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Anjuna Beach in Goa: Is it worth visiting? [Full Details]

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The golden shoreline of North Goa is overwhelmed with several beautiful beaches, offering glamorous holiday experiences with extreme fun, serenity, and adventurous activities. Anjuna Beach is one of the iconic candidates on the list, infamous for its typical Goan influence, vibrant nightlife, exclusive beach resorts, and exotic sporting environment. With its charming atmosphere and versatility, beautiful Anjuna attracts thousands of tourists comprising different travel tastes and budgets.

The wide-stretched coastline of Anjuna Beach in Goa is divided into two different parts. The southern end is furnished with rocky highlands and dead black corals; this part is relatively less crowded. On the other hand, the sandy northern part of Anjuna Beach hosts lots of restaurants, bars, beach resorts, and your favorite water sports.

Things to do in Anjuna Beach

Destined in the center of beautiful northern shoreline of Goa, Anjuna Beach is the home of chilling holidays that is compact with exotic adventures, romantic evenings, and crazy nightlife.

Let’s hover over the list of things to do at Anjuna beach in Goa.

Morning Walk with the air of tranquility

Anjuna Beach in Goa India
Anjuna Beach – the main part [Photo Credit: Sohan Rayguru]

Anjuna Beach remains absolutely serene early in the morning; the calmness disappears with the increasing crowd of away tourists. So early in the day, A fine walk across the shoreline revealing the tranquil essence of morning breeze is a brilliant idea, especially for the nature-lovers.

On a clear morning, you can witness the blue-green shaded ocean view standing on Anjuna Beach, which is fairly absent in Baga, Calangute, or Colva. Collecting the colorful pebbles and shells as a souvenir of Anjuna trip could be an added fun on your morning jog.

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Enjoy Watersports

Watersports at Anjuna Beach in Goa

Post-breakfast fun may be planned with the excitement of watersports. You can enjoy parasailing, bumpy banana ride, speed boating, Jet skiing, etc., in the daytime.

Parasailing is a special attraction at Anjuna; it’s fantastic to experience the bird’s eye view of the wonderful shoreline with mysterious rock formations and greenery at the backdrop.

For your note, Baga Beach, Arambol, and Palolem are some other Goa Beaches where you can enjoy similar activities.

Watch Sunset from the Curlies

Sunset from Anjuna Beach in Goa
Sunset from Curlies

The sunset view from Anjuna is simply magnificent! It’s worth enjoying the beautiful scene sitting on the rocky highland of Anjuna Beach, or from a beach shack, like Curlies. With exclusive orange reflection on seawater, Anjuna Beach becomes a glamour queen at the end of the day.

Don’t miss this Wow experience even if you don’t plan a night halt in Anjuna.

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Wednesday Flea Market: Don’t skip it

flea market - Anjuna Beach
Flea Market [PC: Lynn Greyling]

In Anjuna, beachside café and restaurants are the usual stops to spend romantic evenings. But the story differs on Wednesday. This day of the week is well popular for the iconic Wednesday Flea Market of Anjuna. It’s an ideal place to explore (and buy) intricate sculptures, boho dresses, jewelry, Goan t-shirts, tote bags, spices, and more.

So, if you are visiting Anjuna Beach on Wednesday don’t forget to attend the flea market.

I have met a German couple who visit Anjuna Beach every year to attend the Wednesday Flea Market, although they don’t like Anjuna Beach anymore for its increasing crowd and dirt.

Note: You can see a similar flea market in Baga on Saturday.

Enjoy Unbound Nightlife at Anjuna Beach in Goa

Nightlife in Anjuna Beach Goa India
Party nights [PC: Michael Bußmann]

Thriving with clubs & pubs, unlimited music & dance, and dazzling trans parties, Anjuna offers a vibrant nightlife at the shore of Arabian Sea! Anjuna, once known as hippies paradise, continues to host unbound night parties, including dance stages, cultural delights, DJs, full moon parties, and exotic fire shows!

If you love exploring the exclusive nightlife in Goa, visit Anjuna in the season of Christmas eve and New Year celebration, when the whole beach gets adorned with garlands of colorful strips and Goose-bumping DJs, offering you the complete package of fun after the sunset!

Apart from beachside clubs, you may visit Club Cubana when you are on Anjuna trip. Situates at Arpora hilltop, this one is locally known as the nightclub in the sky, affording an unforgettable nightlife experience compiling a unique ambiance with delicious foods, drinks, and unlimited parties.

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Other Places to Visit from Anjuna Beach in Goa

If you are planning to stay at Anjuna, it’s worth exploring nearby places riding a scooty or bike; It’s real fun to ride on Goa’s hill roads from traveling from one spot to another. Below I have listed some must-visit spots near Anjuna Beach.

Note: Morjim, Ashwem, Mandrem, Arambol, Kalacha, and Keri Beach are some amazing beaches in North Goa; it’s suggested to stay near any of these beaches to explore them completely. On a bike trip from Anjuna or Calangute, you can just touch them but can’t feel the real essence of these beaches.

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Foods and restaurants in Anjuna Beach

Being a commercialized beach, Anjuna is overwhelmed with plenty of beach shacks, restaurants, bars, and café. So, you’ll not fill any crisis of delicious foods at Anjuna Beach in Goa. Fresh Seafood is most demanding at any Goa beach; here you can try pomfret tandoor, fried kingfish, tuna, shark, crabs, prawns, and more. However, trying some Goanese cuisine is wise when you are at Anjuna or any other Goa beach.

Curlies beach Shack and Shiva Valley are the iconic restaurants in Anjuna Beach. Apart from that, Luna’s bar, Aura Beach Café, Jenet & Jones, Elephant Beach Café, Wave’s Restaurant & Bar,  Show tide, etc., are some other recommended restaurants and bars at Anjuna Beach in Goa.

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How to reach Anjuna Beach

If you are traveling to Anjuna Beach directly from Airport or Thivim/ Madgaon Railway station, you have to book a cab, which is fairly available near the airport or railway station. Also, you can request your accommodating authorities to send a car for you.

In case you are not at Anjuna, but staying at a nearby beach like Calangute, Baga, Vagator, or Morjim, you can rent a bike/ scooty to reach Anjuna Beach. Rented bikes are available almost everywhere in Goa. If you don’t get it easily, request the hotel authorities to arrange a scooter for you.

Note: Your two-wheeler’s license and identity cards are required to rent a bike. Don’t hand over the original copies of your ID card or driving license to the bike owners, rather give then a photocopy if they ask for.

A very special note for you:

Don’t follow Google Maps to visit Anjuna Beach. This will guide you in the wrong direction, which is actually the extreme southern end of the beach. This part is completely rocky and there is nothing special to enjoy except having some photo snaps. Instead, ask the local people to find the actual entrance to Anjuna Beach in Goa. Also, you can set “Curl’s Beach Shack” as the navigator to reach the actual beach.

Rocky southern part of Anjuna Beach in Goa India
The Rocky highland at the southern part of Anjuna Beach

Hotels in Anjuna Beach

Being a commercialized tourist spot you’ll get accommodation of all budgets near Anjuna Beach. You may find one from any reputed online hotel booking portal.

Still, I know, finding the best hotel is not an easy job, especially when you are far away from the spot.

For your information, we already uncovered the best hotel and resorts in Anjuna; Still, we are reviewing another time to deliver you the best information. Presently, our best reviewers are traveling to Goa and working hard to re-explore the best hotels in Anjuna Beach and the whole of north Goa. We shall introduce the complete list shortly.

Anjuna Beach: What people say about!

In this section, I’m highlighting some special notes which are basically a combined outcome of tourists’ experiences in Anjuna Beach, including mine. After reading this, you can easily decide whether Anjuna Beach is worth visiting or not.

My experience in Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach in Goa India - the rocky part

To be honest, Anjuna is a commercialized Beach, and hence young Indian crowd is high in this spot. Definitely, it’s less crowded than Calangute and Baga beach, but compared to other Goa beached in the northern shoreline, Anjuna is too overcrowded. If you are searching for real peace, stay at Morjim, Ashwem, or Mandrem. Arambol Beach is also a great place to stay, because it offers a mixed feeling of serenity and party nights.

Apart from that, Anjuna Beach is beautiful! The special appearance of black coral and big rocks gives a unique look to this beach. So it’s worth visiting at least for a day trip, especially on Wednesday (remember the Flea Market).

Below, I’m highlighting some of my short interviews/ conversations with some other tourists. Let’s see what they said about Anjuna Beach.

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Anjuna Beach in the eyes of Indian Tourists

“Spent a nice evening at Curlies”

Sohan (Solo traveler)

“Much less crowded compared to calungate… I like the clarity of sea water… It’s ideal for family with small kids.”

Ashmit & Neha (family/ visited with their baby)

“Great place to hang out with friends… Glad, all water sports are available here… We are not visiting Baga for these anymore”

Ravi (with group of friends)

“It’s a nice beach but not ideal for the peace lovers… I don’t prefer to stay here at night… Enjoyed the flea market… it’s a fine place for a day trip and enjoying watersports”

Gauri (Couple)

“When I first visited in ‘90s the beach was completely different… It was much wider, full of foreigners, ambience was superb… sad to see, now it’s not well maintained, only a few foreigners visiting… it’s a bad sign for such a famous tourist spot!”

Soumen (Family/ Older couples)

Anjuna Beach in the eyes of Foreigners

“The beach, the market, restaurants, club, we really like Anjuna… We’ll be back again… Highly recommend to the guys who love to hang out.”

Yulia (Russian Couple)

“The beach is nice but the prime focus here is the nightlife… I love the flea market.”

Sarah & Michael (German couple)

“A little crowded but it has a nice vibe… especially the sunset and flea market.”

Kev (UK, solo trip)

“I love the flea market only… otherwise the beach is dirty… I see, how Indian men leave their used rubbish here and there in the beach… its irritating… There are far better beaches in Goa”

Frank (German, solo trip)

“The beach is beautiful, but the beach vendors are too disturbing… Sometimes it’s hard to spend 10 minutes without hassle from another vendor asking to check their jypsy shop!”

Garcia (Canadian couple)

 “The ocean is clean and beautiful but the beach is full of dirt… so much disturbace on the beach… lots of street vendors ask frequently to buy their trinkets… horrible experience about the annoying Indian men… they just stare ruthlessly and take photographs of white women”

Natalia (Russia couple)

 “The beach is cool, sunset is beautiful but the crowd is not… Not sure why the Indian people are running behind to take photos!”

Nizhny (Russian)

 “It’s awful; ‘80s pristine paradise is ruined – sad to see Anjuna Beach becomes so unorganized and dirty.”

Harris (UK, older couple)

So, I find a mixed reaction, especially from foreigners.

Definitely, some annoying points are in the limelight, which is unfortunate! Nevertheless, it’s clear that most people are loving Anjuna Beach because,

  • The beach is still beautiful
  • Ambiance is vibrant
  • The flea market is so popular, especially among foreign guests!

Wrapping Up…

I hope the above information will help you to plan an ideal trip to Anjuna Beach and the rest of North Goa. Mixed reactions are everywhere, whether to visit a place or not, completely depends on your personal taste of traveling. I felt Anjuna Beach in Goa is a must-visit place, at least for a day trip, preferably on Wednesday.

If you have visited Anjuna Beach in past, don’t hesitate to share your experience. Your vision may help some other tourists who are planning for Anjuna trip or Goa tour in future.

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