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Women Urination Device – A Great Travel Friend For All Traveling Women

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Women Urination Device is a very useful travel gear for every traveling and hiking lady. **Attention ‘gentlemen’, this article is especially intended for female readers, caring husbands & friends should take care of.

Hey my friends, tell me the truth about your experiences on the long travel. Didn’t you felt uncomfortable during a long hiking trip or a long road trip? Did you feel ashamed pissing on road beside the woods? I know, we females don’t like it unless or until it’s urgent; rather, tolerate the discomfort and search for a better place (the next toilet on the road).

However, after reaching the public toilet another question arises… the matter of hygiene. I have rarely seen a neat and clean public toilet where safe urination is possible, especially in an offbeat location or a petrol pump toilet.

Urination problems on the road: Faced by most women

Let’s figure out what are the major problems faced by most women, while men can handle such situations pretty easily.

The awkward situation during a long drive

In your long drive with your family or friends, you fill happy moments until your bladder filled up. This is really difficult to tolerate when you see your male partners stops the car and accept nature’s call just beside the road, while you are still sitting inside with a filled bladder and waiting for the next public toilet.

For your kind information, holding it inside is not good for your health.

Holding urine inside continuously on your long trip: extreme bad effects

Women urination device - great travel friend for all traveling women - pelvic cramps

For a one-day long drive, your body may tolerate an overfilled bladder, but if you hold urine inside consistently during your long trips, the result is different. On your trip to a new place especially if you move through off locations, you’ll not get a public toilet here and there. So, you may have to tolerate the pain regularly.

Do you know, it may happen a very serious long-term effect on you? I’m showing you what are the possible effects to hold urine inside for a too long time.

  • Pain: This pain will not stop even after releasing urine because of pelvic cramps.
  • Urinary tract infection: If you hold pee regularly, bacteria inside the bladder will get much time to grow up, which may lead to urinary tract infection.
  • Bladder-stretching: Long-term pee holding may stretch your bladder permanently and you can never control urine again.
  • Damage to pelvic floor muscles: Damaged pelvic muscles causes leakage of urine.
  • Kidney stones: Holding urine increases the chance of kidney stones, especially if you have a family history of this disease.

Pee behind the woods: really awkward

I think there are no women in the world who like to pee behind the woods in a bare butt. This naturally generates an awkward feeling, especially when traveling with male friends. But sometimes nature’s call reaches beyond a tolerable point and you can’t ignore it. Such situations force you to stop the car and move behind the woods ignoring the shy feelings. [But why should you do this if you have a better alternative!]

Meet the unhygienic public toilet

While in a long drive your male partners can avoid unhygienic public toilets and piss beside the road, you can’t do so. Most of the time you think to wait for the next public toilet to get relief. And when you reach a public toilet you discover the dirtiest place in the world. But still, you have to respond the nature’s call there because you don’t get another option! There is nothing more unhealthy than this.

Women Urination Device vs Dirty Public Toilet

You know the female genital area is much exposed and sensitive than a male, and thus, bacteria can affect there much easily. In the public toilet when urinating in a kneeling position, the bacterias on the floor or commode can seamlessly get closer, leading to a very high chance of infection. I have personally seen one of my colleagues suffered from long-term bacteria infection originated from such an unhygienic public toilet.

Hello ladies, those days are over now. The evolution of women’s urination devices offers a much better option for every female traveler. Nowadays, neither you have to tolerate the discomfort of the high-pressure bladder, nor have to piss behind the woods in a bare butt, even no need to meet an unhygienic public toilet.

Use Women Urination Device, don't pee behind woods

What is women urination device?

Are you already aware of women’s urination devices?

Maybe you already know about it or may not, I prefer providing a brief introduction.

This is a funnel-shaped device made of plastic or rubber or cardboard, comes in various shapes and sizes. What you need to do, just fit it at the proper place and start urinating in a standby position (similar to your male colleagues).

You don’t need to undress as usual while urinating, and thus you can avoid akward situation of a road trip or hiking trip, which is the major advantage of these devices.

Women urinating device is also known as Female urinating device, FUD, pee funnel, etc. Both reusable and use-and-throw urination devices are available in the market.

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Advantages of using women urination device

I guess, from the above discussions, you have already figured out the major advantages of a urination device. In fact, in your traveling life, you must have faced urination-related discomfort several times and thought of some alternatives that can offer you relief.

First of all women urination device offers you to urinate standing upright. Maybe you are wondering, why should you stand for peeing, while kneeling position is usual for ladies.

When you get a clean and door-closed toilet, you can do it normally; when you are traveling you’ll get a clean toilet only in your hotel’s attach bath. But you go on a trip to explore new places, not to explore a hotel, and thus it is expected most of the daytime you do outdoor activities. Also, you can’t expect a nice toilet in a jungle trip, or road trip, or even not when you are on a hiking trip.

So, don’t you urinate a whole day? Or do you prefer to urinate behind the woods at a kneeling position by exposing the bareback? On a road trip, you may get unhygienic public toilets in petrol pumps, but would prefer kneeling there to get closer to the nasty floor?

I hope all the answers are “NO”. In fact, nobody loves to. And urinating device allows you to avoid all these discomforts.

So in brief, the major advantages of the female urinating device are,

  • Stand-to-pee anywhere besides the road. Of course, you go behind the woods even when you pee stand by, but you don’t have to kneel and expose your bare butt anymore.
  • Keep your sensitive skin away from the unhygienic floor of the public toilet. Fit the device in the proper place and urinate while standing upright. No need the get to kneel for getting closer to the nasty floor of the public toilet. Be safe with FUD.
  • Utilize male toilets on the road. If you find the roadside female toilet is too nasty, just utilize the male toilet with the help of your urination device (If it is empty/ well know people present).
  • Never hold urine inside on your road trip. Just stop the car, take the urinating device, go behind the tree, and accept nature’s call.
  • Finally, never get upset seeing your male partners pissing beside the road. When you have a urination funnel with you, you don’t have to wait for the next public toilet.

Types of female urination devices

You’ll get both reusable and disposable urination devices in the market. The choice is yours.

In the case of reusable devices, You have to wash them well with water after every use, so that bacterias fail to multiply there. If you don’t wash it properly you may face unwanted infection. On the other hand, there is no chance of leakage in the reusable funnels as they are prepared with synthetic materials. Additionally, reusable devices are money-savers as you can use a single piece many times.

You’ll get 2 types of reusable urination devices in the market, (1) foldable and (2) non-foldable.

It is obvious that foldable ones are always better for the long journey, hiking, etc. It takes much less space in your vanity compare to the non-foldable devices.

Disposable urination devices are relatively cheap and made of cardboard. You can throw it after use, so no need to wash it. But the chances of leakage can’t be ignored (this can make your dress wet).

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How to use the women urination device?

The 4 step process is very simple. Anyone can use this anytime.

  1. Take the urination device in one hand;
  2. Unzip your jeans /lift your skirt a little with the other hand;
  3. Pull down the underwear from the front
  4. Fit the device properly.

You should hold it tight to avoid any leakage from the side (normally it doesn’t happen) and start urinating naturally.

After completion, wash it with water from your water bottle to avoid bacterial growth and bad smells. Shake it, pack it, and back to the car.

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Women Urination Device: Remarks

This is not a joke what most women often have to face during long travel. Holding urine inside for a long time is really painful and it destroys the joy of the journey. Besides this initiates vomiting tendency and long term effects, as I discussed above. Urinating behind the tree in bareback is never comfortable. Additionally, the matter of the unhygienic environment in public toilets may cause serious urinary tract infections.

When you have the option to avoid all these unwanted things, why shouldn’t you accept?

I must say, every traveling woman should keep a female urination device in her handbag, especially if you are a frequent traveler. Many ladies already adopted it for regular use. If you haven’t yet, I’d suggest go for it. Women urination device is a great travel friend for all traveling women.

If you have any query or comment feel free to put them below in the comment box below, I shall be glad to help you.

Have a great trip ahead!

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  1. Lakisha Akbar

    I camp out a lot with my children and I normally take a potty-training toilet for them to use. It really does look like a toilet and once they’re down we rinse it with soap and water and it’s back to new.

    I’ve also traveled many times while on the road, 9 months pregnant and all. Oh, how this women’s urination device would have been so useful. 

    I will be the first to say that holding in your urine while having a baby on your bladder is the hardest task of them all.

    During that time, I would have needed this device more than anything. I checked out the article with the best FUD’s in 2019, they’re very affordable. In fact, they even smaller than a potty itself. Plus, you can put them in a bag, purse or any travel bag. Pretty, cool?

    Anyhow, holding urine in is a dangerous thing to do. I have a daughter that was put in ICU at the age of 9 due to the school not letting the children use the bathroom but, once throughout the day.

    It started out as a UTI which I was puzzled because that was something I never even experienced myself.

    So, since I lacked the knowledge of how a UTI worked or it’s symptoms, I thought my daughter had a normal stomachache. Well, that is what she mainly complained about. She never said It burned while she urinated because I did ask here.

    Anyhow, she had a UTI that got so bad it was shutting down her kidneys. To make a long story short she didn’t come home for about a week and the UTI was still present. She had to stay on medications for about a month almost and finally, it went away.

    Either way, I agree that using this women’s urine device is highly recommended over holding your urine becuase, it’s not safe at all.

    1. Ms. Subhra

      I am really sorry to hear about your daughter’s illness. I hope she is absolutely fine now. It is better to ask her frequently if she is facing any more problem or not because sometimes, UTI returns back and she’ll be treated in the early stage then she’ll suffer less.

      I am glad to know, you have already experienced about women urination device, which let you share the essentiality of this small device. It is very true the holding urine inside is more difficult when you are pregnant. I also realized the fact when I was carrying my baby into my womb.

      Thanking you for your attention,
      Visit again.

  2. Antonio


    I  am well aware of Urine  receptor devices, as my mother had severe health issues and towards the end was bed bound. They are very useful when you feel the urgency and you cannot reach the toilet. They  do take some time to get use to, ad you can miss the receptor if not done write.

      You can have a unisex receptor, which can be used by a man or woman, as a cup is provided. You have talked about an important issue, as everybody has been caught sort at one time and another.

    Thank you


    1. Ms. Subhra

      Thank you for your visit here in MTA and share your insight.

      This article is mainly dedicated to traveling women who are suffering from urination problems during their journey. The given link at the bottom line of the article actually leads to a review article related to the best women urination device (The Best FUDs in 2019).

      I am sorry to hear about your mother’s illness, and I must write an article about medical urination device soon. Though medical urination devices normally come in the unisex model, those are relatively large and not very suitable of the backpackers.

      Thank you for visiting MTA
      Visit again.

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