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Plan A Trip to Mousuni Island from Kolkata: Uncover the Hidden Gem of West Bengal

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Boasting a wide-stretched windy beach, mesmerizing sunset view, and rows of tamarisk and coconuts trees at the backdrop, Mousuni Island is an ideal weekend gateway near Kolkata. With a promising offer to provide exclusive tenting experiences and endless beach fun, this virgin island has recently become a tourist hotspot, especially to nature lovers and crazy travelers. Although the majority of tourists visit Mousuni Island from Kolkata and surroundings, its popularity is spreading fast all over the Bengal as well as neighboring states.

Apart from popular coastal destinations of West Bengal (Mandarmani, Digha, Tajpur, or Bakkhali), if you are willing to uncover a new holiday destination for a refreshing weekend trip, Mousuni Island is definitely one of the best options for you.

Where is Mousuni Island?

Can you remember the popular Bengali adage or even the famous Bengali song of Sagarika movie vocalized by the legendary singer, Shyamal Mitra …

আমার স্বপ্নে দেখা রাজকন্যা থাকে

সাত সাগর আর তের নদীর পারে

ময়ূর পঙ্খী ভিড়িয়ে দিয়ে সেথা,

দেখে এলেম তারে, সাত সাগরের পারে।।

film: Sagarika; Singer: Shyamal Mitra

This is exactly what I revealed during my trip to Mousuni Island! Not exactly 7 seas, but you have to cross more than 13 rivers for reaching Mousuni Island from Kolkata. However, the end part of the journey is undoubtfully very unique and exciting!

Situating in the deltaic region of West Bengal, Mousuni Island is completely enveloped in endless water bodies and mangrove forests. Local ferry services are the only threads that connect the Island to the mainland.

Ferryghat to reach Mousuni Island from Kolkata
One of the Ferry ghats, connecting Mousuni Island to the mainland of West Bengal

The southernmost part of the island is designated for tourism, while the rest part is allotted for the local inhabitant. Prime tourism Point of Mousuni Island is approximately 25 km away from the nearest railway station, Namkhana. The route of Mousuni Island divides from Namkhana- Bakkhali road, 15 km ahead of Bakkhali sea Beach.

I have discussed the details of the route to access Mousuni Island in one of the sections below.

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Things to do in Mousuni Island

The breathtaking view of infinite horizon, golden sunset, and glorious beach evenings are some of the very special things that attract mankind towards the coastal destinations. However, Mousuni Island offers more excitement that you may not experience elsewhere in West Bengal.

Let’s explore the complete list of things to do in Mousuni Island.

Experience Tent life in Mousuni Island

If you love trekking through the trails, camping life is not an unknown matter to you. But did you ever experience the ecstasy of tenting life on the beachfront? Yes, you may experience it in Goa, but what about coastal West Bengal?

In Mousuni Island, there is no 5-star hotel to stay in; in fact, the green tourism of Mousuni Island doesn’t allow any sort of concrete buildings for accommodation. Rather, you’ll get only tent facilities in there.

All the resorts in Mousuni Island are equipped with rows of tents shaded by tamarisk trees. Single tents are organized on the beachfront where two people can sleep easily. Also, larger family tents are available in some resorts; in case, you are not comfortable staying in single tents, you have the fair option to book a family tent.

Away from the concrete forest, sleeping under the open sky listening to the roaring sea is something very special that you can experience in Mousani Island’s tent facility. Indeed, watching the morning sea lying on the tent mat offers an ever-refreshing perception to your heart and soul.

Note: Bathrooms/washrooms in all the resorts are concrete-built.

Experience Morning Walk along the Beach

A beautiful morning on our visit to Mousuni Island from Kolkata

The widespread sandy beach of Mousuni island is ideal for a healthy morning walk; the windy atmosphere, rhythmic waves, and beachside beauty produce an enchanting ambiance all around, you can have an effortless walking experience across the beach, from south to north.

Strolling through the beach before and after sunset offers a completely different experience; watching the excellence of deep orange horizon, scattered fishing boats, and reflecting golden sand, Mousuni beach becomes ever-beautiful at the end of day.

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Go for Jammu Dwip Launch trip

Must enjoy launch trip to Jammu Dwip on your visit to Mousuni Island from Kolata and surroundings
Amazingly colorful sea view near Jammu Dwip

Trip to Jammu Dwip is very special to the crazy travelers; compact with fun and excitement, this trip is fully entertaining, and someone shouldn’t miss this under any circumstances.

Presently, Landing on Jammu Dwip is not allowed; for deer breeding, this small island has been undertaken by the forest department. The Launch takes you very close to the Island and slowly floats around the island so that you can experience the exterior lively.

The splendid beauty of Jammu Island reflects by its sandy beach occupied by thousands of red crabs, colorful ocean, ever-green mangrove forest, and the thudding waves around the mangroves; all you can experience with blinkless eyes standing on the launch deck.

You must be curious about the colorful ocean! Near Jammu Island, deep green sea confluences with lighter Hooghly River, producing a breathtaking sight in the middle of the Bay of Bengal.

One fact I still didn’t mention about this exciting trip! You know, it’s a floating party house in the middle of sea, equipped with a couple of DJ boxes; you can enjoy as you like on the launch deck (definitely without disturbing others). Every couple and bachelor enjoys the full party with their rocking and twisting waist. Yes, it’s an extremely fun atmosphere that you shouldn’t miss on your Mousani Island trip.

Don’t get late after breakfast, otherwise, you’ll miss the launch. The launch starts at 10:00-11:00 AM and returns back after 1:30 hours of full entertainment.

  • Timings: 10:00 AM (varies with season)
  • Charges: 200 per head


  1. If you don’t like loud musics and dancing people, you may avoid this trip.
  2. Reaching the launch from the shore is a bit difficult; you have to walk through knee-height sea water (even up to waist) because there is no permanent jetty at Mousani Island. The slippery mud and thudding wave may mess you up anytime. So, be careful and don’t get fully wet when reaching the launch.

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Enjoy Hand-sailed boat-ride

Enjoy boating on your weekend Trip to Mousuni Island from Kolkata and Surroundings…

If you are an adventure lover, you can try riding on hand-sailed boat. Many boatmen stroll around, you can hire one of them for a short boat ride into the wavy.

They generally offer you a trip to Sagardwip, Jammu Dwip, Bakkhali, and few other nearby islands. For reaching Sagardwip, you have to sail across the widest part of the confluence of Hooghly River; it takes around 2-2.5 hours to reach there, and 4-5 hours for an up-down trip. Other places need 2.5-3 hours for both-ways trips.


The ocean remains windy and billowy most of the time in this region. So, riding a hand-sailed boat for such a long trip is not very safe, especially if are traveling in a bigger group. You may hire them for a short adventure trip for sailing near the coast; for a long trip, choose the launch service as I mentioned in the above section.

Experience Beautiful Sunset from the Coast of Mousuni

Don't miss the sunset view on your trip to Mousuni Island from Kolkata

Eastern coast of India is mostly famous for elegant sunrise, while the western coast offers magnificent sunset view to the Arabian Sea. However, Mousuni Island is one of those unique destinations at the coast of Bay of Bengal, offering you a golden sunset view at the end of a glorious day.

[Notably, Kanyakumari is the only destination in India that let you experience both sunrise and sunset view.]

After a fully entertaining first half, you expect some relaxing hours in the afternoon, maybe lazing into your tent or gossiping around the camping restaurant. But you shouldn’t miss the exclusive sunset view from Mousuni Island; you may watch the sunset laying inside the beachfront tent, sitting around your camping resort, or even strolling across the virgin Mousuni Beach – anyway it’s a rare sight from any east-Indian cost, so don’t miss it.

The picture-perfect landscape appears to the widescreen when the horizon becomes completely orange, the red sun floats over the scattered fishing boats, and the beach sand converts to absolute gold! Indeed, it’s an outstanding sight that I experienced at the Bay of Bengal, right from the coast of Mousuni Island.

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Enjoy Campfire and Roasted Chicken in Delighting Evening

Must enjoy campfire of your trip to Mousuni Island from Kolkata

In the breezy evening, round table hangout is always special in coastal destinations, especially if the beach area remains free from the unwanted crowd; enjoying campfire and roasted chicken is an extra addition to the package of Mousuni trip!

Almost every resort/ camping facility in Mousuni Island arranges the evening time campfire event in exchange for a little money. Upon your demand, they prepare roasted chicken in the same fire and readily serve it on your tabletop.

Don’t miss this exciting event if you visit Mousuni Island in winter (Summer is much hot in Mousani, not suitable for campfire).

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Other Places to Visit near Mousuni Island

If you are on a weekend trip to Mousuni Island, don’t try visiting too many places to make your trip hectic. The above-mentioned list is more than enough to enjoy a complete weekend trip. After all, you are visiting Mousuni Island from Kolkata or elsewhere to spend a relaxing weekend, so there is no point to ruin it.

In case, you are on an extended trip to Mousuni and its surroundings, you can plan to visit nearby places, such as Bakkhali, Henry Island, Sagardwip, etc. Among these, Bakkhali is a popular tourist destination, where you can stay overnight and plan a day trip to Henry Island.

If you prefer staying at relatively peaceful Henry Island, you have to book the Government-affiliated Guesthouse prior to your visit; this is the only stay option in Henry Island.

Sundarban is also not far away, but planning a different trip for Sundarban is much wise.

Foods in Mousuni Island

All the beach resorts or camping facilities in Mousuni Island offer the full package, including fooding and lodging. They serve you tea and breakfast early in the morning and light tiffin in the evening; also, you’ll get delicious dishes for lunch and dinner. So, you don’t need to think much about fooding at Mousuni Island.

If you are traveling Mousuni Island from Kolkata and any other places in West Bengal, you’ll definitely love their preparations; all the dishes they serve are absolutely Bengali-friendly. Let’s have a brief look at their daily menu chart.

Early morningTea
BreakfastLoochi + Alur dum + Egg + sweet
Butter Toast + Egg + Sweet
LunchRice + Sabji + Dal + Prawn Malaikari/ Prawn kari + Ruhi/Katla kari + sweet
TiffinTea + Pakora + Muri
Dinner  Rice/Roti + Sabji + Dal + Chicken kari / kasha

Some resorts welcome you with fresh coconut water.

Unlike Digha or Mandarmani, you’ll not get fresh pomfret, Bagda Prawn, or king crabs in Mousuni Island. So, don’t expect any of these dishes at Mousuni.

How to reach Mousuni Island from Kolkata and surroundings

You can visit Mousuni Island from any place, but you have to crossover Kolkata anyway. So, I’m highlighting here only the route of Mousuni Island from Kolkata.

By Train

If you are willing to proceed via train you have to reach Sealdah station to avail Namkhana local. It takes about 3 hours to reach Namkhana from Sealdah.

Check the Time Table HERE.

Arrival to Namkhana station Trip to Mousuni Island from Kolkata
Namkhana Rail Station (Outside)

After reaching Namkhana, take a toto and proceed through Namkhana-Bakkhali Road to reach “Hujuter Kheya Ghat” (near 7 Mile) or “Patibunia Ferry Ghat” (near 10 Mile). It takes about 40-60 min. to reach these destinations.

The ferry service takes you to either side of the river; you are on Mousuni Island now. But you have to travel more for reaching Mousuni Beach. So, enjoy another toto ride for 20 minutes over the rugged and jagged road. It’s your final destination, now walk ahead to receive a warm welcome from your camping resort.

One of the ferry ghat in Mousuni Island
One of the Ferry ghat in Mousuni Island, connecting to the mainland of WB (via “Hujuter Ghat” Ferry service)

By Road

If you want to avoid 3 hours long journey sitting on the hard chairs of local train, road trip is the best option for you. If you have a personal car, put on the key and steadily reach up to “Hujuter Kheya Ghat” (near 7 Mile). You can’t travel all the way with your car; so, garage the car at the nearby car parking.

Then, cross the river by ferry service and take toto to reach your destination.

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Where to stay in Mousuni Island

Among rows of tenting facilities across the wide-stretched Mousuni Beach, you have to book the best one prior to your visit. I understand, it’s not an easy job.

From my personal experience, I’m suggesting some of the best camp houses in the center of Mousuni Beach, which have grown fast after handling two back-to-back giant storms, Amphan and Yaas. Take a look at the following list.

Mousuni Island Teentara – 8100011155

Nil Diganta – 7001266575

The dolphin Camp – 9836747676

Sand Castles – 9330246505

Mukta Bilash – 9681525008

Neel Nirjone – 7439776199

Holud Pakhi – 82729 73390

When to visit Mousuni Island

Winter is the best season for visiting Mousuni Island, specifically from mid-November to February, when the weather remains cool and dry.

If the tent tops are not well shaded, you can’t stay inside the tents from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, even during full winter; Summertime remains even hotter. Also, it’s better to avoid visiting Mousuni Island during Monsoon.

Is it worth taking sea-bath at Mousuni Beach?

Is it worthy to take sea bath at Mousuni Beach

Sea bathing at Mousuni Beach is not so worthy due to 3 main reasons.

  1. Most part of the beach is muddy. You’ll not enjoy bathing at the mud beach.
  2. Sea water is not so clean.
  3. Winter is the most recommended season for Mousuni trip, when sea water remains very cold. You’ll not enjoy bathing at chilled sea water.

However, nothing is a burden if you are crazy travelers, love to enjoy everything under any circumstances, as we did. We fairly experienced a thrilling sea bath at the mud beach of Mousuni Island, even in the chilling cold of peak winter!!

Wrapping up

Beautiful Mousuni Island has been repeatedly affected by heavy storms in recent times, specifically by Amphan and Yaas. The landscape lost its former beauty, resort owners lost their business, villagers lost their earnings. Still, they fought back, slowly but steadily they built up everything again; indeed, it’s great news for the passionate travelers, villagers, the resort owners, and of course for West Bengal tourism. Support them to grow further simply by spending an awesome weekend in their place.

Wish you all the very best for planning the great trip to Mousuni Island.

If you have any further queries, feel free to me in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out. If you find the article helpful, social sharing will be much appreciated.

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