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Sinkawli Homestay: Your Perfect Retreat in Tinchuley

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Sinkawli Homestay shines as a prominent choice among the abundant lodging options in the Takda-Tinchuley region; over years they are consistently delivering exceptional customer satisfaction to their guests. Nestled in a tranquil setting in lower Tinchuley, and conveniently close to the Takdah engineering college, it’s an ideal stop for peace-loving tourists, especially for families and couples.

Unlike many other roadside homestays in Tinchuley, this one is located at a serene location away from the busy road. The other remarkable positives of this homestay are, it’s spacious, and very well maintained, operated by courteous owners, and serves delicious meals.

Sinkawli Homestay

4.4 out of 5
Sinkawli Homestay in Tinchuley

Sinkawli Homestay is considered one of the best homestays in Tinchuley. Here, you can enjoy beautiful valley views, warm hospitality, and delicious meals amidst a serene setting. Let’s delve into the deep and explore the property.

4.5 out of 5
4 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
Value for money
4.5 out of 5


Serene Location

Well maintained

Hospitable owner and staff

Delicious meals


No Mt. Kanchenjungha view

Accommodation Offerings at Sinkawli Homestay

Sinkawli Homestay offers a variety of accommodation options, with a total of 7 rooms falling into 3 different categories; the relaxing grass lawn and well-maintained garden in the middle and complimentary additions to this property.

Sinkawli Homestay

Among all rooms, 5 are gracefully situated around the garden, providing a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Within this set, 2 premium cottages stand out, slightly higher in price, making them an ideal choice for honeymooners seeking a special retreat.

The remaining 3 rooms are arranged in a row under a common roof, each designed to offer comfort and convenience to the guests.

Rest of the 2 rooms are part of a shared cottage, gracefully positioned just two steps below the lawn area. A common lawn cum sitting area is available in front of this cottage, allowing guests to relax and unwind in a peaceful ambience. This one is ideal if you are traveling in a group of two families or couples.

All rooms at Sinkawli Homestay are equipped with a queen-size bed and an additional complimentary single bed, ideal for accommodating groups of three. Each room features a private bathroom, a kettle for your convenience, and a wardrobe to store your belongings securely.

A couple of chairs are given along with to relax on the balcony or the lawn area.

Foods in Sinkawli Homestay

At Sinkawli Homestay, you can enjoy the convenience of inclusive meals as part of your booking. The hospitable team (family members of the owner) at the homestay will serve you delicious food and refreshing tea five times a day, ensuring that your culinary needs are well taken care of.

Morning callWith a Cup of tea
Breakfast[Puri/ roti, Sabji, and Sweet] or [Bread-Butter, Egg/Sweet] or [Noodles]
LunchRice, sabji, potato/vegetable fry, daal, egg/chicken curry, chatni, sweet
Evening snacksMomo/Pakoda, tea
DinnerRice/roti, Sabji, daal, Egg/Chicken curry
Veg options are available on demand

The day begins with a delightful wake-up tea in the early morning, providing a rejuvenating start to your day. For breakfast, you can indulge in a variety of options, including Puri/Roti, sabji (vegetable dish), and a sweet treat. Alternatively, you may opt for bread, butter, eggs, and a sweet delicacy.

At lunchtime, you’ll be served a fulfilling meal consisting of rice, sabji, potato or vegetable fry, daal (lentils), a choice of egg/chicken curry, chanti, and sweet. They can arrange paneer for fully vegetarian guests, but should be mentioned priorly.

In the evening, treat yourself to delightful snacks such as Momo or pakoda, served with a piping hot cup of tea.

Finally, for dinner, you can relish a fulfilling meal of either rice or roti with sabji, daal, and egg/chicken curry.

Sinkawli Homestay - the evening view from rooftop
In evening, Sinkawli Homestay looks beautiful from the rooftop

Generally, the food prepared in this hilly region lacks tasty flavors. But in Sinkawli Homestay, you can rest assured that every meal exceeds your expectations. All the meals are prepared by the homestay owner and family members themselves. There are no external workers involved, ensuring that the food is prepared with utmost care and a homely touch. The use of fresh, healthy, and organic vegetables further adds to the authenticity and goodness of the food.

Meet the Heartwarming Hosts and Staff of Sinkawli Homestay

When traveling to new destinations, you need support from the locality, especially from the hotel authorities who can help and guide you directly.

At Sinkawli Homestay, you’ll find a welcoming and supportive team dedicated to making your travel experience truly feel like a home away from home.

The owner himself exudes politeness and is genuinely helpful, always ready to assist and guide you seamlessly during your stay. The other members associated with the homestay, including the owner’s mother, wife, and sister, also exhibit a cooperative and friendly demeanor. Their collective effort creates a wonderful and memorable atmosphere at Sinkawli Homestay.

?A heartwarming incident exemplifies the exceptional hospitality at Sinkawli Homestay?

In our group, we had three children who were eager to play bat-ball (cricket by the way) on the lawn. Although they had balls, they lacked a cricket bat. When the wife of the homestay owner learned about this, she promptly found a bat from the storeroom and gracefully offered it to the children.

It turned into a joyful occasion, with not only the kids enjoying the game, but we seniors also joined in the fun, playfully swinging the bat, relishing the opportunity to swing the bat.

Tinchuley Sightseeing Offerings

It’s difficult to find out a tour operator or car driver for arranging a sightseeing trip around Tinchuley. For this particular, you mostly need to depend on your homestay owner; they generally arrange cars for your sightseeing trip.

The good thing about Sinkawli Homestay is, the owner of the property owns a 7-seater car (SUV) which is very much comfortable. He also set the best nearby spots for you to visit. Generally, on a day trip, they cover 4-5 points in exchange for INR. 2500-3000.

Note: You also get a car for sightseeing from Takdah market, but they ask for minimum of 3000/- for a mini sedan.

Before planning a trip, you should preferably check this article for the Best sightseeing spots in Tinchuley.

Pros and Cons of Sinkawli Homestay: Unraveling the Experience

? Things You’ll Love at Sinkawli Homestay ?

?Serene Location: Sinkawli Homestay is peacefully situated away from the roadside, providing a tranquil environment for guests to enjoy.

?Exclusive Valley View: Guests can relish a breathtaking valley view from both the lawn and the rooftop, adding to the charm of the stay.

?Spacious Lawn and Sitting Area: The homestay boasts a wide, open lawn and a comfortable sitting area, perfect for relaxation and unwinding amidst nature.

?Beautifully Maintained: The homestay is meticulously kept and adorned with numerous plants showcasing vibrant blossoming flowers, enhancing the overall ambiance.

?Reasonable Cost: Despite its exceptional offerings, the homestay maintains reasonable and affordable pricing, making it a great value for money.

?Hospitable Owner: The homestay owner is known for being well-behaved, cooperative, and professional, ensuring guests’ needs are catered to with care.

?Polite Staff: All members associated with the homestay exude politeness and courtesy, contributing to a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

?Delightful Meals: Guests are treated to delicious and flavorful meals, adding a delightful culinary experience to their stay.

?Bonfire Facility: On request, the homestay owner arranges for bonfires, allowing guests to enjoy cozy and memorable evenings.

?Sightseeing Tours: The homestay offers the convenience of organizing sightseeing tours upon request in exchange for a reasonable amount of money, making it easier for guests to explore the area.

? Things You May Not Like About Sinkawli Homestay ?

??Slightly Hotter Location: Being situated in lower Tinchuley, the homestay might experience slightly warmer temperatures during peak summer days.

??No Kanchenjungha View: Unfortunately, the homestay does not provide a direct view of the majestic Kanchenjungha mountain range from its property.

Conclusive Remarks

Overall, Sinkawli Homestay offers an array of goods, including its serene location, beautiful valley views, well-maintained surroundings, hospitable staff, and delectable meals. Despite some minor drawbacks of warmer temperatures during peak summer (daytime) and the absence of a direct Kanchenjungha view, the homestay’s positive attributes make it a wonderful choice for a memorable and enjoyable stay in Tinchuley.

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