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Best Stay Options/ Hotels in Dawki

On a Meghalaya trip, Dawki is a must-visit destination that many tourists skip. A part of Meghalaya tourists don’t have a proper idea about the place, they mainly target Shillong and Cherrapunji. But apart from this class, some tourists visit Dawaki just go for a one-day trip; they start from Shillong very early in the morning, cover Dawki and Mawlynong in a single day, and return to Shillong within the evening. A part of these tourists fails to find suitable hotels in Dawki.

Dawki is a relatively less explored destination in Meghalaya, which is the prime reason people can’t find good hotels in Dawki. From my personal experience, I’m updating here some of the best stay options on the bay of Dawki river.

Preferably, Where should you stay in Dawki?

The first thing I’d suggest, don’t stay at proper Dawki town because there is nothing so interesting except boating at Dawki river at the entrance. Although there are a few commercial hotels inside the town, I suggest just avoid those if you prefer to enjoy nature.

Shnongpdeng, a small river-side village situated 8 km away from the town, is the best place to stay during your Dawki trip. This is the exact place where you may enjoy pure nature.

Best Stay Options/ Hotels in Dawki

In Dawki, you’ll not get aristocratic resorts as available in Shillong or Cherrapunji. This is a place to enjoy nature by staying at nature. Camping on the bay of Dawki River is one of the most popular activities as well as stay options in Dawki. However, a few resorts and homestays are also available nearby.

Below, I’m introducing a few stay options in Dawki that you may pick up based on your taste.

Let’s explore.

Travenjo Camping

Hotels in Dawki - Travenjo
PERFECT FORGroups, Couples
Our Rating8.7

As camping beside Dawki river is the most demanding, I’m introducing a popular Camping option first.

Away from the town, this camping facility is situated right on the bay of Dawki river at Shnongpdeng village. The host provides you single, double, and triple bed tent accommodation on the sandy bay of the crystal clear Dawki river. So, no need to worry about the view, because it’s amazing all around.

There are plenty of activities you can do throughout the day; so, probably you’ll use the tents only for sleeping at night.

These are not luxury tents with attached baths, etc., they provide a shared bathroom facility that includes toilet paper and a shower. Private parking is available nearby at a minimum cost (INR 50/-).

You should note, this tent accommodation is situated at an interior location. Internet connection is not accessible from here.

Excellent location, right into the lap of nature.The bathroom facilities should be improved.
Amazing beauty all around.No internet connection.
Great camping experience with lots of activities.
Nice host, very cooperative.

Nestled in Nature

Hotels in Dawki - Nestle In Nature 2
PERFECT FORGroups, Couples
Our Rating8.5

This is another tent facility at Shnongpdeng. All accommodations are similar to the previous property, just hosted by different owners.

Nestled in Nature mostly offer single bed tent facilities, though they can arrange a double tent if you inform them prior to your trip.

If you are an adventure lover, you may proceed with any of these tent facilities.

Betelnut Resort

Hotels in Dawki - Betelnut
PERFECT FORCouples, Family
Our Rating9.2

If you don’t prefer to spend the night in tent, Betelnut Resort is the best stay option on your Dawaki trip.

As it named, the resort is surrounded by betelnut forest and situated beside Dawki river. The resort is built with a number of two-storied cottages. Every room is very spacious and featured with a balcony and attached bath.

A restaurant is attached to the property that offers delicious foods (in comparison to nearby food facilities). Room delivery is available.

Although this resort is pretty beautiful in terms of location, decoration, and services, there is no AC facility. In summer, Dawki is a bit hot in comparison to the rest of Meghalaya. So on a summer trip, you may feel hot in the daytime, but at night, the weather becomes very pleasant and the provided stand-fans are good enough to sleep.

Nice Location.Very poor internet connection.
Beautifully decorated spacious cottages right into the betelnut forest.Unknown Insects may enter the room, the resort is situated inside the forest; be a little careful.
Sound of the river during the sleeping time: it’s amazing.AC-facility is not available.
Nice host, very cooperative.
Shnongpdeng river activity point is very close to this property.
An in-house restaurant is available.

Reach Destination Homestay

Hotels in Dawki - Reach
PERFECT FORGroups, Couples
Our Rating8.5

This is a simple wooden homestay at the bay of Dawki river, situated a bit away from Shnongpdeng, at Kongwang. The place is extremely calm, so if you love the serenity of nature it’s a nice pick for you.

The cottages are featured with a balcony and private bathroom; mosquito net, toilet paper, towels, bathtub are provided.

A kitchen and dining space are attached with the homestay offering average quality food.

In the daytime you may enjoy the beautiful nature of the surroundings; for river activities, you may go to Shnongpdeng river bay (not far away from here). Evening time may be enjoyed with a charming campfire beside the river; the host can arrange it upon demand.

It’s a interior location, so internet connection is not available in this place.

Nice Location, the homestay is situated in a serene place.No internet connection.
Beautifully decorated spacious cottages right into the betelnut forest.No AC facility.
Beautiful river view.Parking issues (contact the host before visiting).
Nice accommodation, neat and clean.
Helpful host.
An in-house kitchen+dining is available.

Other Stay Options/ Hotels in Dawki

Among other stay options in Dawki you may search for Apslem Riverside Camping and TK River-side Camping accommodations. I personally didn’t visit/stay at any of these 2 camping facilities, so I can’t offer a strong recommendation about these. I suggest, if the above-mentioned 4 tents/resort/homestay are houseful/sold out, you may try these two.

Camping, Resort, Hotels in Dawki: Remarks

A Meghalaya trip remains incomplete without enjoying the crystal clear Dawki river and the amazing beauty of the surroundings. No, spending there only for a few hours is not a good idea. You should enjoy all the activities (it’s not only boating) in Dawki, specifically at Shnongpdeng village. It’s worthy to spend at least one night beside the Dawki river; you can stay in tent or resort, it’s up to your personal choice, but stay and enjoy anyway.

From the following link, you may check an article exploring the beauty of the place and the list of activities you may perform in Dawki.

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