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Lovers meet viewpoint - Peshok (West Bengal - North)

Lovers Meet Viewpoint: Witness the Majestic Aerial View of River Confluence

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Situated near Peshok, the Lovers Meet Viewpoint offers a breathtaking aerial perspective of the river confluence, where river Greater Rangeet meets to river Teesta River. This confluence, also known as Triveni Sangam to the locals, reveals the distinct colors of the merging waters. The Rangeet River appears in a dark green hue, while the Teesta River exhibits a lighter shade of green. The view from the top is truly fantastic, and with a zooming camera, you can capture an auspicious closer look.

Can You Reach the Confluence Point?

The Lovers Meet Viewpoint is actually situated high above the confluence point, but you can reach the actual confluence by traveling downwards.

Most tour operators/ drivers include this visit as part of their full-day sightseeing tour, along with 4-5 other spots. They typically charge around INR 2500-3000/- for a complete day trip. You have the option to choose among other attractions like Gumbadara Viewpoint, Peshok Tea Garden, Lamahatta Eco Park, Triveni Sangan, Bara Mangwa Orange Garden (seasonal), Tinchuley Monastery, Rangli Tea Garden, and more.

Lovers Meet Viewpoint - Peshok
River confluence view from Lovers Meet Viewpoint

The sandy river bank at the confluence point offers an excellent camping spot. With the backdrop of lush green hills encircling you in a 360° panorama, it creates a picturesque setting. This is a place where you can truly immerse yourself in nature, with the crystal-clear Rangeet River on one side and the mesmerizing flow of the Teesta River on the other. The experience is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

However, it is advisable to avoid camping during the summer season as the area near the confluence becomes hot from the end of spring and the heat wave increases with the progress of summer.

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Experiencing the Lovers Meet Viewpoint

During the peak season, the Lovers Meet Viewpoint is typically just a 10-minute stop. Let me explain why.

The viewpoint area is not very large; it is bind within a 2500 sq ft concrete basin that becomes overcrowded and congested during the daytime. Even, it can be challenging to take a proper selfie as the large crowd always buzzing behind you. Additionally, the nearby food stalls are often overwhelmed, giving the impression of a tiny food fair.

In such situations, you can only see the river confluence from the top, take some quick photos, and then get back to your car.

However, if you visit early in the morning before the crowd arrives, it is undoubtedly relaxing. You can sit on the benches, enjoy the beauty of the confluence, and immerse yourself in the surroundings while listening to the birds’ melodies. It provides an incredibly peaceful atmosphere in the morning hours. Moreover, the nearby forest looks enchanting as the first rays of the sun pass through the tall trees, creating a dreamy ambiance.

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Nearby Spots to Visit

How to Reach Lovers Meet Viewpoint

The Lovers Meet Viewpoint is often included as part of the local sightseeing itinerary for nearby offbeat destinations like Tinchuley, Takdah, Peshok, Bara Mangwa, and Lamahatta. However, many tourists also travel there directly from Darjeeling and Kalimpong.

However, you can access this spot from anywhere in Darjeeling and Kalimpong Hills. Simply hire a car from your homestay and book it for a day trip, which will allow you to explore the nearby sightseeing destinations, including this viewpoint. The car rental cost for a complete day trip typically ranges from 2500-3000/-.

It’s worth noting that Peshok is the nearest place to the viewpoint where you can find accommodation options for your night stay.

The ideal Time to Visit LM Viewpoint

The ideal times to visit the LM viewpoint are autumn (October-November), winter (December-February), and spring (March-April). November to March is the best season for camping by the confluence. However, it is better to avoid October-November and April-May, as these months are peak seasons, and the spot can be overcrowded during the daytime.

The Lovers Meet Viewpoint is located at a lower altitude compared to popular destinations like Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Tinchuley, and other nearby offbeat places. The camping site near the confluence is situated further downhill. Due to this lower elevation, these areas tend to be much hotter, making it advisable to avoid visiting during the summer months when temperatures are high.

However, the month of May is the summer vacation season in West Bengal, hence a huge crowd gathers here despite the hot condition.

Relaxing at Lovers Meet Viewpoint

It is important to note that the monsoon season can pose safety risks in the hills due to landslides. Apart from that, the region is generally comfortable and overwhelmed with lush green during the full monsoon season.

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Available Foods

As mentioned earlier, this place is more like a mini food fair in the middle of the hills. Within the 2000 sqft. viewpoint area, you’ll find 5-6 food stalls, which are typically crowded during the peak season. It seems like tourists visit this place for a quick lunch break rather than enjoy the sight!

The stalls offer a variety of food and snack items, including tea, coffee, noodles, momos, ice cream, cold drinks, packaged snacks, and a wide selection of fruits.

However, it’s worth noting that during the peak season, all items are overpriced here. For example, coconut water, which typically costs 30-40/-, may be priced at 80-100/- per piece. If you’re looking for a healthy option, you can try a plate of mixed fruits, which usually costs around 120-150/- depending on the quantity.

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Where to Stay near Lovers Meet Viewpoint

The Lovers Meet Viewpoint is located far away from popular destinations like Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Tinchuley, Dawaipani, and Lamahatta. Only the village of Peshok situates in close proximity to this spot. If you wish to immerse yourself in the true vibe of the Lovers Meet Viewpoint and experience the sandy banks of the confluence, Peshok is the ideal place to spend the night.

Peshok is still a relatively less-explored destination and has only a few homestays available. Finding a lovely homestay can be challenging in this area.

However, Sovakiran Homestay is a recommended option that provides comfortable accommodation in Peshok.

Alternatively, you can consider staying in other nearby destinations such as Tinchuley, Takdah, Lamahatta, or Bara Mangwa.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the Lovers Meet Viewpoint is a good place to visit, but only if you go there during off-season; If are traveling there during peak season, must access this place early in the morning before the crowds arrive. Otherwise, it may feel like a typical commercial tourist spot, that is lacking the serenity of offbeat hills.

The view of the confluence from the top is beautiful, and you can venture down to the riverbank for a camping experience, particularly in the winter or spring seasons.

Have a pleasant trip!

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