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Benefits of Organic Hemp Clothing – Reasons behind A Traveler’s Choice

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Due to a great number of benefits of organic hemp clothing, it becomes one of the most popular fabrics to the travelers’ community, especially those who love long trips. Hemp offers not only the ultimate comfort, but several other magical benefits make this unique, which are almost absent in any other fabric. Being a frequent traveler, I personally (and my family) realized the beauty of hemp clothes since a while, and hence we always include hemp clothes in our backpacks, whenever we head for a trip.

Let’s introduce the magic of hemp clothes.

What is Hemp? – Let’s Have A Brief Idea

The scientific name hemp is Cannabis sativa that naturally grows in the northern hemisphere. In recent days, it is being cultivated in many countries, especially in colder regions, although the governments of several countries still restrict its cultivation. Hemp is among the fastest-growing plant on the earth, and it can grow up smoothly without the application of any pesticides or fertilizer; also, it needs a minimum amount of water. Overall, the cultivation of hemp is very cost-effective.

Moreover, hemp is too versatile in its utility. It offers the strongest natural fibre in the world which is used in the formation of the finest clothes! Not only fabric, but the applications of hemp are too versatile! Most long-lasting papers, the strongest cardboard and plywood, sail canvas and ropes, several lubricants, biodegradable plastics, paint, biofuel, protein powder, and many other products can be prepared from hemp.

Unfortunately, due to the similar morphology of hemp and marijuana plant (Cannabis indica – used as drug), hemp is banned in several countries.

Cannabis plants contain two major phytochemicals Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); among these, THC is a psychoactive lipid component. THC concentration is very low in hemp (only 0.3% THC) compared to that in marijuana (15-20% THC); hence, hemp has very very negligible drug value. So, by chemistry hemp and marijuana are totally different although morphologically similar.

The History of Hemp Clothing

According archaeological research report, hemp is one of the oldest textile fibre which was invented by the people in ancient Mesopotamia (Iraq & Iran) 10000 years back (8000 BC)! Japan is known as another inventor for hemp cultivation, and started usage of hemp food and clothes since 10000-8000 BC. In 6000 BC hemp was cultivated in China, but for food purpose. Later, in 2700 BC, Chinese emperor Shen Nung initiated cultivation of hemp for weaving clothes from hemp fibre. Hemp rope weaved in Russia on 600 BC, in Greece on 200 BC and so on. In 100 AD England got imported hemp rope. Hemp cultivation started in France, Spain and Chile, 600-700 year back, and these are 3 other oldest countries in the history of hemp. There are longer history of this beautiful pant and it’s textile, but, here we are for the benefits of hemp clothing. Let’s explore hemp fabric, the first fibre use for human clothing.

Facts of Magical Hemp Fabrics

Yes, it is magical. There is a long list for the benefits of hemp fabric which can make us just shocked.

If you are wearing hemp clothes, you need not compromise with comfort. Ultimate comfort will spin back to you, for real. It is breathable and has natural temperature regulating property.

Hemp can lead comfort either hot or cold, both climates. Astonishingly, it offers cool feelings in hot-climate, and keep you warm in cold environment. It is soft and lightweight.

Hemp fabric bears a property to absorb and release perspiration very fast, and in this way it keeps body cool and comfortable in hot climate. On the other hand, in cold climate a mid weight hemp base wear can work as an insulator to keep the body sufficiently warm.

Hemp fabric has quick drying property and retains original color for long.

As described in the last point, due to quick water releasing property it can get dried very fast, after wash. This is an extra advantage for the travelers who should normally prefer quick drying clothes.

Many among us prefer to wear synthetic fabrics for the style or weight factors. But why not hemp clothes, which is made from purely natural sources?

First of all, let’s find environmental effects. Synthetic fabrics made up of water insoluble petroleum based fibre. During every wash of synthetic clothes, insoluble microfibers (microplatics actually) enters the ecosystem. Whatever the particles’ size are, still harmful for the environment and the mankind, as those synthetic microfibers return to our body via food and water. Government and wise personalities are calling for ‘plastic ban’ when tons of plastics already accumulated under the ocean and ocean ecosystem is under warrant; I guess, another call is coming soon, against unhealthy synthetic fabrics, but it’ll will reach to us when another critical situation will already arise, who knows!!

Anyway, on the other hand, hemp clothes are 100% natural and biodegradable. Moreover, hemp is lightweight too (who says it is not?!!), and also much more durable than any other fabric.

The additional surprise is health benefits of hemp clothing. Especially, for those people who are looking for a healthier life, hemp clothing are highly recommended to them.

The most amazing thing about hemp fabric is, they can restrict the growth of bacteria and fungus (mold, mildew).

Are you feeling strange? Then, don’t be.

So far five types phytochemicals extracted from hemp, 4 types of Cannabidiols (CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), all of them exhibited potent activity against a broad spectrum of bacteria. Due to presence of these components hemp fabric is known as a natural antimicrobial fabric. And thus no bad odor obtains even after wearing hemp clothes for long time.
Hemp clothes are durable and no need to take extra care for wash them. Repeated wash under cold water doesn’t affect this fabric, rather it gets much softer.

So as a whole the major benefits of hemp clothing are:

  • Hemp fabric is 100% natural and biodegradable, and thus environment friendly.
  • Hemp clothes are comfortable to wear and breathable.
  • They have temperature regulating property, which offers warm feeling in cold region and keeps cool in hot climate.
  • Hemp is soft.
  • This fabric is much durable than many others.
  • Hemp clothes are lightweight.
  • They are quick drying.
  • Natural antimicrobial property is the most amazing benefit of hemp clothing.

Why Hemp Clothes Should Be A Traveler’s Choice?

The reasons for which hemp clothes must be a traveler’s choice, are simply hidden within the list of benefits of hemp clothing. Hemp is a very useful fabric for travelers, especially for the those who travel long and prefer to explore nomadic destination.

  • If you are in a tour, it is not comfortable to carry too heavy luggage. It is necessary to pack up very selectively. It is preferable to consider minimum number of clothes with an ability to maximum utilization. Hemp is a lightweight fabric which does not make your suitcase heavy.
  • Due to its temperature regulating property, hemp clothes can be used in both hot and cold climate. If you are in a year long trip and heading towards mountain to ocean and again to mountain, there is nothing more useful than hemp clothes. Moreover, it is breathable and soft to provide you ultimate comfort.
  • Quick drying fabrics are another favorite choice for the travelers. Due to limited numbers of clothes into the backpack, travelers prefer those fabrics which get dried quickly after wash. Once again, hemp clothes are winner in this contest, as they have quick drying ability.
  • Travelers heading for year long tour in nomadic destinations, should not like ‘use-and-throw’ type clothes; because nomadic destinations may not offer them market for good quality clothes here and there. Durability even under harsh and rough usage is a matter of importance under those situations. Hemp is one of the most durable among a good deal of other fabrics in market.
  • Finally, the most amazing fact is the anti-microbial properties of hemp clothes. Travelers often need to wear a single cloth for long time, and there is chance of itching, infection and bad odor. The presence of phytochemicals like cannabidiols and THC offers hemp a unique power to resist the growth of bacteria and fungus. Even if you are wearing a hemp clothes for long time, you’ll not feel itchy and bad smell (which comes from bacteria). A travel must have hemp clothes within their backpack.

Conclusive Remarks

With the broad spectrum of benefits offers by the organic hemp clothes, they are becoming popular to human society day by day. Hemp fabric is natural, comfortable, durable, quick-drying and lightweight. As additional benefits, hemp offers temperature regulating property and potent resistance against microorganisms. Every people should have hemp clothes into there wardrobe, instead of bunch of synthetic dresses. However, travelers and sports personalities are must recommended having this magical fabric in their collection, especially for the better health.

In this article we discussed the benefits of hemp clothing and offered some amazing facts about it.

If you like this or wish to offer some suggestions, please send a message in the comment box below.

Wish for your safe and good health.

Thank you for your visit.

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    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you very much for stopping by and leave valuable comments.
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    Wow this is new to me. I never knew that there are hemp clothes, I just know hemp is a kind of drug plant. Your picture shows hemp is a very strong fabric and wow it is good for our health? I come from a tropical country and always feel cold in a midwest state of the USA. Do you know if there is any store in the US that sells hemp jacket or coat? I really need one if it is light and warm and I care about my health too. Your article is informative. I think I agree with you that it is a great idea to have this kind of clothes when we travel if hemp clothes are light ,comfortable and helpful.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting information about this new thing.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you very much for stopping by and share your insight about hemp clothes.

      In many states of the USA, hemp cultivation is been restricted by the government, because of the same relationship with the drug, as was known to you. But, in reality, there is some difference between hemp and marijuana, which I described in details in this article. Both are plants of the same family and looks similar, but there is lot of difference in there phytochemical properties.

      You will, of course, get hemp clothes in the local store in your location, may be imported from other places. You’ll get them in online too, such as in Amazon.

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