big pond welcomes you from the right while the red mud path directs you straight to the reception. You’ll find the big parking area one step ahead; up to 10 cars can rest there easily.

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Rooms at Abasar Resort

Although the whole property occupies a huge area, only a little part of this is allocated for guests’ accommodation. There are 3 cottages and a 2-storied building, which can accommodate up to 16 adults and 8 children.

  • 3 cottages have 6 rooms; each room is capable to accommodate 2 adults & 1 child.
  • The 2-storied building contains 4 rooms; each can accommodate up to 4 adults.

Most rooms are featured with Ac-facility; in case, you don’t need AC (preferably in winter), they often accommodate the same rooms for you at non-AC tariff; just you are not allowed to play the AC.

Each room is equipped attached bathroom and balcony, sofa sets, a couple of chairs, toiletries, and towels.

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Aabsar Resort is featured with an in-house kitchen and dining facility, serving delicious foods. If you choose accommodation plus foods package, they serve you food four times daily.

BreakfastTea, Loochi & Vegetables & sweet / Bread Butter & boiled egg
LunchRice, Cooked vegetables, Fried vegetables (i.e., potato fry), dal, fish/chicken
Evening tiffinVeg/Chicken pakora and tea
DinnerRice/Roti, Vegetables, dal, Egg/chicken
Kitchen menu at Abasar Resort in Tajpur

Based on your demand they serve you fresh seafood like pomfret, crabs, prawns, etc., but you have to inform them before their menu marketing. You have to pay extra for extra seafood.

If you are vegetarian, inform them; they can arrange paneer items for you.

You may replace your regular no-veg item with fresh seafood dishes. In that case, you have to discuss the matter with the kitchen manager or the resort owner for adequate adjustment. As per my personal experience, they are very familiar people and readily negotiate such things for their guests.

Caution: You should be aware if you order them pomfret, Crabs, or prawns. The kitchen workers often miscommunicate in this segment. They can serve smaller-sized pomfret, crabs, or prawns compared to their promised ones. For example, a fresh pomfret weighing 250gm tastes perfect, which costs INR 180-200/- after preparation. So, don’t accept a smaller sized pomfret, i.e., 150-200 gm.

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The Real Flavor of Abasar Resort in Tajpur

It’s true that none of the rooms of Abasar Beach resort is sea viewing. Although some rooms are sea-facing, a clear ocean view is absent there (mostly shuttered by the beachside green forest). Still, this resort is a worthy one for the beach-lovers!


Once you cross the parking area followed by the row of betel nut trees, you can see the Bay of Bengal twinkles at the left.

A few more steps through the tamarisk garden (ঝাউবন) take you to the ultimate edge; it’s the seaside end. Nevertheless, walking over this green-covered beach road endorses a special emotion that can’t be expressed in such a written version!

Jhau forest at Abasar Resort in Tajpur

The grey ocean is clearly visible from the resort boundary. During high tide the sea waves thud right on the boundary wall, especially on the days of Fullmoon; otherwise, the sea water stays far apart, almost half km away from the boundary. Trademark red crabs hover here and there over the beach sand. A couple of shacks do their business silently, serving plates of spicy and delicious seafood, coconuts, or something more special!

There is a cool sitting area just inside the resort boundary, where you can spend romantic hours any time of the day, watching the endless blue at the front and lush greenery at the backdrop. It’s an ideal place to reveal the nostalgia of lost Tajpur!

Sitting area at Abasar Resort in Tajpur

The Owner of Abasar Resort

Now let me introduce the owner of the resort (sorry, I forget the name of the gentleman).

The owner/s is neither a big businessman nor a group of enthusiastic youths operating a hotel, sitting at Kolkata. Unlike such a common scenario of most Tajpur-Mandarmani hotels, the owner of Abasar Resort is the son of the land, and built up this beautiful resort on his ancestral property.

He is a retired agricultural officer, which clearly reflects in his taste of farming and selective plantation. However, he doesn’t deal with the guests directly, instead, his son takes care of everything.

Below, I have introduced the contact details.

Things I like about Abasar Resort in Tajpur

Endless vegetation across the whole complex makes the resort area a real paradise for nature lovers. I personally like almost everything about this resort, still, some distinct highlights may help you to remark on the pros and cons.

  • The greenery of the resort area is especially remarkable.
  • The whole complex is absolutely serene and peaceful.
  • Sea beach is directly accessible from the resort.
  • Rooms have adequate facilities.
  • The in-house kitchen facility removes the worry of food, especially at night.
  • Staffs are polite and professional.
  • Big parking area.
  • It’s easy to navigate.
Car parking Area at Abasar Resort in Tajpur
Parking area at the Abasar Resort in Tajpur

Things I Do NOT like about Abasar Resort

Truthfully, I don’t have many complaints about this property, but a few errors can the fixed to keep things more accurate.

  • Kitchen and dining area could be much cleaner.
  • Kitchen staff should more honest, especially about seafood (discussed above).
  • Bathrooms should be upgraded.
  • The cottage rooms are a bit small, but it’s okay for the price.
  • ACs in some rooms are very disturbing, those should be upgraded immediately.

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How to Visit Abasar Resort in Tajpur

If you are traveling by your personal car, just follow the Google Map navigation. It directs you the right way, exactly to the doorstep of the resort. The last 2-3 km of road is bumpy & bumpy, so never mind enjoying your off-roading experience.

If you are traveling by train, you have to get off at Ramnagar Railway station. Then hire a taxi to reach Abasar Beach Resort. Taxi drivers know the place very well; approx rent, 300-400/- (10 km).

For the Bus trip, you have to get off at Balisai bus stoppage which comes after Chawalkhola (bus stoppage for Mandarmani). Then take a rented car or a motor van (whatever is available).

Booking Info: Contact details of Abasar Resort in Tajpur

You’ll get 4 types of stay options at Abasar Resort:

  • Standard non-AC Room (for 2 people): approx. 1400/-
  • Standard AC Room (for 2 people): approx. 2200/-
  • Delux non-AC Room (up to 4 people): approx. 1900/-
  • Delux AC Room (up to 4 people): approx. 2800/-

The room tariffs may vary depending on the seasonal hypes.

Following are the contact number of Abasar Resort authorities. You can contact them directly to reserve your room.

  • +91 8670120951
  • +91 97337 45319
  • +91 99320 29676

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Wrapping up

If I visit Tajpur, Abasar Resort is the only place where I want to stay, every time. Let me say how did I realize it.

I stayed at Abasar Beach Resort when I visited Tajpur for the second time. We booked 3 rooms for 2 days, but after enjoying the ambiance, we decided to stay there for one more day. Unfortunately, all the rooms were booked for the next two days.

beach near Abasar Resort in Tajpur
Kids are enjoying at the beach near Abasar Resort

So, we decided to stay elsewhere in Tajpur and went out to search for another option (it was our after-lunch task). After 3 hours of continuous searching, we discovered that we had already covered almost all the hotels and resorts in the entire Tajpur!

To be honest, none of those were comparable to Abasar Resort. So, we changed our plan.

The next day, after leaving Abasar we directly went to Mandarmani, and easily got a fine beach resort.

We generally visit Tajpur once every 2 years; Abasar Resort is still our only stay option there.

So, if you are planning a weekend trip to Tajpur, you can try the same resort; it’s a simple recommendation based on our personal experience.

Have a nice trip!

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