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Honeymoon Trip Planner – A Guide for Planning Honeymoon trip

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Spring, the season of love is coming soon. The season of honeymoon is never been restricted in a specific month, but of course, colorful spring is one of the favorite choices for the couples.

This honeymoon trip planner is a special gift to all the new couples who are just going to start their new journey with their loved ones.

Just similar to you, we also became internet sick when we were planning our honeymoon trip, 8 years back.

I personally understand the sentiments that work within the new couples about this very special trip of life. The following tips I introduced here will be very useful for you as I included my personal couple travel experiences here on this honeymoon trip planner.

So, let’s head-on.

A common mistake made by most of the couples

Yes, your wedding day is obviously a big day in your life, but most people prefer to put a wedding ceremony treat on the same day and eventually become busy and tired; in fact, new couples need to provide much attention to their guests rather than themselves. And once the one-day wedding ceremony finishes both of you are tired actually.

The real flowers start blossoming from the next day when couples get some free time to attend themselves. And this is the most ideal time to head for the honeymoon trip far away from the known crowd, where you and your life partner can spend some romantic moments together for a few days.

How will be it if you have a readymade honeymoon plan to fly away the next morning, or maybe within a week of your wedding?

Unfortunately, most of the couples make a mistake here. Most of them never plan a honeymoon trip during the post-wedding seasons, rather before marriage they focus only on the one-day wedding ceremony!

Eventually, unplanned couples miss out on the chance to enjoy the early-stage romance in a dream destination.

Anyway, couples often start planning a honeymoon trip one day after their marriage in a hurry. And you know, the action of hurry makes things wrong.

What may be the negatives of a late honeymoon trip planning?

  • You’ll be missing the taste of early-stage romance in a dream destination
  • Instant planning may cost you much higher in terms of airfare and hotel rents.
  • You may not decide on the perfect honeymoon spot.

I hope you are not among them. Even if you have already done the mistake, don’t worry! I made a honeymoon trip planner that will help every couple. Just follow the guide properly rather than making another mistake in a hurry.

Common tips for planning a Honeymoon trip

Before I am moving to the Honeymoon trip planner checkbox, just take a look over my essential tips for your planning.

  • Plan early (preferably 6 months prior to your wedding date
  • It’s definitely a lifetime trip, still don’t forget to calculate your budget.
  • Plan together, maybe you like nomadic and your spouse love leisure, solve the puzzle first.
  • Do rapid research online for the selected place, before depending on an agent.
  • Don’t select a remote destination for your honeymoon trip.
  • If it’s not a remote destination, no need to contact an offline tour agent, rather plan the trip yourself. This will help you to plan a bit more relaxed trip. After all, it’s your honeymoon trip and should be a leisure trip.
  • Book your flight immediately if your destination is final.
  • Search for the best spots near your selected place and draw a plan diagram.
  • Book your lodging accordingly. It’s good to check the company that is offering the best deal, but you should note, some booking sites offer to lodge to the unique locations; don’t miss it.
  • You should Book a viewing room (sea view or Mountain View) with a balcony. This may cost a bit more than garden view rooms, but frankly speaking, on your leisure honeymoon trip you are going to spend a bit more time within the hotel room than usual. So, it is always better to have an option to enjoy the beauty right from your room.

Honeymoon trip planner

It’s a big deal to plan your honeymoon trip perfectly. Maybe you are a frequent traveler and adventure lover, but honeymoon trip is a bit different than other tours.

If your wedding date is fixed, don’t waste your time, upon returning home from your day-job spend some time daily from at least 6 months prior to your wedding date.

Let’s head over step by step.

Fix the budget

Fixing the budget for your honeymoon trip is the first and foremost job. After arranging a costly wedding reception, everyone may not be able to spend a lot of money for their first honeymoon trip.

Many couples make special savings for a dream honeymoon trip. If you are among them, you can definitely proceed to arrange a high-cost tour plan, but there are always cheaper alternatives with similar tastes.

It all depends on you, how much you prefer to spend on your first honeymoon. Whatever it is, you should fix your budget first before starting a plan.

Finalize the length of your trip

Trip length is important. It basically depends on your budget, the job type you are involved with, the number of casual leave you can manage from your office.

If you are involved in an offline business you may not leave it alone for a long time, probably 7-25 days should be your maximum vacation period.

If you an office worker, they are not going to provide you a month’s long leave for your honeymoon trip. In general, the people involved in a day job can manage a maximum of 7-15 days of casual leave for a honeymoon trip. The longer the leave your employer provide, the heavier will be the workload upon returning. So plan accordingly.

Freelancers, online entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers generally lead a flexible life.  If you are involved in any such business, you have an option to spend a long and long honeymoon trip if your pocket permits, because if you have your laptop and an internet connection, you can work from anywhere.

So check the following points for fixing your trip length.

  • Your budget
  • You job-type (office worker/business/freelancer/online entrepreneur)
  • Number of holidays you can manage

Choosing destination

Your next job is to choose a romantic destination that is liked by both of you. Preferably the destination shouldn’t be a hectic one; that means the nearby spots should be covered easily rather than hectic trekking or full day driving.

You need to spend some quality time on the virgin sea beach or in front of an epic mountain view. A hectic journey every day in your honeymoon trip suck all of your energy.

High-cost destinations

If you saved your honeymoon budget in a special fund to experience an ultimate honeymoon trip, you can choose a destination at Europe, USA or Oceania sub-continents.

Due to a wide variety of landscapes, Europe is one of the top choices for couples. You can choose to plan a honeymoon trip in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, Norway, Croatia, Greece, Finland, etc., or you can plan a combined including several countries if you have enough time in your hand.

Honeymoon couples prefer calm and scenic places. The magnificent landscapes in New Zealand and Australia are an irresistible call for the new couples. If you are in a high budget you can choose Oceania for your honeymoon trip.

Within and around the USA and Canada you’ll get several romantic destinations.

Carmel beach, Maui, Jackson Hole, Hawaii, Glacier National Park, Napa Valley, Monterey, Aspen, Lake Tahoe, Honolulu, San Juan Islands, Stowe, Sanibel islands, Grand Canyon, Supai, Cape Cod, etc. are some great honeymoon destination within USA.

In case you are a resident of the USA, you can definitely choose a nearby destination, but if you are not from the US or Canada it would be a really high-cost trip.

Cheaper destinations

Several countries within Asia and Africa sub-continent offer some awesome honeymoon destinations at a cheaper price.

Thailand, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and India would be at the top of the list. Thailand and India are the cheapest options of course. In Thailand, you can experience amazing sea beaches, coral island, bioluminescent planktons, the amazing sunsets, cool hilly landscapes and waterfalls in the north.

On the other hand in India, you’ll get an incredible variety of landscapes. You’ll get snow-covered mountains, beautiful beaches and Coral islands, desert, deep forest, evergreen hilly landscape at world’s highest raining destination, and the last but not least, historical monuments. Indian citizens are really lucky to get a chance to explore such a variety within their country.

Shimla, Manali, Kashmir, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Goa, Andaman islands, Lakshadweep Island, Pondicherry, and Kerala are some most popular honeymoon destinations in India.

Within the African sub-continent, Mauritius Tanzania, Namibia, Seychelles, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Mozambique, Cape Town, Madagascar, Sharm El Sheikh, etc. are some most popular honeymoon destinations.

Now you have a good idea about the worldwide scenarios of honeymoon destinations. I hope you accumulated some more in-depth idea from the links given above.

If you can’t manage much time for your honeymoon trip, I strongly suggest you select 1 destination/country for your honeymoon trip.

USA, India, China, Australia, etc. are very large countries, so if you are planning to visit these countries in your honeymoon trip, you should not choose to explore the full country in a short time, rather choose 1-2 destinations and enjoy your honeymoon with relaxing.

In case you are a freelancer or online entrepreneur, you have a lot of time in your hand. So, you can plan a lengthy trip compiling several romantic destinations and countries together.

One more important thing is to be noted. You must check well what the tourist seasons for your chosen destinations are. If you visit there in the wrong season, there is nothing more frustrating than that.

Book your flight ticket or Train ticket

So far you have fixed your startup and return dates, and also fixed your honeymoon destinations. Now don’t waste time to book your journey tickets.

For now, you can skip the bookings for the internal route, but you should book a ticket for your startup and return dates because flight fares will be increasing day-by-day. The same is applicable for train reservations; otherwise, you may be missing your seats.

If you have decided to plan with honeymoon bookings with a travel agent, and if they are including the return journey in their package, you may skip this stage. But I personally suggest you plan by yourself with the help of a travel planner, because travel agents generally offer a very tough schedule to cover all the places in a short time. Moreover, you have to stay in the hotels they provide you, which you may not like for your honeymoon trip.

Plan to route map for your honeymoon trip

This one is a critical job. It is easier to finalize a place to visit, but choosing the right spots nearby is not easy.

In your honeymoon trip, you can’t make your journey hectic in the middle of the tour. So you have to study well on the internet and…

  1. 1. Organize the suitable spots that you can visit.
  2. 2. Create the best and shortest route map.
  3. 3. Finalize where you visit after covering one spot.
  4. 4. Finalize where you prefer to stay each night and for how many days.
  5. 5. Put the Best location at the end of your trip.

For an absolutely new place you can higher an online tour planner for planning your route map. They are experienced and well known about particular places. Definitely they charge a little money for that, but saves your lot of time and effort and they’ll plan a best schedule for you.

We can help you in planning a trip in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Srilanka, Malaysia, New Zealand, and several European and African countries.

I suggest you to complete up to this point, at least 4-5 months before your starting date.

Start booking hotels and internal transports

You know, in a busy season hotel prices hikes a lot. But online booking sites offer big discounts at certain times of the year. So, I suggest you grab their offers.

Early booking is necessary due to another reason. During the top season, best hotels are in high demand in general. So late booking may lead you to miss out on your favorite hotels.

So, choose hotels and book them at your earliest.

Internal transports are also necessary to pre-book as they demand a high price on spot booking. If you are choosing to visit multiple countries on your honeymoon trip, you have to book the flight tickets for your internal transportation.

Again, if you are planning to visit with the travel agents they’ll take care of all these.

3 months left, it’s VISA time

For a domestic honeymoon trip, VISA is not required. So, you can relax now.

But if you have chosen an exotic foreign destination to keep your honeymoon trip memorable forever, it’s time to apply for VISA.

Although a tourist VISA is an easier process, still you shouldn’t make any delay. It’s a matter of important documents, and some countries are very skeptical about allowing a foreign resident, even though it’s a matter of simple tourism. In those situations, the processing time may be a bit longer.

So, accumulate all the required documents and head over to the VISA office now.

4 weeks left, let’s start packaging

You may be thinking 4 weeks is too early to start packaging! Right!

No, it’s not at all, at least when it’s a matter of a long trip.

The first task is to make a checklist for your honeymoon trip. Be very careful when you are creating the list. 4 weeks-time will reduce the chance to miss any item.

When you make the list, you may notice some travel accessories or clothes, such as beach accessories, winter jackets or other travel-related items that need to be purchased. You can immediately order those items, so that you receive everything within the next 4 weeks.

In the front end, gather all other available stuffs near your suitcase.

If your tour starting date is just after your wedding day, you should complete your trip packaging at least 5 days prior to your date of the wedding.

1 day left … Feeling excited?

I can realize the excitement in you for the upcoming journey the next morning, but don’t sleep a late night if your flight starts early in the morning. There is a long journey ahead and don’t forget about the jet lag. So, it is better to take some rest.

The day of Journey

Put your toothbrush in your backpack, don’t forget it. Many people make this mistake.


That’s all ladies and gentlemen.

Have a nice journey and all the very best for your honeymoon trip.

If you have any query, please drop the question in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

If you need a honeymoon trip planner or guidance for a particular destination you can contact us. We’ll make a perfect plan with route maps for you as per our expertise. We can assist you in booking related issues also. You can contact us any time.

And finally, I just wanted to say the last thing… If you find the suggestions helpful, it is much appreciated if you share the article, just by clicking the social media button below.

Thanking you




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