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Best Female Urination Device List with Price:

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Traveling with a filled bladder is neither comfortable nor healthy, only sufferers know this the best. Undoubtfully, a female urination device is a great friend for traveling women; she allows you to accept nature’s call anywhere away any time, keeps you joyful and healthy. that’s why many women already adopted the FUDs as an essential travel accessory.

So, you also like to join the party for making your journey joyful and ever-comfortable, right?

Let’s get to the point directly, show you the list from which you can pick the best Female Urination Device for your upcoming trip. Before that, I’ll offer very brief information mentioning the urgency of using FUDs.

Major Urination Problems Most Traveling Women Face

According to the topic of discussion, journey through flight is definitely more comfortable for women; Every airline is accommodated with neat and clean toilets. The journey on the train is even considerable; though train toilets are pretty nasty in In some countries and enough to suffocate inside, railways of many countries keep attention about toilet hygiene. But what about road trips? You can’t visit everywhere by flight or train.

Truthfully, most women face serious urination problems during long drives or hiking trips. On a road trip, still, you’ll get a toilet at a certain distance (mostly very nasty and unhygienic), but a hiking route will hardly offer you woods. Indeed, pee “behind the woods” in bareback is really awkward when traveling in a group. Alternative option? Hold it inside until you get a public toilet.

Best Female Urination Device list and Prices.
Enjoy your trekking, hiking, camping, concerts, road trip with a FUD in your Backpack. Stay tension free.

Let’s point out the major urination problems at a glance, that women generally face while traveling:

  • Long drive: During the long drive, you’ll not get a clean toilet usually.
  • Trekking and hiking: In a trek route you just forget about a toilet, you are lucky if you get one.
  • Camping: Ladies often suffer from urination problems on a camping trip with a group of guys. 
  • Hold it inside: This is not only painful but also initiates critical diseases if you do this continuously.
  • Behind the woods: Under certain tight situations, you have to pee behind the woods in the bare butt, Isn’t this awkward?
  • Unhygienic toilets beside the road: It is very unhealthy to kneel and urinate in a roadside unhygienic toilet; this can call in critical urinary tract infection. Always keep a distance from the roadside toilet floor.

This is not a big deal to include a urination device in your backpack. It takes minimum space and very lightweight too. So, to get relief from the aforesaid unwanted situations, keep FUD with you.

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Best Female Urination Device Prices

Let’s explore the list of best-quality Female Urination Device in the market.

Note: Prices are given according to the time when I’m writing this article. These prices may vary with time.

GoGirl Female Urination Device

Device Price: $14.99

This funnel-shaped urination funnel is extremely flexible and compresses within a very small pouch provided with the pack. You can store the filled pouch within your purse, glove compartment, and even in your pocket. So, you need not worry about the space to store this device. The product is 100% latex-free, made by moisture, and germ resistant medical grade silicone. So, you should not be worried about hygiene issues. The special splash guard is a very unique feature of this model.

Overall, this cost-effective, reusable urination device is absolutely one of the best choices for outdoor activities.


  • Price: $14.99
  • Made of medical-grade silicone.
  • 100% latex-free.
  • Moisture and germ resistance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Extremely compressible.
  • Designed with a special splash guard.  
  • Our rating: 5/5

Tinkle Belle female portable urination device

Device price: $27.50

Tinkle Belle designed a different model that doesn’t look like a funnel but looks like an oyster or spout. The pot has been designed with a hard shell so that you can use it without collapsing your clothes.  Due to the presence of big whole long, there is no chance to overflow. The presence of a long spout allows you to let your urine go away from your body so that your clothes and feet stay dry. The long spout is foldable, and after use, you can fold it to a compact size. The extreme comfort lips attached to it can catch every last drop to let you feel clean and dry. There is no need to use toilet paper after urinating outdoor.

This is a premium choice to enjoy stand pee with full comfort without strip off layers of clothes.


  • Price: $27.50
  • Comfortable oyster-shaped hard case to fit well without collapsing clothes.
  • A long spout throws the urine away from your body.
  • The long spout is soft and foldable.
  • Extreme comfort lips catch every last drop to let you feel fresh and dry.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Our rating: 5/5

Venus To Mars Female Urinal

Device price: $11.99

This is another spout-looking urinal device, though the long outlet is absent in this model. However, Venus To Mars female urination device is pretty low cost, portable, lightweight, and very easy to use. This is made of strong and elastic plastic and thus durable. It comes with a colorful carrying pouch.

Within a reasonable price this a nice device that allows you to pee without collapsing your clothes, help you to enjoy the trip, trek, or camping.


  • Price: $11.99
  • Comfortable spout-shaped semi-hard case.
  • Made of durable plastic.
  • Partially foldable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Our rating: 4.5/5

pStyle Female Urination Device

Device Price: $11.99

pStyle is a highly popular FUD in the market which allows women to urinate standing without getting undressed. The wide spout shaped urination cup is made of rigid plastic which helps to maneuver through the cloth and fit properly. The back end is round-shaped which helps to wipe any last drop to keep you clean and dry.

pStyle get prepared in a company which is owned by a woman and she designed the product with special care as per the need of the women. The product material is BPA and Phthalate free polypropylene.

This one is highly popular with the ladies and widely used during a road trip, trekking, hiking, festivals, and other outdoor activities.


  • Price: $11.99
  • Made by BPA and Phthalate free polypropylene.
  • Comfortable spout-shaped with a rounded backside.
  • Round shaped backside wipes the last drops.
  • Easy maneuver and fit.
  • compact model.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Our rating: 4.6/5

Sunany Female Urination device

Device price: $11.99

Similar to the earlier described funnel-shaped urination funnels, the Synany pee device is also made of medical-grade silicone. This is foldable and when you keep it out of the pouch it bounces back to its original shape. This is easy to wash, even in the washing machine.

To enjoy your trekking, road trip, program without any hassle you can own this product for sure. This is comfortable and lets you reply the nature’s call anywhere.


  • Price: $11.99
  • Made of medical-grade silicone.
  • Moisture and germ resistance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compressable.
  • Our rating: 4.3/5

Freshette Urination device for female

Device price: $22.99 

Frechette’s funnel-shaped urination device comes with a urination cup and a retractable tube which is 6″ long. When you need to use the device, you just attach them together, zip down, put in the proper place, and go on. The hose is flexible, so you can bend it to keep the flowing urine away from your body. The cup is wide enough to fit with a woman. Though the hose is soft in nature, the cup is made by hand and durable plastic which helps to fit well in its position.

This is easy to wash and compact. When it is retracted, it is smaller than an average size smartphone and you can keep it in the side pocket of your backpack or even into a cargo style pocket.

This is a premium urination device and you can absolutely own this one to solve your overfilled bladder issues.


  • Price: $22.99 
  • Comes with a urination cup and a retractable hose. 
  • The cup Made of hard plastic, and the tube is made of flexible plastic.
  • A flexible hose helps to keep the flowing urine away from your body.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compact.
  • Our rating: 4.6/5

OUTFANDIA portable mobile toilet

Device price: $10.99 

Outlander designed a container-based urination device that is well applicable for kids to adults under any situation. The urine gets stored within the attached container. If you don’t get a toilet for a long time, such as during a road trip, traffic jam, you can utilize this device sitting within your car. Later in an open space, you can throw out the stored urine and wash it for use again later.

The device is made of polypropylene (PP), and the maximum capacity is 750 mL, which is sufficient for kids to adults under tight situations. The diameter is around 7 cm. The height is about 15 cm when shrunk and 31 cm when expanded. The shrinkable design helps to store it in any small space.

Overall, this alternate device model is not only useful for females but also very useful if you are traveling with kids. Additionally, this is not expensive at all.


  • Price: $10.99
  • Made by PP.
  • This is a container-based urination device.
  • Can be used by sitting in a car.
  • Unisex model, especially useful for ladies and kids.
  • The container body is compressible and compact when shrunk.
  • The maximum capacity is 750 mL.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Our rating: 4.7/5

ONEDONE Urinal Bottle with female adapter

Device price: $15.89

Onedone urination device is especially useful for road trips, camping, and for the patient who needs to rest on the bed. It comes with a container with 2000 mL capacity and a female urination adapter. 

In your road trip when you are not getting a toilet for a long time you can utilize the device sitting within the car. Again if you are camping at a very cold destination, you may not feel comfortable to get out of the tent in cold midnight. This device is very useful in such a situation, where you can urinate sitting inside the tent and store within the container for the night.

Onedone device is made of high-quality durable plastic. There is a hose to connect the container and the female adapter. Though this device occupies a bit more space, it can be used for multi-purpose.


  • Price: $15.89
  • Made of durable plastic.
  • Big container-based urination device.
  • Multipurpose use; Roadtrip, camping, medically unfit person
  • Device parts are retractable.
  • The maximum capacity is 2000 mL.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Our rating: 4.2/5

Besides this high-quality reusable device, you have an alternative option to using disposable urination devices.

Let show to disposable female urination device prices. However, there are many companies in the market producing disposable women urination devices, but here we shall highlight the most popular 3 devices.

SaniGirl Disposable Sanitary Funnels

Device price: $8.99 

SaniGirl disposable urination devices are made of good quality paper boards having water repellant character. These are compact, leak-proof, and fit well. You can easily fold to turn it flat and put it into your pocket. Prevent splashing and backflow also doesn’t occur, but you have to hold it properly which is on duty. 

In a pack, you’ll get 10 disposable sanitary funnels that are eco-friendly, low cost, and recyclable.


  • Price: $8.99
  • Made by water repellent paper board.
  • Prevent splashing and backflow upon holding it properly.
  • Use and throw away.
  • Easy to carry, you can fold it and keep it in your pocket.
  • Low cost and environment-friendly.
  • Our rating: 3.8/5

Butterfly Harmony Disposable Female Urination Device

Device price: $15.97

The design is very similar to the last one. In fact, most of the disposable urination devices appear in a similar design. Butterfly Harmony provides a pack of 20 disposable devices. However, in this model, there are flaps that can be used depending on the contour of your body. The flaps allow you to fit well and prevent backflow and splashing. It is easy to carry, put in your backpack just by folding flat.

This is simple to use, no need to worry about washing, just use it and throw, this is biodegradable.


  • Price: $15.97
  • Made by the paper board.
  • Additional flaps help to fit well.
  • Simply use and throw it away, no cleaning required.
  • Easy to carry, just fold to turn it flat and keep it in your backpack.
  • Reasonable price and eco-friendly.
  • Our rating: 4.0/5

Peebuddy Urination Device for Women

Device price: $15.49

The design of Peebuddy disposable urination device is slightly different than the earlier two. The backside of the device is slightly more extended and cover by a paperboard guard which offers you extra security the prevent backflow. This one looks more like a spout rather than a funnel.

Peebuddy device comes in 10, 20, 40, and 80s pack. You can buy as per your requirements to avoid peeing behind the woods by collapsing clothes or get relief from a dirty public toilet.

Besides the traveling women, this device is also useful for medically unfit and pregnant ladies.


  • Price: $15.49
  • Made by the paper board.
  • Spout-type funnel helps to fit well.
  • The guard at the backside prevents backflow.
  • Use it when required and throw it away, no cleaning required.
  • Easy to carry, just fold and keep in your backpack.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Our rating: 4.2/5

Final opinion

To be honest, I don’t think there should be any confusion to include a urination device in your accessories if you are planning a long trip. Women urination device is a great travel friend for every traveling lady. 

When traveling a long distance by car or heading for a long trek most of the women hold urine inside and wait for the next toilet, while men travelers need not care of any such restrictions. Holding urine inside is not only painful, but it also calls in several illnesses.

I’d say, keep a FUD (female urination device) in your backpack and get the freedom to travel tension-free. Your safety, comfort, and health are your own wealth. Nobody can take it away from you, and you need to be careful about your comfort first. With pain in your body, your favorite journey is going to be destroyed.

Most of the above-listed FUDs are compact and hence perfect for storing inside the hiking backpack. Choose your favorite one and have a great trip ahead.

If you have any queries, just drop your question below, I’ll be more than happy to help you.


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  1. Gwendolyn J

    I used to drive for Uber and one of the things I always worried about was finding a clean bathroom. I even had to go in an empty cup a few times, and this was uncomfortable, to say the least.My sister has kidney and bladder issues and often has to pull over and go. She has the same aversion to even slightly unclean public restrooms I do. Im case, even more so because she has Lupus and cannot rick even slight exposure to unclean environments. I think we would both benefit from the collapsible device you discuss here. I already sent your link to her through Facebook and I will be bookmarking your page so I can come back and get that device.Thank you so much for this info.

    1. Ms. Subhra

      It is great to hear that, you shared the article with your sister who is suffering from bladder and kidney problems. Women with such problems must avoid close exposure to the public toilets which are full of unhealthy bacteria and source of urinary tract infection (UTI).

      As you drive for Uber, finding a clean toilet is a real issue for you. I’d say better you keep a portable female urination device with you always to avoid any type of uncomfort on the road.

      Thanking you,
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  2. Sam Msaaf

    Thank you for sharing, interesting review. I wasn’t aware of this until I read your review. This is an amazing device for every female to carry with her during long trips. I agree with you that holding up urine for a long time may cause many health problems. I’m surprised about how many different styles are there. I’d like to share it with my family and friends to learn more about this device. I will definitely visit to site again 

    1. Ms. Subhra

      It is nice to know, you found the article helpful and shared the information to your family. Female urination device is really a very important tool for every traveling ladies, and everyone should be aware of this small but vital device.


      Thank you for this very useful article. Wondering if you have heard from any women who are avid kayakers who do longer trips. The issue is to pee, without getting the seat wet, boat moving (sometimes not complete flat water) and pee. When out in open areas or no places to land and pee. My partner has the convenience of male parts and a bottle….not fair when I get desperate to urinate! LoL! I suspect women who do long distance flying are in the same situation. Love to hear from any who has experience with your list of products as to which ones work better than others

      1. Ms. Subhra

        It is glad to hear you find this article useful and thank you for sharing your insight on this matter.

        Female travelers often face the urination problem on road, maybe it’s long kayaking or long driving or even long flying as you mentioned. Though airplanes toilets are cleaner, still avoiding skin contact with the public toilet is very usual. Female urination device really solves this problem.

        Looks like you are looking for the best among the list. For your kind information, before we publish a review we taste many items by ourselves and choose the best and most comfortable ones. All the FUDs listed here are great and comfortable, but these are the personal items and sometimes comfort and satisfaction vary person to person.

        Among reusable devices, Pitch and Trek, Go Girl, and Outdoor Life Adventures Female Urination devices are similar and conventional models and fits well to most females. Venus to Mars and PStyle having a spout type model prefered by many women. However, Tinkle Belle female portable urination device is something exceptional and innovative. Onedone and Outfandia (check above) are good for storing issue, such as pee inside car and throw away later.

        Female Urination Device Prices given here may vary slightly as prices change very frequently.

        Thanking you.
        Have a nice day

  3. jacobs2

    Hello, I’m really happy that you took up such a sensible but real problem for us. I agree with you that holding up urinating for a long time is a big risk for health. As I am often on the road and in my holidays I like to hike for several days, I recognize all the problems I have experienced for so many years. Especially unhygienic toilets were I often went because I had no other choice.I definitely by a device. Your description of the main devices is very useful. I’m doubting between the GoGirl Female Urination Device at $12.95, which seems easy to use and the Tinkle Belle female portable urination device. The last when is more expensive but easier to hide. Thanks so much you helped me a lot

    1. Ms. Subhra

      Hi Jacobs,

      It is nice to know you find the review useful.

      However, all the urination devices introduced here are mainly for women. If you are looking to buy for your wife or mother or sister then, first of all, you should let them check the specifications and designs. Then after you can proceed to buy which suits them perfectly. Prices are almost the same for most of the devices introduced here (expect 1-2 models).

      Thanking you,
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