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Trip to Chidiya Tapu Beach and Surroundings (Andaman)

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Presenting mesmerizing natural beauty with black hills (Kala Pahar) at the front end, Chidiya Tapu Beach is a delightful tourist spot in Andaman. When you are halting at Port Blair during your Andaman tour, must plan a day trip to this destination and enjoy the charm of beach, forest, and hill trek altogether. Let’s check the details before planning the upcoming trip!

Geography of Chidiya Tapu Beach & Surroundings

The little hamlet Chidiya Tapu situates only 17 km away from Port Blair and is easily accessible from the capital by hiring a cab/ rented car. The beach adjacent to the village is C-shaped, offering a calm and serene ambiance.

If you move further south by following Munda Pahar beach road, you’ll reach Munda Pahar beach which offers a fantastic sunset view behind the calm sea.

Also, there is a fascinating trek route over the hill that initiates from Chiriatapu and ends at Munda Pahar viewpoint. This is the southernmost end of the South Andaman district, surrounded by the sea from three sides. From the top of Munda Pahar (hill), you can reveal the splendid beauty of the ever-blue Andaman Sea.

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The Nomenclature

Chidiya means birds and Tapu means small hill or island. As the name denotes, the place is a paradise for birds. Plenty of endemic vibrant bird species dwell there freely; indeed, it’s the open heaven for a bird photographer on a less crowded day.

Things to Do at Chidiya Tapu, Andaman

Although the major tourist attraction is Chidiya Tapu beach itself, you have the golden opportunity to experience more things across the village, especially if you are an adventure lover.

So, let’s check the list below.

Chidiya Tapu Beach visit

Chidiya Tapu beach is embellished with white sand on the floor, deep forest at the backdrop, and a calm sea at the front. A shallow marshy place is present opposite the sea where small crocodiles live. Though there are much cautious sign boards about sharks but nothing to worry about, you can find many boats patrolling there.

Chidiya Tapu Beach owns a flatter shore with smaller weaves that is ideal for sea bathing, but for the shark reason, bathing or swimming is not much recommended here. Also part of the sea beach is enrolled with rocks and boulders. However, you can enjoy a little dip in the marked area safely.

Chidiya Tapu Beach

Unlike several other Andaman beaches, Chidiya Tapu is a west-facing beach. So, on a clear day, you can enjoy a magnificent sunset; at the end of day, the orange sun disappears behind a small island, namely Kala Pahar (Due to its black color).

There are many tall trees on the beach, some are fallen on the sand along with their textured roots. Some of the fallen tree logs are used for making natural chairs and tables which fairly increases the beauty of the beach.

Some water sports activities, such as coral-viewing, trekking, bird-watching, etc. are available here; you can enjoy everything if you stay there for a full day.

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Munda Pahar Beach

Chidiya Tapu Beach Andaman

From Chidiya Tapu, if you go further south you will get the Munda Pahar Beach at 2 km distance. This is a more peaceful beach because of limited crowd. Here snorkeling and bathing are allowed but don’t go deeper into the sea because of underwater rocks. You can also spend some relaxed time fishing and basking in the sun on a cold day.

Trekking to Munda Pahar viewpoint

If you love to enjoy a bit more adventure, you should attend the trekking. The fascinating trek trail starts from Chidiya Tapu beach and traverses through forest, beaches, and parts of the Chidiya Tapu Biological Park and ends at the southernmost tip of South Andaman. This trail is about 2 km long and takes around 45 mins to 1 hour, depending upon your pace.

You can start in the morning or in afternoon with parcelled food and water, well-gripped shoes, binoculars, and camera. The trek path isn’t smooth; instead it is an up-and-down surface, with rock, pebbles, and somewhere muddy after a rain. Remember, you have to return from this part before sunset. Experiencing seaside sunset view from Chidiya Tapu Beach is much safer.

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Bird Photography around Chidiya Tapu Beach

There are about 46 endemic bird species around Chidiya Tapu, which include white-billed sea eagles, imperial green and grey-fronted pigeons, long-tailed and red-breasted parakeets, drongos, scarlet minivet, and more.

You have to carry a binocular or a high-zooming camera to get a closer look. Due to the interference of visitors, birds migrated deep into the jungle though sea birds dwell around the seaside. In the morning or in afternoon, while trekking through the jungle you can hear pleasant chirping of many birds.

So, if you love to hunt rare birds’ photos, Chidiya Tapu Beach and surroundings are the real heaven for you!

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Chidiya Tapu Biological Park

Biological park near Chidiya Tapu Beach Andaman

A small biological park situates just beside Chidiya Tapu beach. Enriched with lots of birds, reptiles, and mammals, it’s a part of the Chidiya Tapu reserve forest. The park came into the limelight in 2001.

The reserve forest is used for conserving and studying endemic flora and fauna of Andaman. Different types of wetland birds are found in the marshy place such as white-breasted kingfisher, black-backed kingfisher, large egret, purple moorhen, Andaman teal, and many others. However, the giant monitor lizard and saltwater crocodiles are prime attractions in this area. Also, spotted deers, barking deers, and wild pigs dwell here and there inside the park. Being a lucky fellow, you may see crab-eating monkeys. Among green vegetation, you can majorly find large mahua trees and majestic padauk trees.

For your note, this is not a decorated and well-maintained park, rather it’s an example of a jungle-like environment that always recreates its natural habitat.

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How to visit Chidiya Tapu Beach

As mentioned above, Chidiya Tapu is a small village at the southern end of South Andaman district. It is about 17 km away from the capital Port Blair that is reachable via National Highway-4.

During your stay at Port Blair, you can book a cab from your hotel to visit this place. It’s a 40 minutes road trip that offers a great experience to travel through the deep forest, wondering hills, and seaside peaks.

Nearest Airport: Veer Savarkar International Airport

Chidiya Tapu Beach Trip: At a glimpse

Blue sea, green forest, white sand, chirping of birds, interesting animals, mesmerizing sunset, and the fascinating trekking experience… trip to Chidiya Tapu really offers a lot! In addition, the seaside sunset view is ever-memorable.

On your Andaman trip, don’t forget to include this awesome place in your travel list.

Have a nice trip!

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