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How to Change the Name in IRCTC Ticket

Are you worried about the wrong name in your e-ticket booked from IRCTC? Don’t know how to change the name in IRCTC ticket?

Hope, you’ll get the way out from this article.

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Operation) offers this facility to the customers and allows to change the name in IRCTC ticket through some simple process. Even they allow you to transfer the ticket to your family members.

Are you wondering? – Let’s see the facts.

When do you need to change the name in IRCTC ticket?

Error in the name is a common problem during booking an e-ticket from IRCTC. Because sometimes you have to book a ticket in a hurry, especially when tourist season comes. In those peak seasons, all tickets for some destinations get booked within 10-15 minutes on the first day when booking opens (4 months back from the date of the journey). Usually, you have to book the ticket in a hurry to enjoy the vacation with family and friends, or to return home after a long duty season.

How to Change the Name in IRCTC Ticket.

A similar situation arises when you need to book a tatkal train ticket online via IRCTC. However, you need to be faster when booking a tatkal ticket, because all the tickets end within 3-4 minutes. Additionally, high traffic during tatkal hours makes the IRCTC website slower, which is another reason for mistakes mainly arises due to tension.

Error in the name in e-ticket is enough reason to be worried for every traveler because the ticket checkers check your identity card after you take your seat on the train. If the name on the identity card does not match the name on the ticket, then they can take action. Especially, they check the surname thoroughly.

The main reasons for which you need to change the name in IRCTC ticket are,

  • If you need to travel by Indian railway during a peak season, you have to book the ticket in a hurry due to high demand, and you can make a mistake.
  • You need to be very fast for booking a tatkal ticket, so the error in the name is not unusual.
  • An agent can make a mistake while booking a ticket for you; they are not familiar with your name.
  • In case, you can not travel with your booked ticket but someone else from your family will travel instead, you need to transfer the ticket.
  • Technical errors (very rare).

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Does IRCTC allow to change the name in IRCTC ticket?

So, to avoid harassment during your journey, let’s see how to change the name in the IRCTC ticket.

IRCTC allows passengers to change the name in their e-ticket and they also allow to transfer the ticket to someone else if you are not traveling for certain reasons; but note, the transfer of ticket is allowed within your family members only.

You must remember that you can change your name in IRCTC ticket once only. So, you need to be very perfect in that one and last chance.

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How to change the name in IRCTC ticket?

You have to take a printout of the online train ticket’s reservation slip which you received from IRCTC. Then you have to visit your nearest offline railway reservation counter.

The passenger needs to travel, he/she must keep the original identity card along with the photocopies with him/her. If you are an Indian citizen you can keep the original copy and photocopy of the voter card or Aadhar card. For a foreign traveler traveling by Indian railway can show his/her passport.

Note: You can request for change in name in the IRCTC ticket at the reservation counter at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your train.

Next, you have to submit a written request for change the name in the ticket to your nearest reservation counter along with the other required documents as described earlier. Then they will do the job for you.

You can correct the spelling in your name, change your age, and any other errors which may be proved by your identity card.

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Transferring IRCTC Tickets

Interestingly, you can also transfer the ticket to someone else if you are not willing to attend the trip for any reason. But, the new traveler must be your family member, such as your father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband or wife, son, daughter, etc. In case of transfer a ticket the passenger need to bring three documents.

  1. Printed e-ticket which was booked from IRCTC.
  2. His / her identity proof in original and the photocopy (such as voter ID, Aadhar card, passport, etc.)
  3. The proof of the relation between the old passenger and new passenger, between whom the ticket needs to be exchanged.

Your new ticket will be booked by the railway reservation office and the process will be finalized by a signature by the chief supervisor in the railway ticket reservation office.

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Changing Name on IRCTC ticket: The Summary

So, in brief, you have to follow the following steps to change the name in IRCTC ticket:

  • Print your e-ticket which was booked from IRCTC.
  • Take your original identity proof and 1-2 photocopies (Voter card, Adhar card, Passport, etc.)
  • Write an application requesting the change of name in ticket booked from IRCTC.
  • Take a relationship proof document in original and photocopies if you need the transfer the ticket to your family members (Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, etc.)
  • Go to the nearest railway reservation counter.
  • Request the counter officer to change the name in the ticket by submitting all the documents.

They will provide you a new ticket as per your request.

These are simple procedures offered by IRCTC and Indian railway in collaboration. You can change your name, you can change your age, even you can transfer your ticket to your family members.

For any further query, you can contact the customer care of IRCTC.

Customer Care No. : 0755-6610661, 0755-4090600 / email

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Must remember

You must remember a few things.

  • Visit the Nearest railway reservation counter at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled departure of the train that you booked for.
  • Must take all the documents with you as described in the above section.
  • They will change the name for once only, so be careful, don’t make any mistakes this time.

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How to Change the Name in IRCTC Ticket: Remarks

Hope, you are worry-free now.

Definitely, it’s bad news that you can’t change the name in IRCTC ticket right from your e-device (laptop/ mobile); as you already make a mistake in your online session, IRCTC is not ready to give you another option online again. Still, they are providing you an option and also offer you to transfer your ticket to your family members. Actually, they need to verify the documents well, that’s why they ask you the visit the nearest railway reservation office.

You just need to visit the nearby railway station and spend some time there to change the name on IRCTC ticket. At least there is an option to enjoy a hassle-free journey.

IRCTC understands the fact well, why and how people make mistakes, and why people may need to transfer a ticket. You just need to know how to change the name in IRCTC ticket, after you made a mistake.

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Wish you a happy journey.

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